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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
18/11/19 10:43 PM

It does make you wonder, nice that they included a compartment under the bonnet for your incontinent relative though complete with a drain plug grin2
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Morgan Three Wheeler
18/11/19 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by Luddite
Not knowing anything about the whole set-up, I am wondering why there is a need for a pre-load on the bearings... if it were a diff, then I can see the reason for preload affecting aspects of it`s operation in terms of switching drive from wheel to wheel, but if this is a drive to one wheel ...?

Found this which may be of interest, I note the mention of staking the thread to the nut, which seems a tad rudimentary compared to the use of a tab washer or castellated nut etc...?


This IS a differential only without the axle shafts. So no wheel bearing setups on this.

When a crush sleeve is used, typically you never reuse the crush sleeve, buy a new one and then crush the hell out of it while all the time monitoring the resistance to rotational torque. The only time you can get a way with reusing the crush sleeve is when replacing the pinion seal. In that case you scribe the pinion nut to the pinion shaft threads, remove and replace the seal and then retighten back down until the scribe mark lines up again. Theoretically you've not "changed" the pinion preload in doing it this way.

I'll take a look at the BB rebuild and reassemble thread and learn something I'm sure. Thanks for posting it.
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Maintenance & Servicing
18/11/19 10:20 PM
Originally Posted by PHZI
Whichever you go for, if there is a concern about vulnerability then get whoever makes it to simply weld on an extra skin of metal to the bottom section to protect from stones and the like. Mulfab did this for me although Peter said he had never had a problem.

My valance helps protect my SiFab radiator

[Linked Image]
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Classic Morgans
18/11/19 10:16 PM
Originally Posted by Gambalunga
Originally Posted by +8Rich

PhotoBucket won't let me look at it without disabling addblocker. They can go bucket themselves as far as I'm concerned.

Yes this thread has been resurrected it goes back to 2014 when botophucket was free wink long before the tm img site was formed.
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Classic Morgans
18/11/19 09:20 PM
Originally Posted by Phil4/4
I have decided to have the interior of my 1969 4/4 retrimmed. Does anyone know what colour was available on an indigo blue . I understand black was standard. But I fancy red or tan.

I have Muirhead Saddle interior on my car. Muirhead is the leather supplier and Its written in the front of my vehicle handbook.

Have you though of contacting Morgan as they may keep records of individual car specs?
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Morgan Three Wheeler
18/11/19 09:07 PM
True, it is an example of operating an international company in disarray.
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Morgan Photo Gallery
18/11/19 08:19 PM
Yep, strange take on stickering up with a montage of road sign symbols like 'caution children crossing' ?

IIRC, wasn't there some strange sponsorship deal with some Nissan tub with a Judd engine some years ago ?
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Classic Morgans
18/11/19 08:10 PM
Drove my 1980 +8 through a ford every day on my commute from near Stourbridge to Stoke on Trent. One day, underestimated the depth and had a bow wave come back along the bonnet and hit the windscreen! Luckily I think little water made it under the bonnet before I was out the other side. Big, high mounted Rover airfilter probably helped too.
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Classic Morgans
18/11/19 07:59 PM
Why not a "Blog". I have thought of starting and maintaining a "Blog" called "According to Button". I would just write what I think I know with pictures etc. on any subject, model, year I chose. So Mr. W could do the same only it would be titiled "According to Mr. "W". In fact Mr. "W" could write a rebuttle or even embelish on Mr. Button's words if He chose. I read Mr. "W's" book but as a US'er I do not have much experience with the later models. What I do know I get from "Talk Morgan". However I have a lot of experience with the 1960's +4. Also I have developed a lot of unconventional remedies for many problems I have encountered over the years and ones I have learned from the Northern California Hotrodders as some call them. I have tried to learn from "GOMOG" and wonder just how much effort it takes to do this. I almost always have to Email Lorne to find the information I want on GOMOG. Not sure I want to be "on call" like Lorne is. Also "Legal Liability". I have assets. I don't want to loose them.
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The Malvern Arms
18/11/19 07:58 PM
Originally Posted by Chester.G
This one should go fast in my opinion

I'm sure it will but didn't the 61 plus 4 have a side air intake scoop....?
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General Photo Gallery
18/11/19 07:26 PM
Hello 1560, we have 3, the green +8, from1990 ,the blue +4 (for my wife ) and the ARP4.The black with red wheels ( from the avatar) was our previous, replaced for the blue one.Luddite, there are more ( most older) in that color. When we saw it first advertised, we thought it was to much( the colors) but in live it is even much better.
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For Sale & Wanted
18/11/19 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by Viper
I really don’t like wires on a Morgan. I need it to look tough.

Unfortunately the lightweight 16” are not on the parts system any more

I enquired today of the main Morgan Dealers in the States (thanks Tcherek) as to whether they had any stock of the wheels and sadly they don't, I didn't check with Dennis Glavis though.

There are a few LHD one's out there for sale with the KO alloys if that is an option.
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Morgan Aero 8, 2012< Plus 8, SuperSports, Coupe & Aeromax
18/11/19 07:05 PM
Good news, are you putting Tarka into the Haynes Morgan exhibition they are missing your model from the display.
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The Malvern Arms
18/11/19 06:48 PM

I felt sorry for Le Clerc as he is the ascendant star whereas Vettel is very much a spent force these days and makes far too many errors at this level of the sport.

Hamilton acted and responded with consummate professionalism, you don't have to like his lifestyle off track but I do admire his true sporting spirit and sense of fair play. He is a shining example to the up and coming youngsters to the sport that tend to be spoilt kids in general.

