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Classic Morgans
20/07/19 10:13 PM
Sorry only this one.

[Linked Image]

Will post up some mounting photo's when I fit bracing bar.
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The Malvern Arms
20/07/19 09:44 PM
Strawberry vodka mixes quite well with watermelon juice.
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Meets & Events
20/07/19 09:41 PM
Originally Posted by jong
I've just got back from holiday to find my infield pass waiting, but no reference to any tickets - an important component of the MSCC car club package ordered last March. Have I missed something or aren't they out yet?

You should be able to print them off if you have opted for this ?
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Maintenance & Servicing
20/07/19 09:37 PM
We have a couple of Chemists on here that maybe will tell us exactly what is happening to the structure of the wheel.
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Classic Morgans
20/07/19 09:09 PM
Great thanks for that Peter I use the same small gun and had the same issue, the Alemlube coupler is the G coupler from South Africa I checked them out here.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
20/07/19 08:54 PM
Originally Posted by 2Sharp
I find the ride pretty good except on rough roads. On rough at times it gets a little less sure footed when you are going at an elevated speed. Mine is a 2017.

Is it the European or the American ride height?
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The Malvern Arms
20/07/19 08:33 PM
Originally Posted by Max5
I remember this being a problem on some of my early Roadsters but it is not noticeable on the 4/4. Morgan may have changed the steering column cover in later cars. More annoying is the position of the drive-by-wire accelerator relative to the brake pedal as it is several inches closer to the bulkhead making heel-and-toe impossible.

That's very easy to sort. If you look the pedal is fixed by two bolts. If you take out the lower bolt the pedal hinges upwards out of the way.
Then refit the bolt while the pedal is up. The bolt then sticks out and when you hinge the pedal back down it is slightly higher and positioned perfectly for heel and toe. It's also possible to turn the roller to the other side if you take the pedal off and turn it over before fixing it back with just the top bolt. It's clearer when you look at it.....for which you have to be on your back head in the footwell. Well worth doing though, makes an enormous difference.
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General Photo Gallery
20/07/19 08:20 PM
We’re lining up some fantastic people in the trade area, a few new faces that will hopefully keep people’s interest on the day👍👍
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Maintenance & Servicing
20/07/19 08:09 PM

These will be Imperial fittings at the age of your car but definitely don't use rubber stick with the brass olives they last the lifetime of the car unlike rubber. I f you take a sample fitting and explain to a plumber he will tell you what you need and maybe even has some, these cars are basic.
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The Malvern Arms
20/07/19 07:49 PM
As I have typed elsewhere in this forum, GoMoG is an astounding collection of information on matters Morgan for those of us with up to 90`s four wheel cars, all collected and collated and some written by a guy who has covered more miles in his Morgan and on different continents let alone in different countries than anyone else I know of.

Lorne in the process of teaching himself all he needed to know in order to be confident enough to look after his own car, learned much in the process, and put it all up on GoMoG to help others starting from nothing as did he. I am full of admiration of the lengths Lorne has gone to in order to help folk from all around the world looking to resolve Morgan issues and ALL for zero financial reward..

P.S. T`was Lorne who found a rather special +8 and insisted I go see it... I did.. and bought it, still have it today, circa 16 years later.. smile

I am just pleased that there is a forum for friendly Morgan folk who hosts it is no big issue for me..
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Classic Morgans
20/07/19 07:24 PM
Originally Posted by Tom3W
Another positive point for the plus six. It has significantly more room for taller people on the driver's side. However, the passenger has less legroom as the fuse box serves as a footrest and shortens the space.

That is interesting, we test drove a new MX 5, and as good this car is, really, I can not sit on the passengers side on a long distance ride due to the same reason. I hope regarding the Plus six, that a 1,86 cm man can sit comfortable on the passengers side.
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The Malvern Arms
20/07/19 07:23 PM
Excellent work Dave...if only you paid as much attention to your full size cars !!!
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Classic Morgans
20/07/19 06:50 PM
Originally Posted by BobtheTrain
Originally Posted by +8Rich

That's a beauty you got there Bob thumbs

Thanks, Rich. Still getting used to the driving.

