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Classic Morgans
31/03/20 06:18 AM
The only issue I had with my Tonneau was the dashboard fitting studs. The previious owner had it custom made and fitted at AW, but they'd positioned the two outer stud in such a way that the sidescreens couldn't seal properly against the windscreen. Mine are about 3cms further down than the one in the picture above.

Rather than have it re-made, I drilled two small blind holes in the sidescreens so they now fit over the studs.
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
31/03/20 06:15 AM
I missed most of the driving bit in the middle of last night's programme - went out to watch ISS fly over smile
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The Malvern Arms
31/03/20 06:07 AM
Sailing related and nothing to do with Morgan's I'm afraid, but somehow this guy does have the basic morgan spirit:
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Morgan Three Wheeler
31/03/20 05:59 AM
Very interesting, Ill measure mine tomorrow
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Welcome Forum
31/03/20 04:24 AM
Good luck with the rebuild. Hope you paid nothing like the asking price as your going to need deep pocket to unpick the past poor quality of work.
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The Malvern Arms
31/03/20 04:15 AM
Good Grief. Still, I imagine someone would like it.

As a matter of interest, what would the $3400 a month payment to the HOA actually buy you?
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Morgan Three Wheeler
31/03/20 12:57 AM
I have the original M3W prototype, albeit chassis no 003. Still on the original pump AFAIK. Low mileage but all ok so far 🤞🏻
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Morgan Photo Gallery
31/03/20 12:42 AM
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The Malvern Arms
31/03/20 12:40 AM
All shops in the US have air con.....
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The Malvern Arms
30/03/20 11:07 PM

From a facebook site called "Beautiful Italy" that unfortunately these days has to deal with the current ongoing tragedy.

He was the first to donate.
First to close all his stores.
Now Giorgio Armani, this Italian giant, has decided to go beyond imagination.
His Group has just announced the immediate conversion of all its Italian fashion factories into the production of disposable scrubs for all hospitals and healthcare workers at the forefront of the fight against Coronavirus.
Like in war.
Armani has signed some of the most extraordinary dresses in the world in over half a century, but this simple work coat is in absolute the most beautiful and important ever left a factory.
There are no words left to define this man, except a huge, infinite Thank you.
~ L. Tosa ~

[Linked Image]
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Morgan Photo Gallery
30/03/20 10:22 PM
Originally Posted by Graham, G4FUJ
You'll have to send a request to Simon/TalkMorgan or John/Asbojohn or Brian/Aeroman - any of the moderators.
Is there a reason you wish it to be deleted?

Edit: Ah, I see why now.

Have reached out to the Moderators a number of times since 8/ response. Hoping someone else could help if they are busy.
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Maintenance & Servicing
30/03/20 10:20 PM
Originally Posted by Heinz
Originally Posted by +8Rich
Originally Posted by RobCol

Ive noticed there are two brake pedal switches on mine too but don't know why either. Can anyone else tell us?

Are the brake lights still working with only one switch working? Its unlikely but could one switch be for the high level brake light? Easy to check for both I suppose.

If you replace the faulty switch I would take a photo of its placement before removing. I assume that both are adjusted the same amount.

Finally I would have thought that the brake light switch is a separate problem than the loss of power unless someone can explain otherwise!

Rob, the second switch is the stop fueling signal to the ECU when you brake.

This is very interesting and a novelty for me. I'll check it out on occasion. Only... my car is running fine again. I didn't think that the second switch would cut off the fuel supply when you brake. That could explain the interruptions if this switch is not working properly
I always thought that the fuel cut out the moment you stop accelerating so that it's a function of the accelerator.

What you say is correct but the fuel stop signal provided to the ECU is probably yet more of this environmental nonsense i.e. belt and braces.

On further reflection it could also be necessary since the advent of the fly by wire throttles as if they failed in the full on position the second you hit the brakes the ECU would reduce the fuel supply dramatically. That is my logic applied and not official thumbs
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
30/03/20 09:47 PM
I have bought in 2014 another Porsche which is a reassuring compensation for the loss of investment re the 912, not the Tangerine, some may remember. I was just about to post pictures and all that because I wanted to share the fun but then TBH I thought because I do not want to use TM as a platform I better don't do it. It is always easier to show cars which are gone or a loss:)
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The Malvern Arms
30/03/20 09:36 PM
I enjoyed this film but from a racing perspective, I preferred Steve McQueen's Le Mans.

However I've just watched a documentary called the 24 Hour War from 2016 which traces the history of Ford and Ferrari and what led up to those epic battles in the 60's.

The last 2/3rds of the documentary was almost the script for Le Mans '66 with great interviews with all the main protagonists and the later Ford and Ferrari generations.

Has anyone else seen it or have I missed it's discussion in other threads

I'll watch the Shelby American Documentary sometime later this week
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The Malvern Arms
30/03/20 09:33 PM
Lets see what happens here.....
2005 Aero 8
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The Malvern Arms
30/03/20 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by Bonesie
Some really great footage here by a guy that colourises and slows down to correct speed old cini film from around the world.

I love watching these sort of films. It really brings them alive again. Its like watching ghosts !

Loved all of these Bonesie, a real treat to watch
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
30/03/20 09:10 PM
Originally Posted by howard

Is this thread all about tractors of various sorts? cop laugh


It's just about "vehicles" Howard.

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The Malvern Arms
30/03/20 09:03 PM
Catching up with a bit of reading

There are some great history magazines around

[Linked Image]
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The Malvern Arms
30/03/20 08:48 PM
On the Goodwood site they put a great selection of previous years races in lieu of the members meeting this past weekend, I think it is also on YouTube , keep your eyes peeled and you will see the three SLR's racing with Mr Bellinger showing great performance in the Ahlers car and in another race some plus 4 super sports with Emberson and others . Also racing other makes are Bill Wykeham and a number of other ex Morgan pilots. All great stuff if it is your thing - like me.
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The Malvern Arms
30/03/20 07:56 PM
Production is back on track. gradually removing all the swarf that doesn't look like what I'm trying to make. Something is beginning to appear.
[Linked Image]
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Morgan Three Wheeler
30/03/20 07:48 PM
Kankel, that was quick. Pace yourself, the quarantine might last a while, but it does look good.
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Morgan Photo Gallery
30/03/20 07:43 PM
Originally Posted by rcmatt
you can see why the Scots settled here and used the American grain to make whiskey

And a fine job of it they did! My family (fathers side) settled in Virginia in the late 1600’s or early 1700’s and when that “got to crowded”, they moved to what was soon to be Kentucky in 1750. There are still Sweeney’s there today. Distilling was a family thing😊
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Meets & Events
30/03/20 07:37 PM
Thanks Ricardo,

Kop Hill's in the diary, it's the weekend after Roger, Paul and I get back from Switzerland (thinking positive cheers)
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Classic Morgans
30/03/20 07:35 PM
Yes, this is the time to carry out the little jobs on the MOG. I'm slowly rebuilding my MOG but unfortunately the head is at a engineering company about 20 miles away and the parts I'm ordering from Burton can be posted to me but that's it. I don't want to put myself in the position of trying to explain to the Police why I'm on the road. Anyway the most important thing for everyone on Talk Morgan wherever you are in the world is to wash your hands and stay 2 metres away from other people.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
30/03/20 07:31 PM
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