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Maintenance & Servicing
24/05/22 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by Quicksilver
Does it lower the ride height though, making more crashing noises whilst protecting the chassis cross member?

Because the crossmember is an inverted U shape, occasionally owners have grounded and got stuck.

The skid plate is maybe 3mm thick but covers the edges of the "U" making getting stuck less likely.
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The Malvern Arms
24/05/22 03:07 PM
A fine day at Spa between the downpours.

Frogmogs in evidence.

No sign of the UK contingent on Saturday.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
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Morgan PlusSix (CX-Generation Vehicles)
24/05/22 01:38 PM

Latest update -

Production is just starting, first vehicles for the UK should be ready within a month, with the EU dealer vehicles the month following, and then the USA dealer vehicles. And so our USA network will have Super 3 demo & stock vehicles late summer / early fall this year. We will have a USA product launch this summer. Dealers can place orders with us for this model, and we have launched our US $ price list. Early dealer vehicles were chosen from a pre-set pallet of 12 colours, customers may chose their own colourways of course.

We do not have NHTSA approval for these models and so have not, so far, been able to sell them in USA. In 2015 the FAST act (replica car bill) was passed, meaning that manufacturers of cars which closely resemble cars produced 25 years ago may sell up to 325 per year into USA under heavily reduced NHTSA rules. This bill became law about a month ago (6 years after being first announced). In the meantime we started a program to ensure that the BMW 2.0 & 3.0 litre engines that we fit are EPA compliant (we use the EU versions, not the USA ones), and this program should be complete within a couple of weeks, 3 months after initialising it. Once we have a valid EPA certificate, we can start the NHTSA approval process, which we do not see as too challenging thanks to the FAST act regulations. This should be completed quickly, probably early fall.
We will shortly start the process of deciding vehicle specs for the launch vehicles, and create a US $ price list.

The first car that will be available in USA is the PLUS FOUR AUTOMATIC. This is our most popular model in UK & EU, and we see it as being the same success in USA. It remains our intention to supply dealer cars at the end of this year, and customer cars starting very early next year. Under the FAST act we cannot obtain title until 1st Jan 23 (they will be our 24MY vehicles). The PLUS FOUR MANUAL, & PLUS SIX, will follow at some point next year.

All vehicles will feature new specifications (in Europe they will be our 23MY vehicles, 24MY in USA) which are not yet shown on our configurator as the vehicles have not yet been launched.

To answer some client specific questions-

All Morgan-approved dealers can offer full warranty aftercare.

The alloy wheel is lighter than the wire, I do not have the exact weight difference but can find it if it is important.

The sidescreens are constructed from polycarbonate lenses in an aluminium frame.

The chassis is made from a very high grade of aluminium that is extremely corrosion resistant.

Our cars have ABS (the Super 3 does not).

There is no header unit (radio), the audio system is a wifi enabled amp with speakers, driven through your smart phone (standard on Plus Six, optional on Plus Four). This may change for 23(24)MY vehicles.

The LCD display of the current range may change for the 23(24)MY vehicles.

Our vehicles are designed to be driven roof-down, and are offered with weather protection. Each hood is handmade, and so it is possible that some owners experience slightly different aerodynamic results than others. Overall, the 22MY hood is far better fitting than any previous Morgan hood.

Our 22MY upgrades included a new extensive sealing package, including hood rail to windscreen, which have dramatically improved air (& water) ingress.

All vehicles ordered with a spare wheel are supplied with a jack, and wheel brace. This is from 22MY onward.

We are planning on producing around 80-100 vehicles for USA toward the end of this year, however we are not immune to the global supply chain issues and this may, or may not, slip. At this moment you should receive your car early next year.

You are welcome to order as many, or as few, options from our USA model order form, when available. Pricing will not be the same as UK/EU pricing.

