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Morgan Three Wheeler
15/08/20 01:12 PM
Originally Posted by HalfFull
Originally Posted by 2Sharp
It took a month or so for me to get everything from summit but it eventually arrived. I am saving this for a nice winter project.


Great idea. I made the mistake of doing it in my garage on a 90 degree humid day. I lost a couple of pounds of sweat. Mixed with the gasoline fumes, it was not pleasant.
BTW, have not been in Leesburg in 30 years. I grew up just south of Richmond and spent years in Charlottesville. Great roads for you current Virginians.

You would be surprised JoeJoe as Leesburg is no longer a sleepy town in the middle of no where all done in the last 30 years. The old historic town still has its charm but now full of great breweries and restaurants. The rest of Leesburg is all grown up. If you swing by happy to take a trip with our Morgans as there are not many around these parts.
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Maintenance & Servicing
15/08/20 01:05 PM
If I remember right, Aldon used to have a shop in Worcester - bought several bits off them when I was running my old Mk3 Spitifire in the late 80's.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
15/08/20 01:03 PM
I was wondering if anyone has recently ordered/had delivered a M3W and what lead times I can expect.

I am playing with the configurator at present and once my Roadster is sold will be ordering for hopefully an early Christmas present.

I know the supply chain is all over the place with new cars in general (understandably) and my new daily car (from Germany) is only next week getting delivered after a 8 month wait!
Thanks in advance.
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Classic Morgans
15/08/20 12:47 PM
I have a 2014 plus 4 and the water bottle for the window screen washers is leaking from the bottom. There are no holes but it seems to be coming from the rubber grommet that the electronics fit into.

Does anyone know if this is a replaceable item and where i can get one from? Probably not the best description of it but I am sure most of you will know what I mean. the bottle has AIP Limited printed on it.
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The Malvern Arms
15/08/20 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by Clipper
Been looking at booking a broads cruiser for the last few years and looked at early September when there is normally page after page of available boats when kids are back to school - now only a couple of expensive boats listed for hire on Hoseason.

Just checked Blake’s - no boats available.

I was chatting to the yard foreman down the road from us at Faircraft-LLoynes and he told me that this year is one of the best they have had due to people not only staying in the UK but pre booking and turning up regardless whereas in previous years, if the weather was a bit off they would forego their deposit. The yard has been empty of boats for weeks now, you can't even get a day boat. I have never seen the marina so empty during the week. If you can find a working yard you may do better on the Southern rivers as they are not so popular.
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Classic Morgans
15/08/20 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by paulmog
Didn't you have the factory fitted louvered disc with the high level brake light when you ordered the car? I ask because the photo posted of the car at BHM shows the holes around the the rim of the spare wheel aperture.

I have that option with a spare wheel so I can change the look.
Only problem is the disc has rubbed away some of the paintwork which is proving a problematic to touch up.
Possibly I overtightened the screws when using the louvered disc.
It's certainly something to be aware of.
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Maintenance & Servicing
15/08/20 12:13 PM
I did an unexpected field test this morning. I needed the ignition key in place to turn the steering.

The immobiliser went off immediately, and with the key in place does two flash, then one longer flash every 30 seconds or so.

When I eventually came to start up, there wasn't enough in the battery.

What this tells me is that the immobiliser isn't voltage sensitive, it's temperature sensitive. Now its warm it functions reliably.
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Classic Morgans
15/08/20 12:00 PM
I’ve recently fitted a Bluetooth speaker to my M3W and am very pleased with it. It’s fully waterproof and chargeable from the car if you need to. With my installation it’s easily removable and is tucked away out of site. I have to admit though, it doesn’t get switched on when I’m driving - wind noise, engine ‘music’ and wearing a helmet doesn’t aid listening to it. But if you’re parked up for a bit it’s great to have radio or music channels available.
[Linked Image]
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Maintenance & Servicing
15/08/20 11:51 AM
MR11MOG .... I'm guessing, if the interference of the blades with the earlier hood is minimal and not universal, that the blades would likely be fine on an earlier 4 seater with its slightly taller windscreen??

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Morgan Three Wheeler
15/08/20 11:50 AM
What an exceedingly helpful company Brands Hatch Morgan is. When I explained that I did not know until this morning that I should be using different Lambda Sensors (Bosch 0258986615-LS615, which I can source locally at a big spares place the other side of Marseille and they have stock), it seems as if it is no problem not pack the Morgan Lambdas with my order, refund me and just send me the rest of the order; coil pack, leads and 2 Iridium plugs. I see that the Bosch sensors come with a connection kit for various types of socket. I just hope it is not like the last Lambda sensors I changed on a friend's Diablo, where I had to swap the plugs over from the originals. Both the old and new Magnetti Marelli sensors, very helpfully had 4 unmarked white wires coming out of them. It took a bit of puzzling with my Avometer to work out which was which. Looking at the tiny image of the Bosch on Méca-Trouve's website, I fear the Bosch may be the same.

Many thanks to Planenut for the heads up on the Bosch Lambdas. I have replaced the old alternative parts list in my computer with the updated one.