Max has matured nicely and now managing to convert the skills to wins as well, he drove a blinder as did Albon, Christian must have been chuffed to bits.

A great race and I didn't mind who won there were some great overtakes there.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
18/11/19 05:41 PM
a few years ago I rebuilt a 1979 gold wing barn find.... under the layers of dirt it was a clean bike.... cost me $200 and I sold off the saddlebags for $200
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
18/11/19 05:15 PM
As for any of the multitude of variables relative to ECU programming possibilities..... I am not the one to spread any enlightenment... If modern engines monitoring and control systems have a means of detecting crankcase pressure and the programming expects/requires negative pressure, then it seems possible your filter could perhaps confuse the ECU, if not now, perhaps in time...?

As an aside, while walking round the rear of the pits with a Ford development engineer in 2002, I had said that the Corvette created quite a spectacle as it popped and banged spitting flames approaching the Dunlop bridge, he smiled and said that that is a waste of fuel and the explosions create stress in the exhaust system, both of which you do not want in a race that lasts 24 hours....listen to the Audi when you see it next entering the same corners.... I did, and when the driver lifted off, the Audi was almost silent.... A lesson learned. With today`s electronically controlled injectors, I would be surprised if they were supplying fuel to the cylinders when the accelerator potentiometer value is being read as in the process of deceleration...? As for the stepper motor on the throttle plate having a particular default position to keep it fractionally opened on lift off..Not got a clue... Just glad to have carbs the occasional roar, pop, bang, and perhaps even a flame (dunno on the latter) on my old +8... oldgit drive
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Classic Morgans
18/11/19 05:05 PM
A lovely 50 mile run out over Dartmoor enjoying the quiet roads and autumnal colours and did I mention the heart attack on a plate at Princetown. Saw and waved to a lovely metal bumper MG midget with an hideous hard top in hearing aid beige.

The more I drive the Plus 8 the less likely I am to get a Plus Six on soundtrack alone I'm thinking now, still things can change grin2
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Maintenance & Servicing
18/11/19 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by TBM
Originally Posted by SimonH
Originally Posted by TBM
Not needed at the moment, but I'm struggling to find any supplier of replacement brake discs and rear drums for my '72 4/4. They're for the four stud disc wheels.

Any clues?



They are both Morgan specific
I can supply both when you need them

Simon @

Thank you - could you PM me some prices? Or is it best to email you?



Email me on

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Morgan PlusSix (CX-Generation Vehicles)
18/11/19 02:14 PM
Originally Posted by thierry242
No but almost .Those cars are not my car.
I like my arp4 but i will wait untill a 2 litres is coming.

I'm also looking forward to the 4cyl-edition, for 2 different reasons: it wil never drive as good as my GT4 and therefore doesn't need to have such high power output AND no turbo engine will ever sound as good, so... a 4cyl will do
now I need to convince Thommy-S to lower the drivers-seat laugh
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Morgan PlusSix (CX-Generation Vehicles)
18/11/19 12:49 PM
Ha ha

Looks like someone cocked up

I didn’t believe it anyway
I’m sure the trad Plus 4 will be available at least to next year which is possibly why the new CX Mog is going to branded a 4/4
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The Malvern Arms
18/11/19 10:45 AM
Well, I'm pleased to read all the positive comments from fellow TMer's who are obviously car enthusiasts. The article I read in Magneto, whilst being generally in favour, said that it was disappointing for racing fans.
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Classic Morgans
18/11/19 09:09 AM
It would interesting to see how locked ECU's fit in with legislation to outlaw 'anti competition / price fixing' sometimes referred to as 'abuse of a dominant market position'

Originally OBD & OBD2 were standardised so that vehicles could be diagnosed & fixed by non OE sources
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Morgan Photo Gallery
18/11/19 08:11 AM
Very nice different colour of blue , great picture , the wheels look good too , nice spinners !
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Classic Morgans
18/11/19 07:36 AM
Originally Posted by Anthony4/4
Proud to show the dash of my 1980 4/4 after rebuilding it. Also compleet new upholstery. And Moto Lita steering wheel.
[Linked Image]

After I rebuild the dash, now every time when I move the gear stick I touch the wires underneath the dasch. I would like to place a cover underneath. I know modern Mogs have them, but the don't fit my 1980 4/4. So question: does anyone have a template of such a coverage?
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For Sale & Wanted
18/11/19 06:56 AM
Originally Posted by jcmog
Due to ill health.

Morgan Roadster 3 ltr. 2008. 39660 miles.

Ink Black with Burnt orange Interior.

Tested until June 2020. ( no advisories ).

Many upgrades and improvements.

E.C.U upgrade and Air filter induction( Done Williams Morgan ). Approx 228 B.H.

Suplex front suspension and new Spax rear shocks.

Mulfab full upgrade aluminium AR MOTORSPORT calipers, new hoses and vented discs and pads.( November 2017).

March 2019 New MWS front hubs and complete new bearings.
March 2019 new rear brake cylinders and brake bleeding.
March 2019 new track rod ends front + laser tracking + wheel balancing again.
Brake discs skimmed on the car at Melvyn rutters ( to help with smooth breaking). 08/09/2019.

Now fantastic to drive.

There are lots more extras and upgrades full list if interested.

All servicing done by myself.

Price £36999.00

Any interest or questions contact

JCmog. That is a cracking car at a cracking price compared to what just sold on BaT (admittedly in the US, the thread is on this forum)
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