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Classic Morgans
23/09/19 02:57 AM
Great pictures of the Dutch team and those two SLR's havent they aged well ! A timeless design
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Classic Morgans
23/09/19 02:19 AM
Ah so it is not just me, I was waiting for him to get back to me regarding the bash plate for the crossmember since prior to MOG 19.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
23/09/19 01:38 AM
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

This one fail with only 670 miles on the odometer and only a couple of months of ownership. My dealer went out of business so HOW DO I GET MORGAN TO SEND ME A NEW ONE?

It was the only one of the 4 that left a small rubber rub mark on the bonnet that I was writing off as frame flex causing the bonnet to shift and rub on the spot, like the shifting is always noticed on the plastic bumpers under the front edge of the bonnet.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
22/09/19 11:38 PM
Nice little clip, one thing missing was the Morgan smile of ownership. Love the colour of it I am biased of course.
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The Malvern Arms
22/09/19 10:59 PM
Originally Posted by howard
You need planning for an impermiable drive if you dony have one already. Proper block paving looks OK but is a maintenance issue with weeds in the gaps and cant really be surfaced sealed. As for the Stag, I had one for 30 years and no oil leaks at all. Even after I had taken the engine out and rebuilt it plus the auto box. It should be a leaky engine properly maintained but knowing the effort involved in rmoving the engine I can understand you leaving it alone

A friend has that stencuilled / moulded / coloured concrete with a sealed ( and shiny) finish. IMO it looks horrible.

Why not go for gravel. The oil will sink in, you can always rake it and if nevessary lob on another sack full.

We have a covenant on our house saying we must have a solid drive - no gravel or chippings. There are 8 houses in our street 4 blocks and 4 tarmac. The block ones need regular maintenance and the tarmac ones look dull.

As for the stag (this one is my third), Robsport rebuilt the engine in 2012 and at the minute its leaking oil, coolant and auto trans fluid! The coolant I've traced to a jubilee clip. Oil is from the front crank seal and the gearbox is leaking via the breather! It's all fun!

Good info on the drives though.

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Morgan Three Wheeler
22/09/19 10:25 PM
Originally Posted by Draggin
There are four pins on that connector the two pins that are connected by default run to the fog lamp switch on the dashboard if you move those to the other then it will work automatically when you put the car into reverse. Please confirm this with your meter

You were correct, but I was looking at the rear of the lighting bundle and it only had a 6 pin connector. Off to the passenger side turn signal area was a 4 pin that indeed has an unused pair of conductors that are hot!!! My bad for not finding it sooner but it is working the reverse lamp perfectly. A thousand thank you's , and may good luck and good health follow you forever :-)
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Morgan Three Wheeler
22/09/19 09:15 PM
This is good work. I am not trying to cast aspersions in any way here. Morgan Motors chose this design in order to pass certain EPA emissions tests regarding noise levels and the easiest way was to choke off the engine air. Part of the problem was the noise from the incoming air flow. I replaced the stock hockey puck as the engine couldn't breathe properly, in my estimation. No regrets. Far easier to just replace the air cleaner housing with something that allows air to flow.

I chose the 'Muscle Air Cleaner' from S&S and it has worked like a champ!

As for water ingress and driving in the rain that has not been an issue. The S&S rain shield fabric wrapped around the air cleaner filter does a very good job in removing, or reducing, the size of the water droplets entering the inlet so that is not an issue.

Final thought. The stock filter cover is a crappy design and deserves to be shelved. There are others out there that work quite well and don't need to be machined anew!
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Classic Morgans
22/09/19 08:54 PM
This weekend I took the eco and did a couple of fast turns.
Ok, it was a monotrace weekend. Road bike on friday, gravel bike on saturday and the eco today.
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Maintenance & Servicing
22/09/19 08:45 PM
I’ll have a look in the garage, I think I have one
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Maintenance & Servicing
22/09/19 08:44 PM
About 5 years ago I went to the factory that makes the sidescreens. at that time they were using Loctite 406 on the mitered corners
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
22/09/19 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by MJF
I don't really understand the anti 4x4 feelings on here.

Let me try. hide They are an essentially selfish choice for the typical purchaser without a farm / estate / or similar need.. For most B road and smaller, they are too big making life difficult for other roads users. On other roads and particularly with the common "privacy" glass they block out forward vision for road users in normal cars, they take up more parking room, they cause more pollution because of bigger engines / greater fuel consumption. And it seems to me that what once was the BMW lane on the motorway is now populated by Range Rovers driven agressively and fast.

