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The Malvern Arms
28/05/23 03:54 PM
Sounds like your all a bunch of Grumpy old men 🙄
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 03:53 PM
The remote greasing kit that I bought had angled grease nipples. I swapped them for straight ones which made the process a lot easier.
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 03:31 PM
There is definitely a knack to getting the connection right but on a remote system it should be a bit easier. The best advice I received when new to the game was to push a needle into the hole on the nipple before attaching the grease gun. It made a big difference to leakage for me.
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The Malvern Arms
28/05/23 03:03 PM
Well done from Sunderland fan.Go and show money is not everything team went to school with Luton legend Mick Hartford.
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Morgan Three Wheeler & Super 3
28/05/23 01:35 PM
Originally Posted by IanClarkeUSA
Did anyone get pictures from the factory of the US bound Super 3s ?

Yes, I should have some time next week to upload them
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The Malvern Arms
28/05/23 01:29 PM
We have a few aviation enthusiasts on here and as I got a cracking book from No2 Daughter and family last week for my Birthday thought I'd pass it on.

The Red Arrows by Wing Commander David Montenegro so it's the real deal by a Red with vast experience.

ISBN 978-1-539-15957-8
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 12:47 PM
No, but spotted this in Amboise, Loire

[Linked Image]
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Morgan Photo Gallery
28/05/23 12:44 PM
Top Tok
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by asmair
My 1997 Plus4 is due for renewal. I used Footman James last year, which cost about £420 for an agreed value and 5000 miles. This year I tried Lancaster, they refused to answer the phone or respond to emails, website links did not work. Perhaps they have gone out of business? I am going with Footman James again. For about the same price.

Lancaster are still going, just insured my MG with them. Did it all online and uploaded docs using the Portal.
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Morgan Three Wheeler & Super 3
28/05/23 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by Chris2002tii
So I picked up the S3 last Tuesday from the dealership after having all its warranty work carried out. (A long list)
Unfortunately they couldn't find a fault with the alternator - the car broke down on me when I first got it, and the battery warning light appeared at the same time, ever since then, I've always left the car on a trickle charger.

I transported the car over to England at my own expense last month, and I travelled over to England myself to collect it to save money on the homeward transport fees. Morgan refused to cover the transportation costs or offer anything in a way of compensation.
My Dad joined me this time, we got a flight to the airport and had to get an Uber to the dealership.
The car seemed to drive much better now they had sorted its alignment, and I was actually able to keep it in a straight line on the motorway for once. Also the foot well heater is now working for the first time! What a game changer!
We got to Liverpool docks without incident. The boat is an over night ferry and arrives into Belfast at 6.30am. Upon arrival into Belfast we started up the engine, and the bloody battery warning light buzzed on again!
I was gutted, clearly the battery is draining, and any plans for long road trips this summer in the S3 won't be happening. I just don't trust it anymore! Luckily I live only 20 minutes from the docks and the warning light went away after 10 seconds or so......

Though we never made it home. During the drive home the clutch went, and I couldn't get the car into gear whatsoever, and came to a stop in a lay-by! The only tow truck able to take a 3 wheeler didn't answer the phone. Though we luckily came to a stop only 2 miles from my mechanic, so I got him out of bed (7am) and he came to meet us. He jumped in and skilfully got it into 2nd gear, by rocking the car back and forth. He got it going while in gear by holding his finger on the starter button and off he went with me driving his van behind him.

After giving the dealership the latest bad news, they have agreed to cover transportation costs this time and it will be with them on Tuesday morning. They did say to me that it's likely to be the cable going to the master cylinder, like it's a common fault?

I'm absolutely gutted. I'll be honest, I was so annoyed last week, that I did enquire if refusing the car and just getting my money back was an option. Apparently I can't, because you must give them the opportunity to fix any problem. Although I think the problem with the battery/alternator covers this.

Hopefully the car comes back to me in good time, and will be reliable from now on. Though I won't hold my breath.

The car has only covered 800 miles.

[Linked Image]
You have to get a photo of the car on the ferry.

[Linked Image]
Stranded in the lay-by.

[Linked Image]
Some lovely rust I spotted while stranded at the side of the road.

[Linked Image]
Front grills have started rusting also.

[Linked Image]
Handbrake gaiter already coming away.

Dear Chris,

Looks like I am having the same clutch issue as you did. Yesterday, I was driving around, fully enjoying the fantastic weather. Today, sat in the car and noticed that the clutch pedal was basically movable without any resistance, so very "loose" feel to it. Also, not able to put in any gears. I am really disappointed now as this is in the middle of a fantastic weather long weekend, and I am "grounded" mad2 . My dealer is away a good 100 km and I will have to wait till Tuesday, call them up, persuade them to pick up the undrivable Super 3 and have them fix the issue. On the bright side, they can also do the 3 month check and fix my extra lights that do not work since delivery somestick. I hope this all goes free of charge under warranty...
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 11:17 AM
Thanks to all above for your replies, I'm genuinely grateful for the hints and tips.

Having read your answers, I strongly suspect it's me, not seating the gun at the right angle.
I had thought that once it clicks on, "job done", but angle of attack is a familiar term, and makes sense.
I'll have another go tomorrow. The kit was well fitted by Brands Hatch, and I know it was fully greased when I collected it.
I'm probably unduly concerned by the all the potholes I've encountered.

The car had new King Pins about 6000 miles ago, so possibly they are in good order and make a good seal. I did manage two shots
with the N/S/F, so Im sure my engineering skills have potential. Oh, and the brakes still work which is a bonus.