It must have been a bit of an epic journey from down South I would think, is it suiting J now all round I hope so.

I never had you down as a German Star driver wink
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Morgan Aero 8, SuperSports, Aero Coupe & Aeromax
20/07/19 06:35 PM
Fabulous as ever a feast for the eyes this makes DaveW's polishing look 2nd rate carrot - I only do mine once a year hide.
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The Malvern Arms
20/07/19 06:34 PM
BTW in my view this is a good ad, it was running just before the main news at 8pm.

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The Malvern Arms
20/07/19 06:04 PM
That sums up the Chinese as I know them.
laugh2 love
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Morgan Three Wheeler
20/07/19 05:43 PM
I did quite a few long trips in mine , often 100/150 miles and sometimes longer .

I think I would add option g. the weather !
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Classic Morgans
20/07/19 05:31 PM
About 150 miles today (taking us up to about 3700 miles since 15th March and the birth of Florence...I realise not massive mileage but work ruddy hard the whole week so no time other than at weekends.). Last weekend was the first that I hadn’t taken her out (was at Silverstone for 4 days) so was surprised at the withdrawal symptoms and have been so looking forward to taking her out today.
Today was a quick trip to Allon White for nipple greasing and a stereo upgrade (the latter primarily for Lady HB benefit), means can now connect my iPhone via Bluetooth and the USB also works. Remote still works with the new system too. Supposed to be able to use a new microphone for phone calls but although Lady HB could hear me, I couldn’t hear her through the car speakers. Cest la vie.
Paul at AW is a great chap and a pleasure to deal with.
The car is properly loosened up now (engine, steering and suspension). I really really love driving Florence and she is parked in our garage only 5 metres away. I feel sorry for people that don’t get this much pleasure from driving their cars. We are so lucky to have our Morgans. Thanks HFS
Happy happy days 👍
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Welcome Forum
20/07/19 05:05 PM
Originally Posted by Graham, G4FUJ

I liked the V6 Rich, although I only owned one, in a Granada estate. Father had one years before me - his was 3.0 Essex, mine was one of the last carburettor Cologne engines.
Quite fancied a Kallista years ago and later a GTE - no space now!

Those Granada Estates with the V6 in sounded great, when Heather lived in Thetford the next door neighbour was an undertaker and he had one as his 24 hr pick up car and it sounded really nice. It often crossed my mind well at least the departed have a nice sound track to listen to on their final voyage.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
20/07/19 05:00 PM
I went with the earthx as well. No issues and cramps over very strong. No mods but is smaller than factory battery. I installed it in the same spot using all the same Morgan stuff. No issues. I did call and get the L clamps with the battery. By the way huge weight difference.

If I recall correctly I bought the 900 though kankel was very helpful and probably correct to get the cheaper battery.

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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
20/07/19 03:43 PM
If you zoom in, you’ll see the largest yacht to visit this week,

[Linked Image]
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Morgan Three Wheeler
20/07/19 02:52 PM
Was able to remove the gas tank without removing the swingarm:

[Linked Image]
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General Photo Gallery
20/07/19 02:42 PM
Yes it is on Marina Rd.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
20/07/19 02:00 PM
Yeah...sorry...too much of a hassle for this old fart. 😊
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Morgan Three Wheeler
20/07/19 01:24 PM
Hi Kev, enjoy the day at the boat festival, I went there a couple of years ago. One of my friends had a ‘stall’ there and asked if the Morgan could be part of the display, of course I said yes! Only drawback was that I had to help set things up. Was there on the Friday which was pretty quiet, so got a good chance to look around. If you guys finish there early, why not pop up the hill to Stoke Row, free except for the donation buckets, finishes at 16:00.
Tim, I’ll keep my eye out for you....
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