And a significant proportion seem to be driven by women who have no real feel for the size of the thing they are driving nor the speed its going at.
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Classic Morgans
22/09/19 07:53 PM
Ok interesting. Yellow is nature’s early spring colouring for the same basic reasons, insects see it more easily in the lower light of spring.
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The Malvern Arms
22/09/19 07:47 PM
Originally Posted by Alistair
If you invest this sort of money in your toy and feel like that it's a bit of a bottom.

If you worry about enjoying the interaction with the car at lower speed then you definitely need to buy a decent trad or a Trad +8, more fun at lower speeds.

I've tried a trad many times Alistair, but I was never happy with the body flexing, the steering jerking in your hands, the suspension crashing. Thats the "classic experience" that many people buy a Morgan for and thats their choice. For me I want something much nearer to the best that modern engineering can give. It also helps to have something that I can easily get in and out of . Personal preferences.

The frustration comes about because you cannot use much of the increased performance that comes with modern engineering. Cars are now too fast and too powerful for the road system. I'm regularly overtaken by white vans / commercial vehicles for heavens sake! Is there any car on the road that cant do 100 mph?

Maybe its simply time to accept that the days when you could drive for fun are over. The roads are now for no more than getting from A to B slowly. Driving isnt for enthusiats but for everyone.
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The Malvern Arms
22/09/19 07:28 PM
Originally Posted by waikiore
I must be keener than most watched it live till my eyes wouldn't stay open each night, what a wonderful event I must attend one day, kept an eye out for Rich but there appeared to be a couple of other people there as well.....

Waikiore the live stream is great but nothing beats being there so yes you are on the right track. We were a group of Australian, Austrian, British and French at Madgwick most of the time (surely you spotted us?) and had a wonderful weekend. A comment, not a complaint because this is a wonderful event, in comparison to previous years there were some big gaps in the racing and maybe the fields weren't quite as interesting as in the past. Maybe that's personal taste.

Next year we might have to give it a miss because Le Mans Classic is calling. Cheers. Kerry
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The Malvern Arms
22/09/19 07:15 PM
Fair result... no. I think LeClerc was stitched up by a questionable call by Ferrari pitting 'The Finger' first...
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Maintenance & Servicing
22/09/19 06:58 PM
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
22/09/19 06:29 PM
Well done on getting to 95!!!!!
You don’t look a day over 71 either.....
UK version of Mr Button? (Apologies if overstepped the mark-no offence intended!)
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The Malvern Arms
22/09/19 06:13 PM
+1. I had a mate in the Brixham lifeboat.
Just like the NY fire chief on 911 said when normal folk run away they run towards the danger.
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The Malvern Arms
22/09/19 06:08 PM
I don't own any PJs Peter. Now wash that image out of your brain if you can.
When I went for a bilateral arthroscopy I did buy some huge superman trousers. Roar & stance (for black adder fans)
laugh2 hide scared

Edit Jacobs Leeks Mogg made me laugh out load
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Classic Morgans
22/09/19 05:35 PM
Brasso - very good for repairing scratched CD's. (Note the wrong apostrophe). Polish centre to outside edge, not round the disc.
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Classic Morgans
22/09/19 04:32 PM
Looks hideous, truly hideous.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
22/09/19 04:00 PM
A good idea but it won't work on a M3W. The seat belt fasteners are outboard, not inboard as on the cars.
Sorry. I had missed the fact it was a M3W thread. -

However, is it not possible to follow "the idea" of the strap and either
secure the manufactured strap to an inboard anchor ie. the inboard seat rail, or
. Alternatively use the existing passenger lap strap and, at the appropriate point along its length, affix a Tenex fastener to attach to a well placed matching Tenex fastener on the tonneau cover thereby securing the loose cover to the passenger seat lap strap anchor.

I can assure you that once the cover is secured under appropriate tension (as per pictures for my Trad) there is no flapping cover. It has transformed my driving with cover- which is 90% of my journeys.
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Maintenance & Servicing
22/09/19 03:33 PM
Many thanks for all the replies.
Navy Dave
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Meets & Events
22/09/19 03:00 PM
LogMog is working with Haynes to organise this event. I'm part of the team.
We have had an offer from Henry Williams to loan his racing Morgan for the event.

I'll keep everyone in the loop.
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
22/09/19 02:50 PM
Rich, Believe or not, I glanced at that M3W thinking how nice and "bright" it looked but I didn't clock the price. Good grief, you can buy a really nice car for that money. They sure have now got a good reputation for one off, different cars. It's nice to see and quite refreshing.
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