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Maintenance & Servicing
17/11/19 02:39 AM
Originally Posted by Calypso Red
Originally Posted by Button

I did not use a hammer to hit the hub puller. I used a 2 1/2 lb sledge hammer. Now I have a custom tool that screws on the hub with a heavy bolt that pushes on the end of the axle. It was made for Me by a Morgan Owner (machinist).

Please Sir, I hit the back of the hub, not the hub puller.

No I hit the Hub Puller very hard on the screw, I then tighten again and hit it again, very hard. I have broken several Chinese cheap Puller's in this manner. I often let it sit over night and it often releases during the night. Don't suggest You do this but it is how I get the job done. If I fail at this method I remove the backing plate bolts and pull the axle and take it to a Machinist to get the job done. In My situation the Macinist.uses a 50 ton press. I have only had to use the Machinist/press once. I have removed several hubs. I did not want to use the words many hubs as I do not do this for a living, But several. I also use a 2 1/2 lb sledge. Not for the light hearted.
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The Malvern Arms
17/11/19 02:27 AM
I followed the bidding. Absolutely insane. But there is a message. The Morgan Trad is alive and well in the U.S.
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Classic Morgans
17/11/19 12:28 AM
Originally Posted by BobtheTrain
Originally Posted by Taffmog
The only answer to longevity.

I'd better get myself tanalised, then.

Bob, If you like your whisky oak-aged, you probably are already!
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Classic Morgans
16/11/19 11:53 PM
Then go for red or tan. Alternative colors would have been available back then and it is your car now.
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The Malvern Arms
16/11/19 11:33 PM
If you like cars you should watch the movie. Christian Bale was incredibly good for me. Plus points of the movie: The relationship between Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby. Ken Miles, the introverted but at the same time socially difficult guy. An extraordinarily good character portrayal. The stuffy and bourgeois world of Ford managers at the time is captured very closely. All plus points. I didn't like the somewhat stereotypical presentation of the Italians very much. I also find the racing scenes in the film with Steve McQueen more authentic, even if it describes a different time but that movie wasn't retrospective, it was shot in the real epoch. At that time there were no computers but a 911 in which cameras were installed in front, so that they shoot real racing scenes at 250km/h.

Another plus in the new movie is the way they captured the engine sound. I liked the film all in all very much.
Dillon plays himself as usual and Bale is the total quick-change artist. But both find each other in the movie very well and seem authentic. The relationship is real.
I was just surprised that the film only runs in small arthouse cinemas and was hardly visited half full.

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Morgan Three Wheeler
16/11/19 11:28 PM
That's not simply an early (pre-2014) M3W that's a Brooklands (of the chrome variaton). #5 of 50 (and according to the information given one of the 13 chromed out if the total 50 cars production. I never knew there were so many "chromes" out there ... )

And you all know what that means ... a 2013 ... Brooklands ... M3W, this must be the pinnacle of ... something! wink
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Maintenance & Servicing
16/11/19 11:19 PM
Originally Posted by IvorMog

PS. Don't forget my Cam TDC tools somestick

They are already in the bag and ready to go! notworthy
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Morgan Three Wheeler
16/11/19 10:53 PM
Did any new cars receive a letter?
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Morgan PlusSix (CX-Generation Vehicles)
16/11/19 10:40 PM
Whilst there’s quite a few compliant engines available, MX5 maybe (?), MMC would have still have to then go through the type approval thingy all over again at a cost of £££££££££.
72 1,722 Read More
Classic Morgans
16/11/19 10:27 PM
Yes but the brake calliper brackets on the stub axles are different...

Simon @
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The Malvern Arms
16/11/19 10:15 PM
You carry on Peter you are doing a great job, you're on fire right now wine
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The Malvern Arms
16/11/19 09:21 PM
Playing an electric guitar with a bow in a live performance, pretty good, a talented bunch.

Give it a chance, it starts dull but it does improve.
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Maintenance & Servicing
16/11/19 08:19 PM
I have a SiFab on the Plus 8 too, top quality, superb service and very reasonably priced.
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Welcome Forum
16/11/19 08:16 PM
Nice one Steve, welcome to the fold proper thumbs drive cheers
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The Malvern Arms
16/11/19 08:13 PM
Originally Posted by Gambalunga
Am I the only one or is everyone suffering from occasional slow loading of pages today?

It is very irregular but every so often it seems to take ages to load a TM page. All other sites seem to function normally so I don't think it is my connection or browser.

Yes it sometimes does happen. Not tonight for me but did so yesterday. Not the end of the world.
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Classic Morgans
16/11/19 08:10 PM
Originally Posted by SimonH
Originally Posted by docock
Not sure has anyone noticed that the garages approved by MMC in the Berkshire area has been culled.

SGT in Taplow is now no longer approved for servicing but more surprisingly Richard Thorne has lost the franchise for both sales and servicing.

I feel I should point out that RTCC didn’t “lose” the franchise, they chose after careful consideration that they no longer felt it economic to be part of the dealer network due to vastly increased franchise costs.

Simon @

The second Australian dealer did exactly the same for those reasons. A great shame......
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Maintenance & Servicing
16/11/19 07:04 PM
No change on my insurance either.
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Movie & Video Forum
16/11/19 06:52 PM
A great montage of a great show - thanks for your (&Ann`s) efforts over last weekend.
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The Malvern Arms
16/11/19 05:54 PM
[Linked Image]
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The Malvern Arms
16/11/19 04:06 PM
Is it possible to publish the letter and the response by any chance?
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Morgan Photo Gallery
16/11/19 12:58 PM
Very nice
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Morgan Aero 8, 2012< Plus 8, SuperSports, Coupe & Aeromax
16/11/19 08:57 AM
Originally Posted by milligoon
Originally Posted by Alistair
Mark, that's a smart idea. May I ask what you are using for the FLIR ? Is it s bolt to a smart phone or some dedicated device.

Just the FLIR one add-on for my phone

Last thing I used it for was searching for a wasp nest at night in the hedge at the bottom of my garden!

Info at
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
16/11/19 07:40 AM
Nice! Hope they provide a tiny bit of data...
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Places to Stay - Recommendations
15/11/19 11:19 PM
Originally Posted by John V6
]I did once sleep at the Crown in Amersham in the famous room from 4 weddings & a funeral. This was less grand.

Mrs W & I had a couple of nights in the Kings Arms at Amersham (a few doors down from the Crown I seem to recall). Very classy and used in one of the Margaret Rutherford Miss Marple films. Worth the extra I think!
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Morgan Three Wheeler
15/11/19 11:09 PM
Calum mentioned that he was running the Michelin CrossClimate and I also run them on the Plus 4. When I spoke to him about the tyre when we were in Portugal he had just made a long trip in every possible weather condition and was very satisfied with the tyre.

We also have them on my wife's VW Polo and I think they perform even better on the Polo than on the Plus 4. I find them a great tyre in the wet but I have had some tyre squeal when accelerating and turning on to a main road from a side road (90° turn from a standing start) on a dry road.

Both Calum and I had excellent times on the Caramulo Hill Climb. (actually Calum was faster than me and was trying to beat Mario's time. A big ask since Mario knows the course and had race rubber fitted smile )

Judge for yourself laugh

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