The 21MY vehicles were updated for 22MY, and will be again for the 23MY range (24MY USA). I can assure you that the vehicle that you receive will delight you and fully live up to your every expectation.
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Maintenance & Servicing
24/05/22 12:45 PM
Plus one for the unit that Paul shows in his post. I got mine from Demon Tweeks circa £90.00.
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The Malvern Arms
24/05/22 12:31 PM
If he’s not known here on TM you might have success via Gill Bevan at MSCC/Miscellany (hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning her!). Someone who has a Mog about 20 miles away from me, but not on TM, sent her an email and she worked out who they were talking about and forwarded his email to me. Thus I could choose to respond or not (which I did).
She is very good…
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Maintenance & Servicing
24/05/22 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by Eurosystem0
Thanks Guys.
All good Advice
reference the RJW suggestion of Yokohama BluEarth ES32 195/65/R15. Using Profile 65 instead of 60. Excuse my ignorance but if it increases ride height does it impact speedo readings. Anu other unintended consequences of going for 65s

Only about 3.2% which is 1mph at 30mph, so no worries really.
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The Malvern Arms
24/05/22 11:51 AM
A regular occurrence on the M5/M4 split at Almondsbury, too.
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Morgan Aero 8, 2012< Plus 8, SuperSports, Coupe & Aeromax
24/05/22 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by Shooter
I think my GTN must be underpriced! My S5 was probably one of the highest specced looking at Clippers car. Strangely enough for Morgan I thought the Info-tainnment/ satnav system in the S5 was brilliant. Once I mastered the satnav couldn't believe how much better than Garmin/TomTom and other car nav's it was. I have only recently found a better system and that is the one that comes on one of my bikes. Used it to sort out our NC500 trip that we did on the bike a few weeks ago. Absolute doddle to do on pc or app and transfers wirelessly across to the bike. Probably can do it on the bike screen as well

Indeed, with low build numbers seemingly justifying high prices for the GT & Coupe, the GTN for under £100k looks like a steal.

I always wondered why Morgan didn't offer the S5 with a choice of none, single or double DIN units in the centre of the dash.

I've been using Google maps on my phone as a sat nav for 15 years: recently along with a rock-solid Quad Lock mounting. There's a software redundancy risk with any built-in system - eg BMW's map updates are decidedly hit & miss on a 5 year old iDrive version - and that's with a subscription :-(

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Classic Morgans
24/05/22 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by asmair
Originally Posted by BuyBritish

I've seen a bracket that fits the dash lifter dot near the mirror and when not used it just lifts off...

Does anyone know where you can buy a lifter dot bracket, or supply pictures to enable me to make one?

Regards Alistair

Simple solution is to buy the lift dot fastener from eBay together with an aluminium motorcycle tax disk holder. Fit the faster to the narrow end and bend the tax disk holder to suit your dashboard. Then glue something to the back of the tax disk holder (leather offcut perhaps) to the rear of the tax disk holder to protect the leather on your dashboard. The mounting brackets to suit various sat-navs are available on eBay - you need to know the diameter of the pivot ball and Garmin differ from TomTom. Alternatively, you can glue a pad to the aluminium that your windscreen suction mount will adhere to.
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Classic Morgans
24/05/22 09:35 AM
Try Stephen Summers in Malvern.

Ex factory trim shop having started there in 1976!

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Morgan Photo Gallery
24/05/22 09:14 AM
Hi & Moin Nick!

Lovely car (in a real tasteful colourscheme inside & out!) - nice lanscape - brilliant weather. What more could you ask for?!

(regarding the colourscheme: i´m a bit biased, as i had one of those as well ;-) )

Regards form your close neighbourhood ;-)
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The Malvern Arms
24/05/22 07:58 AM
I've been watching "Escape to the Chateau" where Dick Strawbridge and his wife are renovating a French chateau and they do weddings there.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
24/05/22 06:13 AM
Just measured our Michelin Cross Climate at 182mm and no scuffing to date (original wheel/black hub)...175/65R15 caution is that it is ~4 years old and about to be changed and not sure that Michelin have not updated to a v2 (?)
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The Malvern Arms
24/05/22 03:40 AM

[Linked Image]
I love perusing BaT not only for the market reconnaissance on the cars but the commentary.

This latest offering is a great example if you’re a fan of the “Patina” genre that now frequents the classic car market

No doubt the Buick is a cracking example but it also seems to have drawn its own unique literary following
as evidenced by the auction commentary.

