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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
08/12/21 03:38 PM
Some great scenarios coming up here lads, keep them coming someone will be right..
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Morgan PlusSix (CX-Generation Vehicles)
08/12/21 03:24 PM
Originally Posted by John V6
If I spent the best part of £100k on a new car and the rad failed pretty much immediately I would be dischuffed. MMC know they fail and have done so over 2 years now, there is no excuse.

An ali Rad on my Roadster costs fitted £825 so probably fitted new not a lot more than the plastic one say £100. That isn't even an option for MMC on the order sheet. I guess BMW only guarantee the engine if the rad is used.

The radiators used in the Plus Six and the Plus Four are bespoke to Morgan, and also have the air/water radiator for the intercooler (which is inside the inlet manifold) built onto them too, as well as the aircon condenser and the oil cooler ....
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
08/12/21 02:39 PM
As it comes to workhorses, I would like to mention my trusty 2009 Tiguan 5N 2.0 TDI automatic 4wheel drive. Definitely the most reliable & sturdy ride I have ever owned. The interior (textile, plastic) + exterior (no rust on body, rubber and plastic in fine condition) look as new after 12 years and 160k kilometers of everyday battle: children, dogs, roadside parking summer as winter, daily short distance driving, salted roads. Virtually NO mechanical failures at all. I even manage to change the brake-discs and pads myself. Great aftermarket spare part availability. As it is beginning to slightly corrode on the drive train, I have given it a generous wash of sprayable BRUNOX antirust/ epoxy treatment. Brilliant stuff and easy to use. Should now last for 5 more years, fingers crossed. Actual market value is around 4000 eur.

Cheers Mich
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Morgan Aero 8, 2012< Plus 8, SuperSports, Coupe & Aeromax
08/12/21 02:39 PM
Paul, if you look on the MMC car finder there are quite a few more similar cars for sale both Aero and 2 X 50th Plus 8's.
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The Malvern Arms
08/12/21 01:31 PM
A nice video Frank
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Morgan Three Wheeler
08/12/21 12:34 PM
Larsen = beautiful engineering + shonky design
M3W = beautiful design + shonky engineering

The new ACE has followed this principle, fingers crossed the new CX M3W will break the mould (probably wishful thinking).

I imagine the markets for each will now be diverging - the new Ace is more in the Vanderhall/Polaris area, whereas the 'Heritage' market may be more suited to the new MOG (again supposition without seeing the finished article).
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The Malvern Arms
08/12/21 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by AndyrIch
Having seen the overnight result, I can confirm there were no highlights.

If you go to the sport tab on the BBC website they do have a video as to what went wrong.

Unless you are an Australian and then there are many ,many, many highlights!
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Classic Morgans
08/12/21 11:24 AM
Alas m planned run out with another Mog owner was cancelled sadly due to a very sick pet dog.
The weather post the storm is just too good here 8c with sun and wind. So a brief run to Felixstowe for Esso super and a walk on the prom. Lovely stuff
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Morgan Three Wheeler
08/12/21 11:19 AM
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
08/12/21 11:05 AM
Originally Posted by Jays ex Nero
Originally Posted by +8Rich
Well it's not a white Tranny is it laugh2

Gordon, what make is she please ?

Blimey Richard……there’s two words you probably aren’t allowed to say these days! 🙄🤣🤣😂

You are so right John, I expect they will be along shortly to take me away to a "wokery" somewhere in the Home Counties for corrective electrotherapy laugh2
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Maintenance & Servicing
08/12/21 10:20 AM
Originally Posted by Alan Patterson
Originally Posted by Paul F
Which mirrors do you have?
The lozenge shaped mirrors often supplied from new are very difficult to adjust to give an adequate view. I changed mine to round door mirrors from Librands. These are relatively easy to adjust to give a good field of view.


100% improvement, the OME mirrors are pretty poor.
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For Sale & Wanted
08/12/21 09:51 AM
With all these things, I guess it depends on who is going to be the restoration. That car will swallow £20k with no trouble at all if one were to farm the work out to professionals, and if (as it looks like) it was sprayed wings on then I'd not be surprised if the wings need extensive repair if they are steel.

For an enthusiastic amateur with the space to strip it properly it could be a good bet, but I'd want to spend a good deal of time underneath it with a very bright torch before committing.

I'd say £15k would be an absolute maximum that I'd be prepared to pay, more like £10k if it's as bad as I'm afraid it could be.

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The Malvern Arms
08/12/21 08:26 AM
White van man in trouble:
Sick Transit
"Them" and Van Morrison's start to the week:
Gloria Monday.
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Classic Morgans
08/12/21 06:41 AM
Originally Posted by griffo
I believe the n/a version of the engine is also used in a Ford/Mazda car in Thailand. Effectively it's the same motor used over here in the Focus ST and very similar to the even more powerful Focus RS. I junked the n/a GDI version in my 2014 Plus 4 and inserted a turboed Focus ST motor which fits straight on to the Mazda Mx5 gearbox. Never looked back and now have loads of torque and 280 bhp at one bar pressure.

