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Maintenance & Servicing
18/01/21 06:06 AM
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Morgan Three Wheeler
18/01/21 05:01 AM
Hi Stephen,

The Garage 56 ECU was mapped by Garage 56 for the upgraded cams but they were also using their Stage 1 exhaust system. Before purchase I specifically asked if their Stage 2 ECU map would work with the Morgan Aero Racing exhaust system and they assured me it would. Because I’ve changed the exhaust back to stock with drilled out front baffles I want to tweak the unlocked ECU to my set up.

I have created a connection port in the cockpit of my M3W wired to the ECU. I will have our local motorcycle shop V Twin tech riding with me with his lap top connected to the ECU fine tune the map as we put the M3W through its paces driving on the open road. They already told me this could be done. Much better than a shop tune because the engine will be under load with passengers.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
18/01/21 02:12 AM
I ordered a third brake light. They sent me a poorly made aluminum stalk and a light with two wires and a connector to put on the wire. The wires coming out of the lamp are a red and white. I will be putting this to the third light brake connector. My question, are these led lights polarity sensitive? If so, how do I know which wire connects to what? There is no wiring diagram, no instructions and I am at a loss on this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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The Malvern Arms
18/01/21 12:06 AM
"You name it Sheriff, and I'll throw rocks at it"

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Morgan Three Wheeler
17/01/21 11:49 PM
Post your question on Facebook on the Thre Wheeler forum, photos are waaaaay more easy.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
17/01/21 11:45 PM
Thanks Obie. Mine was totally plugged.

How many miles one you car?
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Morgan Three Wheeler
17/01/21 10:50 PM

Is anyone running their M3W with surplex adjustable shock set up on the rear and Ohlins fitted on the front?

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Welcome Forum
17/01/21 10:41 PM
Originally Posted by Olivier
Thank you All again foryour warm welcome!
Richard V6, I certainly do not have yet the driving skills it takes to have such a drive with the Morgan!
I amstarting, with my questions...What is a 5 link roadster???

In April 2018 the factory changed the rear suspension on the 3.7 Roadsters Olivier. The leaf springs were replaced with coil spring damper units. The axle was located by two upper and lower trailing links and a panhard rod making 5 links. This arrangement had previously been used on the ARP4.

SSL can offer a retro fit of similar function for leaf spring cars.
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Maintenance & Servicing
17/01/21 10:40 PM

On my 2007 Plus 4 there is a drain plug, and a level.filler plug.

Some pics at
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Maintenance & Servicing
17/01/21 10:35 PM
The brackets/kits available from Librands come with bolts that are assembled in pairs with the heads linked by stainless steel strip. So the bolts are inserted from inside, and the nuts are on the outside. The internal trim is pinned or stapled to the floor. I just removed the staples, lifted the trim and drilled the holes and inserted bolts from inside. I did put a bit of padding over the bolt heads to prevent the heads damaging the trim. I removed the seats before starting the work.
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The Malvern Arms
17/01/21 10:27 PM
Originally Posted by Hamwich
Originally Posted by britmog
What fascinates me is that we base all our theories and findings on the mathematics and physics that we have created

Now there's a deep philosophical question. Did we invent or discover mathematics?

That's a very old and hard fought question Tim, as I'm sure you know. I've attended whole day lectures on that and no conclusions were reachable by all the experts lecturing........some chance for us!
Next you'll ask if experiments can ever confirm a theory or can they only negate one?.......

I did read an interesting tome that was rather long but basically postulated that there was only light. That everything was light. Oh, and it's opposite, dark. That dark was stuff, like light. That when we see a galaxy as a swirl of light, we should notice that there is an equal and opposite swirl of dark. Sort of yin and yang thing but scientific.
Anyway I didn't understand it.

My friend's PHD was on whether science was ever represented in the information we can get. He researched many scientists who were widely quoted as coming up with new theories and it turned out they had never claimed anything but questions. Their questions were absobed by the science papers and quoted from there to the public. Or rather misquoted! They nearly always objected to how their views were presented. The phrasing they used amoungst their peers was "state of the art conjecture at this moment"

As we are regularly shown that previous scientific discoveries and theories have been in error (there was a new one last week about how long man has been on earth) it does seem as if there is a paradigm shift thing at work (to return to the "can scientific experimentation ever confirm any theory").

Fun though innit? Imagine believing that we may be able to understand the universe !

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Morgan Three Wheeler
17/01/21 10:18 PM
Just heard that the M3W whisky is "very light and sophisticated", so it'll be just like the real thing then! crazy2 laugh
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General Photo Gallery
17/01/21 09:54 PM
Thanks Rodger that's very reassuring laugh2
Always best coming from a healthcare professional, I hope it's not too mental out there at the coalface for you.
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Morgan Photo Gallery
17/01/21 09:29 PM
As K says Gunter a good thread drift is THE sign of success on TM thumbs and you are in the fast lane already smile

My favourite drift so far was the mention of merguez sausages, have you ever tried them ?
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Classic Morgans
17/01/21 09:16 PM
When Kevin restored what was his Morgan he made this fibreglass for it sprayed and internally trimmed to match the coachwork and trim, and does not block the rear view mirror, and has served us well for many years of touring Southern Europe and trips nearer to home.

[Linked Image]
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The Malvern Arms
17/01/21 08:46 PM
My main hobby is / was sailing and with some racing at that. But I cant convince myself that foiling boats like these have any relevance to or any link to my hobby. Sure they are interesting pieces of engineering but even more seperated from normal yachts than F1 cars are from the car you drive. IMO of course.
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General Photo Gallery
17/01/21 08:17 PM
All fine and dandy , Keith, another year, another lockdown.

RavensCraig castle isn’t visible from any road, you’ll need a short walk to explore, wellies this time of year though and well worth the effort.
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The Malvern Arms
17/01/21 07:56 PM
That's ok as a theory until the inconvenience of lost lives gets in the way of the bean counters speakno

It's a little more tricky amortizing those costs as Boeing will soon find out..
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General Photo Gallery
17/01/21 07:53 PM
Originally Posted by nippymog
I built a Sweet Pea about 30 years ago when the kids were young.
Lots of fun running round the local ME club track.
A great engine to build , well designed , a good runner when finished and lots of info about from its many builders.

Here are a couple of youtube vids of a stationary steam up on its stand.

Oh, that is nice- you have built a Sweet Pea! thumbs- and thank you for sending these inspirational links laugh
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
17/01/21 07:48 PM
Maybe it's time for the frustrated rap star to make an appearance and get down wiv the bruvvs..
He'll go down a storm in Monaco.

I'd like to see Leclerc in that seat, now that really would liven things up a bit.
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Classic Morgans
17/01/21 07:30 PM
That is the best news Ian thumbs

I'm often visiting that site they turn up some unusual cars from time to time, I blame lockdown...
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The Malvern Arms
17/01/21 06:18 PM
I'd imagine in the US there is a pretty advanced solar scene (although whenever I fly into the US I cringe at the flat roofed business parks all lacking solar on their roofs!). For example the UK 3.6Kw DNO default limit is likely different. But have to say I'm looking at adding 12 roof panels this year... although it looks like the Tesla home battery will be a very difficult justification!
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The Malvern Arms
17/01/21 05:32 PM
THIS is a better solution and could be Branded to suite your Morgan...
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Classic Morgans
17/01/21 05:22 PM
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For Sale & Wanted
17/01/21 04:45 PM
Thanks Peter all up and working perfectly, just needed a small tweek in the original bend in the arms.
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