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Morgan PlusSix (CX-Generation Vehicles)
09/07/20 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by Richard Wood
Originally Posted by Moogie
Originally Posted by John V6
I thought that until I drove the Plus Four auto.

Hi John! So you also preferred the auto?

Due to some missing papers I will not get my car until new week. Ah, the wait is killing me. :-)

Saw what I thought was your car at AW earlier this week.

[Linked Image]

I was told they had two similar ones though and yours had already been collected. Maybe crossed wires?

I can see why you were enticed wink

Thank you Richard! :-) Mine is more or less exactly the same, but it has the steering wheel on the other side. 😂

Unfortunately I will not get the car this week as the CNC-papers have gotten lost in the mail, and they are required for registration. 😢
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The Malvern Arms
09/07/20 06:18 PM
My understanding is tickets are only in advance, but they may have changed.

As were racing I have some spares if you drop me a pm with an email address I can send you over a couple

From our breifing last night its no spectators in the paddock.
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Maintenance & Servicing
09/07/20 06:00 PM
This thread may be useful - Air Filter for 4/4
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Maintenance & Servicing
09/07/20 05:58 PM
It will probably be a DGEV with the auto choke. The DGAV has a water choke as in the picture above.

It might even be a 38 DGAS in the picture, but they're supposed to be a bit of a nightmare to set up for a crossflow.
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Maintenance & Servicing
09/07/20 05:47 PM
Originally Posted by Rog464
Thanks John, My +4 is 1998 and has 39k on the clock

so it should be on its 4th belt by now!
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Meets & Events
09/07/20 05:16 PM
Another mini group picnic run next Wednesday over here in Glos, / W. Mids. smile
We've had a few over the last month or so.
Enjoyed yesterday's trip, but after 9 hours over two sessions in the MINI I felt rather stiff earlier!
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Morgan Three Wheeler
09/07/20 05:15 PM
Thanks Rog
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Maintenance & Servicing
09/07/20 04:50 PM
What did I say about not being able to rely on Morgan handbooks? swear

I suspect that the one that came with my car was well out of date when I got it brand new in 1980. It definitely is a 6 and not a G so I guess it probably is a DGAV as it had an automatic choke.
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Meets & Events
09/07/20 04:43 PM
We have just had the 5 mile limit removed here in Wales. Picnic runs seem a good start but avoiding the obvious tourist hot spots. Luckily there are many options in Wales if you know where to go.....
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Maintenance & Servicing
09/07/20 04:41 PM
Thanks John, My +4 is 1998 and has 39k on the clock
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For Sale & Wanted
09/07/20 04:39 PM
PM sent
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The Malvern Arms
09/07/20 04:31 PM
Although too late to get an advanced ticket - I hope to get one on the door as it were for Sunday. Weather looks good.
If I get in I shall hope to be at the outside of Redgate curve at noon(ish) if anyone wants to meet up & say hello.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
09/07/20 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by Mark H
You still need a wooden spinner spanner or a block of wood to prevent spinner damage

just use your hand cheers
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Maintenance & Servicing
09/07/20 04:24 PM
It is by year not mileage from memory
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The Malvern Arms
09/07/20 04:21 PM
We have plenty of attack helicopters flying by and last week a Spitfire.
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The Malvern Arms
09/07/20 04:17 PM
laugh2 laugh2 Wonderful
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Maintenance & Servicing
09/07/20 04:12 PM
At what mileage does the timing belt need changing?
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The Malvern Arms
09/07/20 04:06 PM
We have the usual taxi run from Odiham to Salisbury every day still.

Yesterday he obviously forgot to charge his phone and did not have Waze because he came around three times and dropped right down to find the B3400, noisy things Chinooks and when low the birds and cats don't know which way to look.
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Classic Morgans
09/07/20 04:05 PM
Be creative. You could hang it on the garage wall, attach a few things to it such as badges, plaques, photos.
Being more creative, it could be used in the house. Kitchen to hang pots?
Garden ornament?
Make cloth/leather pockets to turn it into a magazine rack?
Something children could play with?
Let your imagination free!
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The Malvern Arms
09/07/20 04:03 PM
You are absolutely right, self-interest, bias and perception makes for odd statistics. Thats without the numbers for the sales in China being taken into account in many cases. The numbers sold there are huge on there own.
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The Malvern Arms
09/07/20 04:00 PM
Someone posted photographs of the landing on Facebook.
Police and Air Ambulance here and a couple of grey funnel helicopters over and that's it.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
09/07/20 03:58 PM
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Classic Morgans
09/07/20 03:58 PM
Originally Posted by Graham, G4FUJ
I'm trying to see how Howard sees the Duratec as "microchip free"?
Fuel injection came in in the last 3'ish years of the CVH 4/4.

I had a 1993 4/4 with the 1.6 cvh efi engine as used in Fiesta/ Escorts. I remember having a Draper diagnostic with a 3pin plug for it, never actually needed but they were hard to find so bought it. Sold it when I changed the Morgan.
Morgan had to modify the electrics to match the needs of the emerging electronic systems, modifying the maps and data collection if needed to run without a lot of the manufacturer non fitted systems. Modern cars monitor everything and can react to missing signals.
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The Malvern Arms
09/07/20 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by sospan
I’d look forward to duels with Dick Dastardley and Penelope Pitstop.

That's Hanna-Barbera.

Mr Pedant.

[Linked Image]
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
09/07/20 03:49 PM
I agree. Having been burned for £9m by the F1 Ebbw Vale circuit I wouldn’t want more losses for a speculative project from a company that appear to have creative press releases of information that looks a bit contrived.
It is a market that existing players are fighting keenly so unless they can offer a significantly attractive vehicle how can it break into the present mix?
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