[Linked Image]
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The Malvern Arms
15/08/20 11:47 AM
Hello Glenn!
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Morgan Aero 8, 2012< Plus 8, SuperSports, Coupe & Aeromax
15/08/20 11:46 AM

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The Malvern Arms
15/08/20 11:40 AM
Really sorry to read about RubyMorgan, that's just the worst outcome after these dreadful series of fires you have had out there Gary, thanks for the update though.
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Morgan Aero 8, 2012< Plus 8, SuperSports, Coupe & Aeromax
15/08/20 11:26 AM
Hi Tim,
Its mainly because I'm a Luddite but the floppy disc drive on my Amstrad is struggling and due to all this heat my slide rule keeps jamming! smile
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For Sale & Wanted
15/08/20 11:19 AM
Now Sold
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
15/08/20 11:03 AM
Originally Posted by Alistair

I am all for using the roads to best effect and may have possibly/allegedly/mistakenly exceeded the speed limit in recent times but unless I miss-read it and it was meant as humour that seems a bit iffy?

You must be younger than me if you dont remember J Bonnington Jagsworth in the Telegraph. A fictional character usewd to take the pi55 out of petrolheads. Bit like the way that the Pseuds in Private Eye lampooned the arty farties, or the Perriers - an every day tale of smug barstewards.

I'm surprised you took me seriously - my wife never does. ooo

But no I dont want to aid plod to label some accident as speed related just because I am over the limit and that is all too likely to happen if they can easily just access the camera data. Highly unlikely they will / can interrogate the cars ECU unless the accident is very serious. Even then, from personal experience, their investigation is very limited and their judgement wore prejudice than anything scientific
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
15/08/20 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by nick w
I recently bought an MG Midget on a whim. I've been driving it for a couple of weeks now.....not far in any one journey as I've no confidence in it yet. A good few things to sort out. BUT, it reminded me of how different pre 1980 Morgans were. It's that instant throttle response, brakes that feel dead but once you get used to pushing hard are very sensitive to how hard you are a musical instrument with big dynamic range. The steering is really sharp, you can place the car exactly where you want it. Biggish, soft, slab seats reduce the impact of hard suspension.
Acceleration feels really brisk but the speedometer disagrees. By which I mean the excitement is there at much lower speeds.
I've bought a new Morgan every six or seven years since the 70s and hadn't noticed the gradual change. I realise my 2015 car is nothing like my 1978 car was.
It's turned everything on it's head over the years. Better suspension but uncomfortable hard seats. Fly by wire accelerator. Doesn't feel particularly fast but a glance at the speedo shows I'm greatly exceeding legal limits. Heated windscreen which only partly works and so not as clear as the old airflow heater. Mind you, the heater is still brilliant.
I'm going to sell this one and find a nice old 1970s Mog.
I think.....

Yes but you are forgetting the other side of the coin. The bodywork that rusts all the time, the ignition system that breaks down. The oil consumption and the engine life of 50k miles between rebuilds. The need for 100 octane. .

I always reckon that cars got better every year until somewhere round 1990 / 2000 when they suddenly started becoming silly complicated and electronified.
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Classic Morgans
15/08/20 10:51 AM
On my 1999 4/4 I would like to replace the flims little bulblettes within the warning lamps for brake, indicators and the like with brighter LED ones but have been told there might be tons different ones. Anyone has a link to which ones are correct? Or an eBay or amazon link?


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General Photo Gallery
15/08/20 10:40 AM
Hi Tom

You've been quiet of late .... hope you haven't sprained your typing finger! smile

Here's a less conventional pic of MM for you I came across on the web.

[Linked Image]

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Morgan Aero 8, 2012< Plus 8, SuperSports, Coupe & Aeromax
15/08/20 10:16 AM
All the trads I have had have moved the fuel gauge up and down, depending if I am going up hill or down Dale. I always think we'll there must be some petrol in the tank.
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The Malvern Arms
15/08/20 10:05 AM
I get something like this from time to time.
If you leave the screen open in a tab it can look like you are still logged in but has actually timed out.
The menus work and it appears fine but when you go to upload it will fail.
If you now go into your profile it will trigger a login and then the upload will work once you have entered your username/pwd
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Morgan Aero 8, 2012< Plus 8, SuperSports, Coupe & Aeromax
15/08/20 09:56 AM
Select an image you like and reformat it to 100x100pixels in jpg format.
If you need help DM me and I can tweak it for you and send you the link.
If you want to be naughty you can put in moving links (gifs) as well.
I find it is easiest to store it in the site Peter provides (tm-img) and use the links from there

If you go into your profile )top right near your name)
edit profile
drop down to avatar
click the "url to avatar" button
insert the link to the image or gif.
Hit the save at the bottom.

refresh the page.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
15/08/20 09:34 AM
Of course! If we show up in Portugal we'll tell you in advance. Same for you in Spain! cheers
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Morgan Three Wheeler
15/08/20 09:24 AM
I found this while searching for something else.
Just a thought, but have any of our American pilots heard of this brand.
Fuel pump
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Classic Morgans
15/08/20 09:08 AM
If you scroll down the later versions have ratings. I don't imagine they will be different.
I would also check the earthing points. GoMog lists locations but probably the one on the drivers side wing will be corroded.

The flasher on my 90s cars was a modern black box just hanging in space of the loom.
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