Hello Griffo,

I read about it and I‘m fascinated… and just had it on my „must have list“. But with the MOG as my first RWD car (and tendency to heavy feet) I think it‘s over my possibilities. And as I think also the German TÜV.

Greets René
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Morgan Three Wheeler
08/12/21 03:56 AM
I think it's fair to say that M3W ownership would prove impractical for many of us without the likes of Alister and this forum who's generous contributions make it possible.
My gratitude!
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Maintenance & Servicing
08/12/21 03:52 AM
Got the gaiters installed today, and it went smoothly.
Sourced the Saab unit for $35. The Saab ends are quite larger than the original Morgan ends, so we used a length of 1 1/2" fuel line for a spacer. It's the fuel line that runs from the filler cap to the tank. It's almost 1/4" thick and mesh reinforced. For the left end we cut a piece the same width as the groove in the rack, slit it (like the letter C) and pushed it onto the rack. The right end required no cutting. Just took a length the width of the recessed area and pushed it on from the end. The fit under the Saab gaiter was perfect. A couple of clamps and off you go.

Saab units seem to be getting scarce, so it just might be cost effective to order another for a spare.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
08/12/21 03:41 AM
This is in the heart of the largest collection of historic, Federal Period homes packed in together in America. Rather than buy up adjacent properties, it would be more fun to negotiate right-of-ways through alleyways between them for egress. My own little 'Italian Job' F1 circuit.

I'll come up with something. There's actually plenty of room (by Newport, RI standards) to park a few cars but I'd like a design that provides the 3W a narrow slot through a fence into the small private garden beyond for safer weekend keeping and TLC. Although, who knows, if parts become impossible to find, it'll one day make a fine garden sculpture.

Newport also has its share of 'cottages' that have combined properties at insane prices for insane reasons. They're on the other side of town with Larry Ellison, Jay Leno and Judge Judy. At least it's becoming an auto enthusiast zone. Surprisingly, I've only seen one other 3W in many years,
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The Malvern Arms
07/12/21 09:43 PM
Just in case you haven't seen it.....
(second half of the show)
Top Gear and the "D"
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Maintenance & Servicing
07/12/21 08:44 PM
Excellent - that'll be plan A - thanks for the suggestion - I'll do a before and after photo shoot .
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
07/12/21 07:20 PM
Just checked it out and my 1975 crossflow 4/4 is exempt all of these zones (not that I drive in major cities anyway) .... good to know if I ever get lost or diverted and end up in one.

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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
07/12/21 05:46 PM
Originally Posted by Deejay

But, the one I would find useful is a windscreen rear view mirror that electrically changes position with different drivers, just like seat positions and external mirrors on many modern vehicles.
My wife always moans when I have driven her car and it takes her an age to reset it as she has to lean forward to reach, then sit back to view....
Anyone know of any cars with that facility?

I had a Vauxhall Omega Elite company car in 2000 that had memory seats. The memory function also reset the door mirrors and the rear view mirror. I had joined a new firm in the April and was mildly disappointed to be told that I had to drive a second hand car for the first year. It was a decent motor - if a little thirsty.

As regards Mini superfluous features - Mis F has a Mini Clubman which has mood lighting in the door pockets. You cannot disable it - not even at night when you want to minimise lighting inside the car.
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The Malvern Arms
07/12/21 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by MOG 615
Thanks I will look out for him.

My final year was marked by the infamous exam heist. Read about it in AR Wheelers's book if you have not heard about it before.

I have the book, but never read it. He was a marvellous man, Old Wimpy. I had many 'dealings' with him smile

[Linked Image]
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Maintenance & Servicing
07/12/21 02:13 PM
Originally Posted by Spanner Juggler
Thanks John

That’s what I hoped to do but messed it up…. again.

Now I can zoom in better it might be standard sized blades and just different wire gauges in that particular kit but they certainly have a range of fittings as I bought some for speaker cables etc not that long ago and the local one was quite impressive with their stock choice.


It does mention 4.8 on the link Colin which I think may be the size for OP.

BTW from memory speaker looms on recent Mogs have cable polarity handed by way of differing width spade connectors to match speakers. One less thing to worry about when fitting a radio.
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For Sale & Wanted
07/12/21 01:54 PM
Greetings all

Before I splash out on new ones I thought I'd ask if anyone had a set of stainless steel trad folding screen brackets surplus to requirements ?..... also interested in a couple of Brooklands aeroscreens as well. My car is a '75 4/4 1600 (and a 4 seater if that makes a difference?).

Unlikely, but worth an ask.



Ps ... replies/comments/observations by PM as per thread rules
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Maintenance & Servicing
07/12/21 01:52 PM
Good result.
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