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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
19/04/21 09:08 AM
Very entertaining!
A dry line around a circuit always makes for a great race.
Hamilton’s overtakes, following his trip to the gravel, were outrageous in their skill and control.

4/4 - Stanley
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Classic Morgans
19/04/21 09:00 AM
Originally Posted by KennethM
A great run out to the Re:Fuel South West's open day at Dunkeswell - fabulous weather in great company.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

Great day, great company and an interesting mix amongst the six Morgans!

From the top:

4/4 - Le Mans 62
New Plus Four
3.7 Roadster
4/4 - Runabout (Stanley)
+ 8 35th Anniversary

4/4 - Stanley
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Classic Morgans
19/04/21 08:08 AM
Racing in a discipline that mandates 'pump fuel' only this is something that interests me ..... there have been back to back dyno tests using the range of 'premium' fuels available ..... V-Power was the only one that showed a noticeable power increase and is pretty much universally chosen by racers confined to 'council' fuel .... still very modest (there's no 'supercharger in a pump' sat on any garage forecourt) .... but racers will take any free improvement however small ..... there are other reasons to use premium fuels and I've not seen a credible comparison of their other properties.

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Morgan Photo Gallery
19/04/21 07:59 AM
Great pics RedThree ..... the right colour (even if the wrong number of wheels 🙂) ..... has me itching to get mine finished and out on those roads.!

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Maintenance & Servicing
19/04/21 07:54 AM
I would suspect it’s down to manufacturing tolerances too. Mine was only 5mm short on the driver side. The other side was as you describe yours to be with no reserve on extension. But the "no reserve” is with the static weight of the axle compressing the rebound rubbers. In a dynamic situation I speculate the impact factor of the axle mass would try and push the axle further and that might start to load up the damper fixings.

I now have dampers 20mm longer on extension (so 20mm longer on compression too). I think even if the AVO length could be theoretically optimized to the car the reserve would still be small at each end. My calcs say 12mm longer would have been the ideal for mine so now I’m watching the compression stroke very closely. Fortunately I can constrain the compression or bump to some extent using my assists so that should help. So far with only one 10 ½ stone occupant they are working well. I’ve yet to see how they work with 2 people and luggage…..

Yes thicker rebound rubbers is also another approach.
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The Malvern Arms
19/04/21 07:54 AM
RobCol .... this side of the pond.

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Maintenance & Servicing
19/04/21 07:52 AM
These may be things you already have done so please ignore if you have, but are you sure it is the starter? To be safe I would remove and clean the the earth leads especially the earth from the gearbox to chassis. A jump lead from the starter earth to the chassis should show if it is an earthing issue.
Mine looked clean outside but unbolted the corrosion was obvious.
I guess you also checked the starter relay.
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Morgan PlusSix (CX-Generation Vehicles)
19/04/21 07:17 AM
Hi Mike,

congratulations and have fun! It is a great looking car!
Morgans are always special and if you are a Morgan type you will not stop having one as long as you can manage to get in and out. 😎

Putting pics on this side is a miracle of its own. It is the best forum I know with very nice people, but I gave up placing pics. Seems to be a internal thing. 😄
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General Photo Gallery
19/04/21 07:08 AM
Yes great colour for a Morgan, the spoiler looks as if it has always been there.
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The Malvern Arms
19/04/21 06:43 AM
Well done Colin, I really enjoy your postings so, in the words of the song .... please don't go.
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The Malvern Arms
19/04/21 06:20 AM
Originally Posted by OZ 4/4
An interesting little rebuild with a supercharger similar to the 1956 Plus 4 sold here recently...
1945 Supercharged MG TC

Oh how I wish - That is exquisite

[Linked Image]
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Maintenance & Servicing
19/04/21 05:27 AM
Thanks Simon- pm'd 👍
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Morgan Three Wheeler
19/04/21 03:05 AM
On the bright side, you can repurpose that 38mm hole cutter and spray to remove your exhaust baffles smile

Good reminder to drill this hole and inspect my own unit.
This design defect is so pervasive I'm surprised there hasn't beeb a recall or class-action remedy.
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Classic Morgans
19/04/21 01:10 AM
You may try this. I had to replace mine. I bended it using a small 1/8” flat bar held in a bench vice. I drilled on the perimeter a hole of the same size of the indicator diameter. The flat bar maintain the indicator's tube in place and you bend it by hand.
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The Malvern Arms
18/04/21 11:19 PM
I tend to fall in love with vehicles that are realy rare but will never rise.

So the Peraves Ecombile had about 80 produced over all with about 70 left driving. It is quite hard to learn but a mind blowing feeling in the end.
It is known by an ageing specialits group - so there will be some on the market in the following years...

