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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
22/03/23 11:06 PM
Rather good that they have grasped the nettle. I'd be impressed if I was an owner.
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Welcome Forum
22/03/23 11:00 PM
the seller has dropped a little to 58K€
I proposed a ceiling of 53K€
I'm waiting for the answer
At the same time, I have another proposal for a 2008 Roadster, 50,000 km, rifle grey, cartier red mohair interior and soft top, wooden dashboard and steering wheel. The price is interesting, I'm waiting for details on this model ....
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Morgan Aero 8, 2012< Plus 8, SuperSports, Coupe & Aeromax
22/03/23 10:36 PM
I like them all but this was so ahead of it's time and the Aston Green one looks sublime.

Had I the available cash and the certainty that MMC will still be around for at least the next ten years to support the car I would have one in a heartbeat, but that last part I feel is getting a little concerning following their recent history, that and Simon no longer available as a brilliant supporting engineer for the Aero chassis would need a lot of thought I feel before any investment.
Personal view as always.
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Morgan Plus Six & Plus Four (CX-Generation Vehicles)
22/03/23 10:29 PM
Spencer, interesting departure from your previous images. really nice tone too - do you use a specific LR preset or custom setting? Any clues on what it contains?
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
22/03/23 10:21 PM
Could you not use a cheaply available borescope camera in conjunction with extended pickup claws to retrieve loose pickup pipe?
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Morgan Plus Six & Plus Four (CX-Generation Vehicles)
22/03/23 10:17 PM
Originally Posted by Adrian777
Thanks for your quick reply!
I looked at these on Morgan Park but I assumed they were deflectors for fitting on the sides of the windscreen, presumably to deflect the wind when the side screens are off? Maybe I am wrong. I am interested in those because I think the car is a different animal with the side screens off. However, primarily I was looking for a deflector that fits behind the seats.

I had a wind deflector fitted behind the seats, I sold it in the end for £50, the mesh material started to fray and fall apart, they are quite delicate.
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Morgan Plus Six & Plus Four (CX-Generation Vehicles)
22/03/23 10:14 PM
I used Eurolites on a recent European trip in my Six.
Went with position 204 on the guide attached & all seems good.
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
22/03/23 09:36 PM
Originally Posted by JMcL

Look very attractive but £80k for a grp kit car? Not much more for a McLaren second hand.

Those who aspire to the raw performance and rarity of a T70 have little interest in McLaren modernity. Age old question of numbers v value. Don't take my word for it, listen and watch Steve Sutcliffe

Of course those interested in a T70 are more likely to be inbterested in an McLaren M8 from the same era, rather than a modern McLaren. But we arent talking of a T70 but of a pretty kit car imitation. So the argument is still valid.On the one hand you have a kit car and on the other you have the product of an F1 manufacturer in carbon fibre with a racing engine and all the facilities and civilities you might want in a daily user.

I have driven a couple of modern McLarens - they really are something special. But I accept that not everyone thinks the same way. Morgan are a tribute to that!
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
22/03/23 09:03 PM
Originally Posted by sospan
How much difference does the front SSL make versus standard set up ( with or without the bearing option)?
I am going to change my front springs this year on the 2002 Plus8.
The current set up is fine but the main springs are looking”well used” so I would like to change them. New spring with bearing as minimum.
Two areas of debate in my mind.
1. Discernible improvement in suspension feel/performance?
2. Rebound spring fit. I have heard that a previously good fit was lost after an SSL upgrade. By that I mean a gap at the top of the spring where it was previously a good fit as just hand turnable as recommended for standard setting.
The parts cost difference is enough to question the value of any improvement. It will be DIY fitting.
I don’t mind an initial set up and later adjustments after bedding in.

One of the main benefits of the SSL RS kit is that suspension control can be set and maintained at optimum (zero static pre-load on rebound spring) in turn providing the optimum suspension travel control and roll resistance within the limits of sliding axle suspension. This is achieved by the adjustable collars on main spring. Consequently your concerns regarding rebound spring fit are unfounded, accepting that adjustments have to be made on fitting as per instructions, and checked later after settling. Anyone who suggests otherwise misunderstands the principles of the kit.

