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Classic Morgans
23/09/21 07:58 PM
Originally Posted by John V6
Lovely. I think I first climbed Haytor aged about 4. The jump between the two bits I remember as huge.
I just went to the beach for a walk in perfect sunshine.
[Linked Image]

What are we looking at there? Looks interesting.
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The Malvern Arms
23/09/21 07:57 PM
Originally Posted by Lordofthewings
The car is located in Hurricane (the local folk pronounce it “Her-ah-kun”), about 300 miles south of Salt Lake City, and about 400 miles east of Bakersfield in California where I worked. It's a predominantly dry area, but apparently has only been located there since the summer of this year. I'm guessing the car was stored outside for part of its life. The woodwork looks pretty good to me, but there is corrosion in the engine bay, and the dial bezels certainly look like they have had some damp damage, possibly from when it lived in Florida. Plus there's some expensive wheel kerbing, and swirl marks in the paint.

Interesting feedback Peter...
Lets see where it sells
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Morgan Photo Gallery
23/09/21 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by DaveW
Originally Posted by John V6
OK. Got it. I know Dave W fitted a plywood floor to do the same & fit smaller more modern batteries

Plywood would work fine, but actually mine is aluminium!! thumbs

As the cradle is steel, I chose steel.
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The Malvern Arms
23/09/21 07:38 PM
Ha pipped at the post!
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Morgan Three Wheeler
23/09/21 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by Stevo666
Originally Posted by LightSpeed
Another question/thought about solid wheels, do you all think it could reduce brake ventilation and cause the brakes to fade more rapidly?

Didn't affect the brakes at all across the winding Swiss Alpine passes over the 3 days of the Grindelwald meeting, nor the trip there using the fast flowing roads of Southern France.....and the driver does pedal the car quite hard... drive

Thank you Steveo666. That would have been a good test of the wheels and a trip I would have loved to have done.
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Classic Morgans
23/09/21 06:58 PM
I think most people would go for the three wheeler rather than this speedster at a similar price.

Lets face it, the three wheeler has bags more character, although the 4/4 would hold together better I suppose.

It's odd though that the Aero Plus 8 Speedster got a following whereas the 4/4 Speedster is just a curiousity.
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Meets & Events
23/09/21 06:52 PM
Thanks for a great set of pictures Paul, it looks like a good time was had by all thumbs
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Classic Morgans
23/09/21 06:16 PM
Originally Posted by DaveW
Originally Posted by Redfate
More importantly, how do you know if your car has already been flashed with a remap?
I enquired about having a remap for my used 4/4, the guy told me there was no way to tell if it had already been done. He suggested I pay for the remap, have it downloaded and if it didn't make any difference then I'd know it had been done previously! Still had to pay the full price though .

You could get a dyno test, which should give a pretty good idea.

£250 hide
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Maintenance & Servicing
23/09/21 06:15 PM
First few photos!

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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The Malvern Arms
23/09/21 04:06 PM
Thanks Rich. I had better watch them from now on as they reach Devon.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
23/09/21 03:36 PM

You say the VSS wire goes nowhere, so the automatic cancel is not speed dependent with the 12 pin TSM. I have one of those on my 2013 car and it certainly has a speed dependent auto cancel. If you have stopped it carries on indicating, over about 10mph it cancels after about 7 seconds. Without removing the TSM I am not sure what issue number it is.

Thinking about the TSM problems, all the M3W's I can recall with this sort of problem have not been just post 2014 cars, some have been early cars. The early cars problems that I know of have been the engine failing to stop when the ignition is cut, rather than the haunted indicators and hazard lights of the post 2014 cars. I have not been able to find Chocadoodledoo's velcroed box yet, that doesn't mean it's not there, I may just need to do some more yoga down the footwell.
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Morgan Photo Gallery
23/09/21 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by JohnRH
I managed to change my Roadster radiator for a new Sifab one just by jacking the front end up and no need undo the track rod ends. Old one needed a little jiggling to get out but not a difficult job at all

Thnaks for that. Perhaps the 4/4 is not as easy...
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The Malvern Arms
23/09/21 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by PhilRoyle
I saw this at the Blenheim Salon Privet - didn`t realise it was £90k. For the parent/grandparent with money to burn. spend toff

Somebody thought it was 30k, which is laughable, but 90k is rather ridiculous. Although junior will be able to ride it around the grounds of course.......................
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The Malvern Arms
23/09/21 02:40 PM
An M3W on the A30 westbound towards Exeter near Exeter airport at about 9:40 am this morning - overtook me shortly after I joined the A30 - grey colour with, I think, a Union Flag design on the back - didn't get the registration as I was dealing with traffic.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
23/09/21 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by Chad Wilson
Originally Posted by JMD
Is your chassis one of the original ones which should have the bolt-in brace retro-fitted or it is the later design with the definitive welded in brace? (the excellent buyers guide has pictures