My Fiat powered +4 fourseater is much the same. There are not so many of them and the demand seems to be even lower.
For me both are keepers, so I don`t mind;-)

Next thing I would go for is a SMART fortwo with tow bar in good condition...
There will be pretty few of them but the prices will not show that...
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Maintenance & Servicing
18/04/21 09:53 PM
Thanks John. Very kind. I’ve not been able to work out whether the ST220 ICV is the same as that for the Escape 3.0. Compatibility tables that I have found would suggest otherwise but that may be because the Escape was never sold in the UK. Please excuse the question but how confident are you that the ICV you have is the correct one for my car? Thanks. Chris
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Morgan Three Wheeler
18/04/21 09:35 PM
Looks fantastic, enjoy!
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Maintenance & Servicing
18/04/21 08:01 PM
Nice work Peter. I see you have added an extra fixing screw too, neat!

That’s two cars now with loose decking so I wonder if it is by design then. As mentioned the only reason that comes to my mind is by having only front decking fixings it might just prevent any body twist from flexing and stressing the welded tank. Mine is certainly so much better. I can now jump the local humpback bridges on the Somerset levels silently, without a single clunk or crash.

Ps - If anybody is wondering what we are talking about, take a look at this video 6 mins and 19 secs in to see the tank flip up.
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Classic Morgans
18/04/21 07:08 PM
Nice blue colour smile
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Maintenance & Servicing
18/04/21 05:48 PM
Good result Scott thumbs

So the moral of the story is carry a spare fuel pump relay after taking it out of the socket as a known working item having replaced and tested with new one.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
18/04/21 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by kankeL
I am not sure why people continue to discuss it here - Emil never goes to this forum and has no chance to reply. Im sure he would absolutely deal with this if you call him. We have one guy in the US making custom accessories for the m3w, not a good idea to start bashing him behind his back. Every M3W owner I know was treated extremely well by Emil.

My reply repeated....

Agreed. PM me your PayPal info and I will personally refund you. I apologize for your own personal issue but this might make it right. Worth it to keep Emil building amazing upgrades and modifications. He works directly with S&S so it is engineered right. Kankel is right he never goes on any M3W site I am aware of anymore. He builds these products for his own M3W then offers them at very little markup to the rest of us.

Our US Postal system became a shambles, COVID & bitter Politics came into play. The alternative shippers then became buried in deliveries due to this. If the shipper lists you as the injured party, the loss claim has to be filed by you. I don't disagree with Emil on this part. I run a business too that has "Lost" many items in the near past.

I have purchased thousands of dollars in upgrades from Emil...100% perfect in every way. Sometimes his suppliers are backed up/can't deliver but he has let me know of the delays. Once he upgraded his own product and sent me the upgrade at his cost. Personally, having spoken to him many times on the phone, I believe that his gruff attitude may not come across well until you get to know him. Emails have zero tone so they can be misinterpreted on both sides.
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Maintenance & Servicing
18/04/21 03:55 PM
Thanks for the input guys. And to DW for the diagram. Hope he doesn't have copyright or we're all in trouble.

That diagram looks very similar to what I have although the blank connector on the header tank is the return from the throttle body on mine.

The TB takes its feed from another nylon Tee of the heater circuit.

Also need to understand the bypass circuit which isn't really shown on this diagram.
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The Malvern Arms
18/04/21 03:14 PM
As if that wasn't enough we had a warship crossing East to West at speed. I got my camera on full zoom and it was a destroyer or frigate with a huge bow wave almost as high as the hull, which crossed the horizon in a couple of minutes. When I get home if the pic is worth posting, I'll add it.
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Classic Morgans
18/04/21 02:47 PM
Heinz, I am pleased I did not frustrate you with my ramble or indeed any others for that was not my intent. I do like to try to create datums from which to measure much, though in truth my Morgan is not as it left the factory having during Kevin`s refit being given the "advantage" of a tubular shocker suspension set up in place of the lever arms with which it was originally supplied.

I too enjoyed listening to music through "reasonably available" kit and many years back bought a pair of Linn Stone speakers, though in the time since then my hearing has suffered in relation to too much noise and not enough protection to the extent I have for circa seven years had constant ringing in my ears...Not complaining or seeking legal advice on how to sue my stupid self...(-: Yeah my old Morgan may be partly to blame given it seems to lack a degree of silencing and is known to roar spit pop und bang on occasion... (-:

For sure each to their own and for their own good reasons thumbs
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For Sale & Wanted
18/04/21 02:26 PM
Colin, anytime you need a ride just call TM & one of us will oblige.
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