Regards to all.
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 10:35 AM
Bonjour Tom
J'ai fait faire un nouveau toit en mohair (toile) sur mesure - Prix chez Morgan - plus de 5000€.
C'est un specialiste en toits cabrio qui m'a fais le complet (aussi les petites portières) pour un total de 2800€ ( taxes comprises ).
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 10:25 AM
I bought one of these and a flexible hose from Machine Mart. Once it's locked on no grease escapes around the nipple.
[Linked Image]
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Morgan Plus Six & Plus Four (CX-Generation Vehicles)
28/05/23 10:20 AM
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

We had a nice MSCCH meeting in the south of The Netherlands. Beautiful scenery, nice weather, good spirits and 24 Morgans! drive love
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
28/05/23 10:15 AM
Originally Posted by Alistair
Bentley Conti GTC. Just saying.

I bought a new GTC when they first came out - fabulous thing. I took it to the south of France too, a lovely trip.

I was a bit of an Aston fan at the time and always thought the Bentley to be the car Aston could only dream of making.
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 10:14 AM
My understanding is that each roof is uniquely made to fit each individual car - even within the same model and year. I doubt a CX roof would fit a 2008 Plus 4. I don' know what the situation is like in Belgium but if there's nobody experienced there it might be worth a trip to someone like Allon White in the UK to have one made to measure.
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 10:02 AM
Hello my question
My vinyl roof is starting to wear down morgan 4 2008 and i am in the possibilitiy to buy a canvas roof from a 2019 accident car cx model !
Could this fit or is thus a totaly different roof !
Gr tom
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Morgan Plus Six & Plus Four (CX-Generation Vehicles)
28/05/23 10:02 AM
Welcome back Clemens. So you had a good guess regarding the weight. I hope you have overall good memories and M@P do a swift repair!
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The Malvern Arms
28/05/23 09:32 AM
Congratulations Luton! Pulling for a Leicester miracle in about 6 hours here.
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 09:03 AM
Originally Posted by Stephen Beckett
Stupid Question Warning! Reader patience required.

I had a remote greasing kit fitted to my Morgan +4 last month.
It was a very neat job done by Brands Hatch Morgan.
Unbelievably, I've done over 800 miles since it was fitted, so I decided to grease the King Pins for the first time.

Using a good quality Wanner grease gun, with the brake discs suitably protected, I started the process. I managed to get two shots into the N/S/F, but none into the O/S/F.
All excess grease emanated from around the “input end” on the nipple.
Not what I was expecting!
From the forum, I had expected to hear a pop of grease from around the suspension, and wipe away any excess internally.

At the time of fitting, I checked my grease gun with the garage, I have the correct size, it attaches to the Red/Blue remote nipples correctly. Seems to be a good tight fit.

As a complete newbie to this, I'm now wondering if I’ve over greased?

Does anyone have any thoughts before I contact the garage on Tuesday?

What you describe Stephen is the grease gun head not locking fully onto grease nipple. Unless this is done with a firm push whilst holding the head square onto nipple you will get little or no grease into lines since it will escape from the sides. Once correctly locked on you will not be able to remove gun with straight pulling action. A twisting action whilst holding gun head at max angle to nipple will be required to unattach.

Note also as kingpin/bushes wear more grease needs to be squirted in before old grease can be seen to escape from stub axles. I'm up to 12 squirts on each of four nipples from average size gun every 800 - 1000 miles. This is why I prefer not to use remote greasing.
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 08:43 AM
I don't have the remote greasing kit fitted but it took me ages to learn, by trial and error, how to get use the grease gun properly and in particular not to overgrease. With hindsight I should probably have taken it to my friendly Morgan servicer and got them to take me through it all.
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 08:40 AM
Brands Hatch Morgan would have definitely loaded the extension tubes with grease and checked the function so that rules out a faulty nipple! location of the gun attachment would be my thoughts too. If that fails reinstall a nipple at the problem site and try a direct approach there also check the patency of the tube in question when disconnected!
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 08:34 AM
I suspect also the angle of attack.
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The Malvern Arms
28/05/23 08:09 AM
I have to say I'm not a great fan of football but yesterday my home town club of Luton Town were promoted to the Premier League after winning a high quality play-off against Coventry City that went to penalties after the teams were equal after extra time. Not only is this an amazing achievement for the football team who had dropped out of the Football League and were playing in the Football Conference just nine years ago but it also means everything for the town of Luton in which the club in now firmly rooted and will hopefully act as a catalyst for the investment and development Luton needs.

Luton is a large, predominantly working class town with no "old money" to see it through bad times and has much of the deprivation and issues of some London Boroughs. However, it has a hard-working and enterprising population and a very young demographic. The town regularly features in "Crap Town" lists and is often sneered at and looked down on and has been, over the years, a victim of poor town planning and broken promises. It has absorbed waves of immigration over the years, a fact that has been hijacked in one episode by the malign forces of the self-styled "English Defence League" who have now been thoroughly marginalised as the club has broadened its support base in the town to all its communities.

I was born in Luton and lived there for 60 years before moving to Suffolk two years ago and I recognise myself as a product of my town. I was taken by my dad as a six year old to watch Luton Town and fondly remember the innocence of those days with my grandad often treating me to a quarter of mint imperials from one of the old shops in the streets around the ground. All in all a fabulous and emotional day for me yesterday, and commiserations to Coventry City and their fans and good luck for the future.
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
28/05/23 08:01 AM
My 1997 Plus4 is due for renewal. I used Footman James last year, which cost about £420 for an agreed value and 5000 miles. This year I tried Lancaster, they refused to answer the phone or respond to emails, website links did not work. Perhaps they have gone out of business? I am going with Footman James again. For about the same price.
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