Where are your cracks on both sides?
They're on the bottom, on the vertical support that connects to the wish bone brackets. It has the old style wishbone brackets. I'm going to get some pictures up in a day or two as I can
Check out Phil Bleazey's REPAIR

The 2014 chassis cars are much stronger than the early ones so I would hazard a guess that yours may be an early chassis car that wasn't registered until 2015 (for some reason).
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Morgan Three Wheeler
23/09/21 01:11 PM
The relay that deals with the main beam change makes a clicking noise but has no effect. i changed the relay for a new one to no avail.
Because there are link diodes joining relay to relay I feel one of them failing could cause reverse flow but have no idea how to test the diodes etc
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The Malvern Arms
23/09/21 11:44 AM
I was in our cemetery yesterday. A man passed me and I said "Morning". He replied "No, just out for a walk."
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Morgan Three Wheeler
23/09/21 11:23 AM
Very un-Morgan like in that case! 🙃
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The Malvern Arms
23/09/21 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by Image
One for the guitar players amongst us .... positive note blizzard! 🙂

Molly Tuttle keeps up

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Maintenance & Servicing
23/09/21 08:13 AM
Originally Posted by RichardV6
Mine must be a Friday afternoon job then as fuel gauge and miles to empty are spot on innocent

John, with those mpg figures you're clearly not driving hard enough somestick

It’s more likely that’s because yours has a Mustang Fuel sender and a mustang gauge without any Morganeering translating in the middle…
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
23/09/21 08:02 AM
Originally Posted by Ewan
Other than the left over wedding dress bit, his whole outfit is smart, I’d wear it. My guess is the piece of grannies curtains is only there for the event, five past twelve he rips it off, grabs a taxi and goes into town for a kebab and a fight.

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Maintenance & Servicing
23/09/21 07:55 AM
Originally Posted by Luddite
TBM, as you might expect I am entirely in tune with your thinking on points, having spent many a year digging my heals in as the world rapidly turned it`s back on the mechanical and went digital, though the basis for my arguments was that the mechanical could be repaired and modified where the digital ever required replacements of kit and that kit would more than likely be out of date and thus unserviceable in jig time, with the sad tale that you just need to buy a new one..!

All the above makes not a bit of difference to those who paid others to service and repair everything, however self reliant types found it ever more difficult to access information, more so in the early days, thus were kinda squeezed out with excuses the likes of intellectual copyright, or overtly expensive interrogation hardware... Yeah well business is business I guess.

Points are easily understood as is the whole system of their operation, you can see hear and feel their operation in a variety of ways whereas in the case of digital kit, without the ability to plug in and access the codes it can all be a tad too tricky, even for experts it seems..?

There is no argument from me relative to reliability efficiency and logically performance improvements thus associated with digital kit when it all works as it should, it is when things go wrong that the credit card and flatbed are required, whereas a pair of pliers a screw driver and a basic mechanical understanding got me home on many an occasion... Changed days..! Yeah just grumpy old man..

Just to finish off with an example. A replacement chromed plastic speaker grill in a LR Evoque.... How much..? £20 perhaps..... Nah, nearer £1k..! The grill is not available as a separate part, one has to buy the whole door card complete...!

Just thinking...err...grumbling in type..

Yeah - although my Corsa is really reliable it has a few electrical niggles - a couple of dash warning lights stay on when the igntion is off and drain the battery. I've looked at the solution and there's about 3 hours of plastic removal before you can even start. Most stages require special tools and levers to remove the host of different clips and pins. I changed the pads and discs a while back and had to buy a set of special sockets to get the calipers off.

Current thinking is that when she eventually dies, I'll get an MGB GT - I have all the tools necessary to keep her running and also understand how all the systems work!
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Maintenance & Servicing
23/09/21 07:27 AM
Please take photos of the clutch replacement, I'm particularly interested in the thrust bearing etc as I have an occasional squeak when engaging/disengaging the clutch. Also on idle I have a slight rumble in neutral again a possible bearing issue
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Classic Morgans
23/09/21 06:16 AM
Thanks Simon

I'll have a look and email you.

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Morgan Three Wheeler
22/09/21 11:29 PM
Originally Posted by britmog
Originally Posted by LightSpeed
Originally Posted by Bunny
Originally Posted by LightSpeed
Sounds good to me, turning the engine over to access the the next insert can be done in other ways.
Yes, I find it easier to remove the cam pulley cover and use a socket on the crank pulley bolt to rotate the engine.

That is a good way, but in my case I have a 4 post lift and can jack up the rear wheel and turn it by hand with the trans in gear to turn the motor (with plugs out).

Certainly easier when home and on a lift but on the road a different story.

Yes, but it is so easy to check them before a road trip, or on a weekly basis, that doing the mod really makes sense for me. And in my case I got lucky, one roler had almost completely fIled.
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