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Maintenance & Servicing
01/06/20 01:37 AM
I did find the extra holes at 90° and used it. I was also told that loose spokes can cause some noise too. I did find 5 that needed a bit more tension. When I finish the water pump replacement I'll take it back to that turn and see what happens. If I still hear the noise I'll pull the rotor and deal with the bearings.

Arwyn, that shift is really a work of art. Maybe I should fashion a clear boot to put over it wink

I definitely like the way it feels when I shift. Very solid
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General Photo Gallery
01/06/20 01:05 AM
+4 great pictures, lovely day, makes us all yearn for the day we can get out there. Thanks for posting.
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Classic Morgans
31/05/20 11:44 PM
Have had my Plus 8 for 35 years, my 5 speed Three Wheeler for 3 years
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The Malvern Arms
31/05/20 11:08 PM

Your lady out there is outstanding in every area we have seen her operate in including during the quake, she has one cool old head on very young shoulders notworthy clap

The rest of us are saddled with tired old farts with no imagination or leadership qualities worthy of note imho, hold onto her she is gold dust.

p.s. We all know where Cummings would be now had she have been in the chair, she has the balls to make the right decisions for the publics safety unlike Doris.
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Maintenance & Servicing
31/05/20 09:48 PM

Yes the handbook is quite clear on that point.

Provided you are careful this system works well for me with over 10 years of Plus 8ing which with the extra front end weight give the front suspension a harder time.

I like keeping my cars just as they came out of the factory unless I see a reason to change something and the only one I needed to do that to glue things back on was my brand new 4/4 Sport back in 2009 laugh2

I always endeavour to buy the car I want not the one I think I can turn it into, it works well for me thumbs

If I want to get somewhere in a hurry I 'll borrow the good ladies Polo GTI with 192bhp and great handling + economy grin2 Still looking for the oiler on it though innocent
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The Malvern Arms
31/05/20 09:39 PM
Originally Posted by waikiore
Love the colour Graham , to me it is happy and summery .

Yes it is!
swmbo wasn't that keen on yellow, but always said if she opened the garage door, summer was inside! smile
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Morgan Three Wheeler
31/05/20 08:41 PM
Originally Posted by Richard Wood
Originally Posted by JohnMat
. ..........I'm waiting for Krazy Horse to re-stock the solid spacers and will switch to one of those for appearance once they can get me one.

Plenty available here in wide variety of depths.

[Linked Image]

Would be surprised if there isn't a similar source in the US though.

Don't think those would fit as wrong hole spacing.
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
31/05/20 08:24 PM
Possibly but it was different technology involved + these guys are test pilots so it would take a lot more than that to put them off imho.
These people are consummate professionals they don't think like most of us mere mortal do.
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Maintenance & Servicing
31/05/20 08:00 PM
I've been setting to 36deg total advance and then letting the initial advance be whatever it is.
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Classic Morgans
31/05/20 07:48 PM
Originally Posted by andymot
Oh yes - Unlimited headroom and blue skies in East Sussex today. Went out for the simple pleasure of driving - up over the downs between Eastbourne and Seaford. Fantastic - loved every second. With fresh petrol the Sigma engine was spinning freely, giving the rev counter a decent work-out and signing tunefully through its Wolf Performance AR manifold. One of those days when its better to seek the longest round trip home. Feel very lucky to be able to drive a Morgan.

[Linked Image][Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Great pictures Andy, your 4/4 looks superb
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The Malvern Arms
31/05/20 07:32 PM
I stopped publishing the official figures from Italy as I have little faith in them and it was all getting a bit boring. None the less there has been a significant drop in the numbers over the last month.

Covid-19 - Data 31 May, 6 p.m.

There are 233,019 total cases since the beginning of the pandemic:

42,075 people currently positive
33,415 deceased
157,507 healed.

Changes from the previous bulletin:

+ 355 new positive cases
+ 75 deceased
+ 1,874 healed

Among the 42,075 currently positive (- 1,616):

35,253 are in home seclusion (- 1,308)
6,387 hospitalized with symptoms (- 293)
435 in intensive care (- 15)

There are 3,878,739 (+ 54,118) swabs carried out
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Maintenance & Servicing
31/05/20 06:56 PM
John, Dave: thanks for your responses.

I’ll keep you posted about the success, or otherwise.

The two clip method was one I first saw used on a pre war car, so decided to give it a try.
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Classic Morgans
31/05/20 06:55 PM
Exactly that ...
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Classic Morgans
31/05/20 06:48 PM
He's very good at responding via email as well.
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Classic Morgans
31/05/20 06:29 PM
Depends on the car. It could be better to drill out the rivets & replace with nuts & bolts.
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Maintenance & Servicing
31/05/20 06:23 PM
John, have you tested whether the steering will automatically return to straight ahead after a bend with the new setting? It should.
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Maintenance & Servicing
31/05/20 05:48 PM
Glad it's sorted now Phil! smile
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Maintenance & Servicing
31/05/20 05:39 PM
It's not such an expensive item. I changed to an NGK coilpack after 70.000 km and I imagine that the engine runs a little bit stronger and smoother. You can put the original part on the shelf.
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Classic Morgans
31/05/20 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by Hamwich
Originally Posted by Spanner Juggler

The odometer is they way to go.

Absolutely. I usually fill up every 250 miles. If I've been driving with a degree of exuberance this means 34 litres goes in, considerably less when touring. 250 miles is plenty long enough to drive without stretching one's legs and having a pee/coffee, and it means I've got at least 10 litres in reserve.