BTW you do not need to use the car in competition to immediately appreciate the improvement, just find a bumpy poorly surfaced road. If you don't have any in Wales we can offer untold opportunities in Norfolk innocent
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Morgan Three Wheeler & Super 3
22/03/23 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by craig from mich
this is what I bought. 500 hundred cranking amps. (recommended by Emil):

I am glad you recommended this Battery. Not only did it fit without modification, but the specs are amazing, and my cold engine started instantly where typically with the stock factory battery it used to take a good amount of cranking for the engine to fire up. It's made by Yuasa. The guy at batteries Plus Store said this was a deluxe battery not offered by them. I was able to buy at a local interstate store for $165 in the US.
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Morgan Three Wheeler & Super 3
22/03/23 07:42 PM

My first engine traveled more than 100,000 km and I never had a problem with oil deposits and oil leaks, to travel 100,000 km I only had camshaft with needle bearing and cylinder head gasket of both cylinders to be replaced for the engine, I reassure I had many other problems.
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Morgan Plus Six & Plus Four (CX-Generation Vehicles)
22/03/23 07:08 PM
who can't seem to log in to here anymore and can't get a new log in from Simon as me to post photos of the filter set he bought from AW to service his CX Plus Four in case it helps others.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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The Malvern Arms
22/03/23 06:58 PM
There is still a lot of interest in these older BMWs...
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
22/03/23 06:54 PM
A great photo. Thanks for posting
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The Malvern Arms
22/03/23 06:06 PM
Hugo, Donate button is on the top toolbar extreme RHD, some folk have started posting adds in the Malvern Arms which bypasses this and seems to work and of course people can comment then too.
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The Malvern Arms
22/03/23 05:54 PM
Originally Posted by Spanner Juggler

In September I will make 70, never thought I would get here but spotted I needed to apply for an extension to my driving license. Given the reported delay at DVLA I completed the online (apply 90 days before your 70th birthday page) application on Monday (20th). Postman just delivered my new licence today (23rd) absolutely amazed!!!

Seems some sections are working very quickly and some have very long delays. )

I had the same experience, applied for my geriatric licence on line and the new one arrived 10 days later.

Had the same experience when we moved house last year when we had to change the address on my licence, new one arrived in just over a week.
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX)
22/03/23 05:20 PM
Drove to Berrybrook for them to change the cam belts and tensioners
They also renewed the water pump.
(My 4/4 is a ‘black top’ 1.8 Zetec).

In addition they pressure tested the cooling system, to find the source of Stanley’ recent mild incontinence!
Fortunately all the cooling system checked out and the source of the dribble was located to one of the heater hoses.
(I had spent quite a bit of time trying to unsuccessfully isolate the problem.)

Interesting contrast of stock vehicles in the dealership.
They have a nice range of pre-CX models and a small number of eye wateringly expensive CXs (£100k+ Plus Six!).

Shame it pi**ed down on the way home.

Home now, enjoying tea and Hob Nobs.

4/4 - Stanley
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Welcome Forum
22/03/23 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by Luddite
WHAT....??? No such thing as a "completely standard" Morgan... laugh2

rofl rofl rofl
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
22/03/23 12:32 PM
If any company if that era had grasped the corrosion nettle, they would be stand out classics today.

A dealer friend had two E Types in 1978. Both F platers, so coming up for ten years old, and they were both sheds. The bodywork, especially sills, and boot floor, were lace.

The XKs were great Jaguars, and I too prefer the 150 for looks, but they developed as most cars do. A bit bigger, a bit heavier, a bit less sporting, because that's what the buyer wanted.
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
22/03/23 11:46 AM
Thanks for the pictures John, that Mew Gull is a very rare beast and you have just caught the rudder of the Comet Racer.

I had a flight in the AA Dragon Rapide in the early sixties at Little Snoring where we had a Rally/Flyin -they used it for road reports back in the day.
It was interesting comparing it to the Tiger, a vastly different experience but with similar genetic power units.
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The Malvern Arms
22/03/23 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by Lordofthewings
This piece of exciting parking outside a hotel in Bath was in yesterday's papers.
How did he get it in there ? (and how will they get it out ??)

[Linked Image]

Here you go the recovery operation, look out for it on an auction site near you...

When No1 daughter was doing her Masters at Uni we often had lunch or dinner there - proper old fashioned service levels without the fawning, a lovely charming old place with alternative parking now it would seem.

The only downside to Bath is that being situated in a natural bowl and the air pollution levels were diabolical when we were visiting, the comparison from living half a mile from the sea in the countryside didn't help I suppose where we either smell salt in the air or cattle outfall which is ok in our book.

No problem compared to this one...
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The Malvern Arms
22/03/23 11:24 AM
Let's hope so laugh2
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Morgan Three Wheeler & Super 3
22/03/23 11:23 AM
I didn't mean to mislead any of you - these appeared on a Faceache Morgan Group I'm a member of - it seems the French marketing company was having a laugh compared to you boys on fleabay.
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Morgan Three Wheeler & Super 3
21/03/23 09:27 PM
Originally Posted by Warren99
Originally Posted by super3G
Welcome Warren. and wow this purple color looks great.

Thanks! This is my first Morgan ownership experience, so this forum has been great to read... and help manage expectations 😉

Best of luck with your new toy Warren
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The Malvern Arms
21/03/23 08:37 PM
I guess most of you will have seen this, but if not, Ricky Gervais summarises celebrities better than most. If you're not a fan just watch the clip between 7.00 and 8.00 minutes.
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