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Morgan Photo Gallery
27/01/20 03:06 PM
It would appear to be an alarm of sorts, if you email these people with the numbers I'm sure they can help Avonwood email address on Maintenance section post.
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The Malvern Arms
27/01/20 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by Paul F
Originally Posted by P Dron
By the way, what does "OP" mean? That's in the box with my user name and avatar. It used to be "Blathers on a lot" or something like that.

“OP” = Original Poster

Tells the rest of us that it was you who started the thread.

Aha. Bleeding Obvious! I could just as well be Old Person. And it still says Blathers on a lot".
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The Malvern Arms
27/01/20 03:02 PM
The Trad Plus 8 prices started rising once the final 50th anniversary models were all sold these cars will remain an icon.
I see all the Trad prices firming as we progress through this year and onwards Rene you hang in there you won't be disappointed.
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Maintenance & Servicing
27/01/20 02:58 PM
It would appear to be an alarm of sorts, if you email these people with the numbers I'm sure they can help Avonwood
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Maintenance & Servicing
27/01/20 02:27 PM
Originally Posted by DougalC
Why would you bother - it's a Morgan you're driving
I have some sympathy with this view. Not least because the radio/CD player in my car is fitted well forward below the dashboard completely out of sight. Never used it as I imagine trying to operate the buttons by touch would be highly dangerous. Can't understand why the first owner (who only had the car 18 months) spent c.£500 at 2010 prices to have this unit fitted. I remember when my father was teaching me to drive (Sunday mornings, main runway, RAF Coningsby - unbelievable now!) he told me "when you're driving, boy, then drive; don't do anything else. Listen to your car. A happy engine is a comforting sound". I have a very happy engine.
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Classic Morgans
27/01/20 01:15 PM
The fact it was found 400 metres away suggests that the thieves were probably seeing if it had a tracker fitted.

We've had a few high value cars parked in fields and down country lanes around here. Presumably, the idea is that the thieves check on them every couple of hours/days and if they are discovered and returned in short order then they probably had a tracker fitted!

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The Malvern Arms
27/01/20 01:06 PM
It's a quiet press week and they need something to sensationalise.
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Classic Morgans
27/01/20 01:04 PM
Thanks - want to keep the 'old school' hubcap look as per the link.

[Linked Image]
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
27/01/20 01:02 PM
Machine work on the transfer case housings is now complete. this weekend I milled all the outside edges so they match, drilled and tapped the fill and drain plug locations, final fit the bores for the bearings and chamfered all the holes and edges. I took the parts to work and gave them a blast with aluminum oxide so they are ready for powder coat now.

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Morgan Three Wheeler
27/01/20 12:58 PM
Not sure I would take my M3W back to that dealer
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The Malvern Arms
27/01/20 12:47 PM
A friend is a Health & Safety Consultant (works for some very large firms as well as one or two smaller ones) and takes a very pragmatic aproach. However, his post on his web site today is a solemn reminder of why things needed to change - and still need to change in some instances.

Why we need H&S
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Morgan Three Wheeler
27/01/20 12:37 PM
Atalante83, thank you.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
27/01/20 12:23 PM
Originally Posted by pandy
So does that mean a Triking could use a bus lane ? (390kg according to the spec sheet).

From what I've briefly read so far yes. However suspect the "tricycle" description may refer to those motorcycle based vehicles that lean despite double front wheel design. Clearly they want to avoid car width design vehicles in specifically excluding side cars. Expect it will be in the small print somewhere.
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Classic Morgans
27/01/20 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by Cat302
I suppose one could say the same about the leather triangular bonnet protectors, protection from what? Sorry it drift from subject.

But they perform a useful task, look nice and do not fall off, unlike those silly rubber tips.
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Morgan Photo Gallery
27/01/20 12:02 PM
I have had exactly that on mine - twice.
Once under warranty so replaced by MMC under warranty with a new box, then post-warranty on the replaced box.
I paid the factory to fit a new seal - all ok so far but not put too many miles on it since....

I suspect a link to filling up to the breather hole, not the overflow but can't prove it.
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
27/01/20 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by Hamwich
Originally Posted by Stringers Best Mate

With the UK producing a meagre 1.1% of the world's CO2 emissions, it's the same old story. The good guys get stung whereas the real villains of N.America, Russia, China and S.America go unchallenged.