Is the 10 litres in reserve pee or coffee? 🤣🤣

I can manage 2 litres if I use one of my overnight bags these days, it’s solved a problem I have had for some time as I just plumb myself in to a bag under the passenger seat. It’s about the only good thing to come out of this disease (good is a relative term 🤣🤣).

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The Malvern Arms
31/05/20 03:45 PM
Cheers folks. Ordered a few tasty extras for it so they should be here soon.
Nothing in mind specifically to make on it just yet but it wont be long knowing me !

Chuck key. Ye, I know innocent
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Maintenance & Servicing
31/05/20 03:39 PM
Originally Posted by Grumpy2
Originally Posted by Deejay
Strange clip came loose. Assume it was originally fitted right way round with convex side facing brake back plate?

Yes now its back in it does feel a bit loose, might put some new ones in just to be on the safe side

Mini Spares & Mini Sport sell the clips at a sensible price
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Classic Morgans
31/05/20 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by andymot
Am I alone in noticing something - Late 4/4s prices are holding up?

The 4/4 was last available to order in the UK sometime in late 2018 - a pity in my view as its a cracking car with its revvy Sigma engine. Several dealers took on some of these 2018 4/4s - Oakmere had 5 I remember. They still have one, showing delivery miles @ £43,850. However on the used front you still need £39995 to get into a 2016 version ( 12-13k miles) or a 2018 with really low miles. A 6 year old 4/4 with 30K covered is yours for £34K, get £1500 off that if you pick a 2013 car. Pretty much what they were new I suspect.

Some on TM did suggest that with the "entry" price into new Morgan ownership ( 4 wheels) going up it should help stabilise values.

Current 4/4 owners I suspect will be cherishing their cars and get a warm glow of satisfaction, not only from driving them, but the fact that the depreciation curve is modest at worst.

Not sure what this has done to plus4 values - still quite a few "new" ones about I guess - and of course a big chunk less than the new PlusFour.

I've also been watching prices of Morgans and 4/4s in particular recently to see what effect C-19 has had and so far prices seem firm, or at least the asking prices

The Red 4/4 the last of the 5 new 4/4s Oakmere had has been for sale at least 18 months and the new Blue 4/4 has only recently been sold.

Reasons why Oakmere had the 4/4s for so long are uncertainty with Brexit last year, and also perhaps Road tax for 2017 onward cars being £465 a year, which is expensive in my view for a 1.6 litre entry level model.
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The Malvern Arms
31/05/20 02:08 PM
The more freedoms extended, the more confusion would seem to exist..? Stay at home to SAVE the NHS from being overwhelmed is very simply the foundation on which it was hoped to reduce the spread of infection to EVERYONE..? . During lockdown it seemed regardless of social distancing measures taken in supermarkets with separated up and down isles clearly marked, it seems there was a degree of confusion, thus shopping became an accepted risk..?

It would seem that as soon as the message altered it would seem to have added a degree of complexity to the extent that people created their own interpretations to fit their personal priorities, witness crowded beaches etc. etc.etc..?

As for shielded people, well I guess if (in Scotland) you have received notification in the mail to inform you that you have been identified as one such, there would seem to be little confusion that there exists a different instruction set to follow for YOUR OWN GOOD.. .. The Cummings arrogance is no excuse, if you too wish to take chances, it`s your life, but also an increased drain on the poor folk in the NHS who no doubt would be somewhat tired at this stage in the game...? Blaming Cummings for YOU catching Covid seems rather futile....?

ME..? I am in the 70+ category thus determined as at risk, which I guess is different from shielded, but with miserable lung performance and a couple of stents, I suspect I am at risk to some degree more than my good lady who claims to be younger than I, and fortunately with no such issues... (-: But someone ever has to draw a line, and if it is drawn at 70, then so be it.

We usually utilised supermarket delivery services, pre Covid, though converted to click and collect to free up delivery space for shielded folk. Click and collect in our area has worked well enough and social distancing has proved to be no problem to date. That it also gives the family car a run also fits in rather well enough.

Our last click and collect appointment was on Friday last, and noted quite an increase in traffic on the roads, though the C&C worked as well as ever, that it is near a large B&Q noted that the car park there was really quite busy given Fri was the first day garden centres were opened hereabouts..! Thus one has to accept folk are prepared to take risks with their health to buy plants etc... I do hope that the numbers infected as the result of more freedoms does not increase greatly... Though from that which I have seen on TV, it seems logical(?) that the infection rate should rise, by how much will determine govt next set of guidelines..?

The Spring weather hereabouts has most unusually been full of great Morganeering weather.... I will just have to resist the temptation, in the hope that in this phase the NHS do not suffer from the extension to freedoms, that being the case I suspect if the next phase comes to pass then I hope to get out for a drive in the Mog, rain,hail or shine...(-: Though other than that I will carry on as before, for our own good, caring not what anyone else thinks or does... fingers crossed..

The attempt at balancing act between human health and the health of the economy would seem so very difficult indeed, I guess in time political correctness may be binned and the risk factor to humans health will be ever more sacrificed, regardless of the political messaging.. Seems we are overpopulated as it is... as is the world in general....Hmm..?
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Morgan Three Wheeler
31/05/20 02:00 PM
I hear you with that! I had mine lifted in the air two feet so I didn’t have to hunch over to far while sitting on the floor. It was a real pain to separate the pipes because of the glue they use. When I put them back together I puts some Anti-Seize on the inside of the headpipe so slipping the exhaust pipe/muffler into it would not leave a mess on the exposed pipe. Still clean with acetone or denatured alcohol to get all remaining grease off the pipes before you fire it up, otherwise it will leave ugly mess on the pipes.
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
31/05/20 01:21 PM
The one I see at shows and advertising in car mags is a dealer selling classics and replicas
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