A couple of examples if I may…

I picture God driving something like this on Judgement Day – he’s known to have a sense of humor, ya know.
Nearly too cool for words

And this classic,

Perhaps a perfect car. I’d be a bidder but I’d have to make room for it.
I’d have to get rid of three motorcycles, a project pickup, my wife’s sedan and my wife.
I’d miss that pickup

An auction worth a look and a read…….
1949 Buick....
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
23/05/22 10:29 PM
Well I for one really like what Drogo did to create the breadvan , and appreciate how it sounds and goes with E Pirro muscleing her round Goodwood-particularly after the last engine freshen up.
But a good (light ) racing sud ti tugs at my heart strings as that is what got me into motorsport. The engines sing -the handling is amazing, there are not many fwd cars I feel confident sliding -but a sud on song coming out of a corner when you know the big engines cant pass you is just superb.
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The Malvern Arms
23/05/22 09:44 PM

Courtesy of The Guardian.
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Classic Morgans
23/05/22 09:12 PM
I also noticed on mine that the water expansion takes wears o. The wiring at the front of the engine
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Maintenance & Servicing
23/05/22 08:39 PM
Originally Posted by Neilda
Originally Posted by Paul F

They are easy to replace - I got a bag of 10 and the tool you need off eBay.

I plucked up the courage and did it. Thanks smile

As you say, very easy to replace, I had thought they were riveted somehow, hence my hesitation.

Great stuff.
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The Malvern Arms
23/05/22 07:32 PM
Obviously not drinking, about to pour it over Allegra

[Linked Image]
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Morgan Aero 8, 2012< Plus 8, SuperSports, Coupe & Aeromax
23/05/22 05:04 PM
Nope- it definitely looked longer- but then again…..
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Classic Morgans
23/05/22 04:48 PM
Originally Posted by Spanner Juggler
Guys, I am a little confused here? What several of you are typing about is by passing the temp sensor switch and there is mention of relays and switches that will carry the current involved (unless my head has messed up) there is only minimal current involved chaps as you are in effect bridging a SIGNAL wire not the high load feed wire.

If you were talking about switching direct feed to the motor then for sure you would be switching a high current feed but your not, your just talking about (and your spot on it is the correct way to do it) just putting an override switch into the signal wire that actuates the fan relay so all you need is a simple toggle switch.

I must have converted or supplied a mini harness for a dozen Morgan’s to do this and never had a problem or switch burn out. This however is not the case with later ECU controlled fans where great care should be exercised but fir the car under discussion all you need is 2 lengths of wire, a toggle switch, a few cable ties and a pair of piggy-back Lucar connectors. Takes about 30-45 min to complete the whole job. (Takes more time to mount the switch to be honest).


Hi Colin

I appreciate this is a very old thread to resurrect, but is it OK to fit a fan bypass switch to a 2000 3.9 14CUX?


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The Malvern Arms
23/05/22 04:34 PM
Originally Posted by howard
I'm 4 years into training ours and he still wont give the ball back after I have thrown it for him!

laugh2 laugh2
Originally Posted by Alistair
I have a load of staff who could be "uplevelled" a bit with the same patience.... I have never been able ot get them to line up and pay attention like that so I am clearly doing something wrong. ooo

rofl rofl
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Morgan Three Wheeler
23/05/22 04:02 PM
Had any response to a V5 /
I have several vintage MOGS and could forward info needed if you wish
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For Sale & Wanted
23/05/22 04:00 PM
What a stunning looking Morgan must be a hard decision to make between the two which one has to go !
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Classic Morgans
23/05/22 02:52 PM
Originally Posted by Budster
Originally Posted by +8Rich
A nice early evening coastal run out to Kingsbridge and back and as I was driving back along the Slapton Line noticed the CEFAS Endeavour offshore surveying the underwater environs, she is based in Lowestoft and has been around these parts for about a week now.

I also noticed a couple of total prats on motorbikes come screaming by about at about 90 in the 40 zone and when I got to Strete Gate end there they were sitting yapping away to each other doh

Just as well they didn’t meet the bus coming the other way!


4/4 - Stanley

Too right, we have lost a hell of a lot of bikers in the Westcountry this year already and the Polis have been visiting known biker venues re educating the hobbiest / born again brigade so hopefully it will help relieve the current rate of attrition.
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