Whilst I don't necessarily disagree with you, and I'm sure you don't feel this way yourself, what worries me about this argument is that it frequently appears as a justification for doing nothing ourselves.

The "Other people are bad so I don't need to be good" argument is hardly a credible moral position, I feel.

and in any case, we only have .87% of the world's population, so we're clearly producing too much on a pro rata basis anyway. Average UK Carbon footprint is around 6 tonnes per person per year. Target for sustainability is around 2 tonnes.

The way I look at the "We won't make any difference" argument is that it is like saying, "Because many people do a lot more shoplifting than I do, then it is OK for me to do a little bit of shoplifting".
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General Photo Gallery
27/01/20 11:25 AM
A nice set of images of interesting wildlife and topography and especially the one with your Morgan in the scene... Thanks for posting ewn.

I have tried to grab a few pics of old and abandoned boats they encourage me to think of their story, a bit like old cars..
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The Malvern Arms
27/01/20 10:53 AM
Originally Posted by sospan
Ray, do you remember the pop factory in Llangennech? Family business...Llan Mineral Works ( or similar), not Corona. On Maes Rd .
It explains a lot about the people in the village. Obviously Lynne is an exception despite living in Maes Rd swmbo

Bring back Irn Bru in glass bottles with the stone stopper.
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The Malvern Arms
27/01/20 09:58 AM
Yes, sad to hear of her passing.... Interesting and inspirational woman... We'll miss her presence in the Hillclimb paddocks.


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Classic Morgans
27/01/20 09:53 AM
Dougal..... Interestingly, I lived in California (along with my now wife) in '79/80 having disposed of home encumbrances.... Came home after a couple of enjoyable years..... While we were in NZ for November we both said that if we'd come there instead in '79 under the same circumstances we wouldn't have come home..... My great nephew is a joiner and went out to work on the rebuild of Christchurch.... Met a local lass and we won't see him back again.... Cracking place!

I've lived in Aberdeenshire for 30 years for much the same reasons.... Down South is far too crowded.... Saying that, it's creeping up here but hopefully not in too intrusive a way in the time I have left..... I live in the 'Aberdeen-Elgin-Fraserburgh Triangle'.. Not really part of any tourist trail so still rural and relatively quiet.... Suits me down to the ground.

I have a list of trips once the Morgan restoration is finished... Living here you just have to be hardy if you want an open car. :-)

Was fine to see such a pretty Morgan in the wild during our trip.


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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
27/01/20 09:33 AM
He did rather well in it from memory. I was building a TR8 rally car at the time so was interested, never finished the build and as I was working for BL the deal was they assisted by selling me most of the parts as ‘scrap value by weight’ but if I left they kept the car by buying it back by weight. This was the case with all so called scrap parts and a TR7 shell (even after in had been in the tin smiths shop for gusseting and strengthening cost me £20. Happy days and broke my heart to leave it all when I moved on as it was about 50% done, I hear it went straight into the crusher.

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Morgan Aero 8, 2012< Plus 8, SuperSports, Coupe & Aeromax
27/01/20 09:10 AM
Doug, thanks for the heads up on the part numbers, that will save a bit of searching, if/when I prove the switch to be at fault.

Richard, as you suggest the oil pressure switch is indeed a single pole two way unit incorporated as part of a safety circuit, designed in this case to cut out the fuel pump in the case of an accident. and in the case of my Morgan it seems one of the internal two switching actions has failed... I have yet to crawl under and confirm that the normally closed (N.C.) connection has failed, and that failure deprives the fuel pump of electrical supply while the ignition key switch is being held in the START position.

I did attempt a description of the circuit wiring for those who may be mystified by wiring diagrams though I am not at my best at 04:00hrs in the morning.

If anyone wants to kick the operational objectives and failures around a bit more to gain understanding, just SHOUT.. smile
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The Malvern Arms
26/01/20 08:35 PM
US or English. Which?
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Morgan Three Wheeler
26/01/20 07:43 PM
Originally Posted by atalante83

Superwet édition

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Morgan Three Wheeler
26/01/20 06:55 PM
Speedometers are permitted to over-read by up to 10% (I think), but it is illegal for them to under-read. The MOT tests whether they are working at all and could pick up an under-read as a defect (but I doubt that it would be spotted).
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