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Strange noise on shutdown
by John V6. 22/07/19 01:45 PM
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Morgan Three Wheeler
22/07/19 04:40 PM
I wish! I am hopeless at painting.
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Classic Morgans
22/07/19 04:40 PM
[Linked Image]

Berlin to Poznan.
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Classic Morgans
22/07/19 04:36 PM
It is not a turbo. I'll check the fan
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The Malvern Arms
22/07/19 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by waikiore
Good lines in the Clubsport, that looks like the Scottish car in front for the first couple of minutes

Its been an interesting experience for both of us having never done this before. We're half a season in now and are both slowly improving ( junior quicker than me) and now managing to have some fun with the middle of the field.

It's the side of Morgan that really doesn't get represented enough, they are after all sports cars and the pace does catch people out in a mixed filed of cars.
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Classic Morgans
22/07/19 04:19 PM

I have Toyo Proxes CF2 on my 1980 +8 -280BHP and have done 30k miles on them in the last 5 years. A few sprints but mostly continental and USA long distance driving. They are fine. Both these and the Avons can be sourced for £50 per tyre in the UK. I will check with my supplier if they ship to the USA
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The Malvern Arms
22/07/19 04:11 PM
Came across this video posted Saturday

It’s quite entertaining
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The Malvern Arms
22/07/19 04:03 PM
I caught his performance on TV as well last night. He still has a great voice unlike many others of his generation.
Saw two of my music heroes at Hyde Park ten days ago - Neil Young and Dylan. A great concert.
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
22/07/19 04:02 PM
Originally Posted by Luddite
I have no idea whether this is just hearsay, but it seems if an electric vehicle is involved in an accident all sorts of health and safety stuff comes into play relative to recovery..?

For sure petrol and diesel have their H&S implications after an accident but all the services that might be involved are well up to speed in that regard.

Anyone got accurate info..?

That is a very good point well made, and still no answers on here !
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The Malvern Arms
22/07/19 03:36 PM
I bought my morgan 4 / 4 4 seater six years ago
I sold it this year at a loss in £
I didn't buy it to invest
I bought it because I loved it
however age and didn't love me.& I struggled to drive / get in / get out

sold and now with its new lady owner in France.

I bought a project to replace the morgan
1950 Allis Chalmers B tractor
ahh life in the slow lane [Linked Image]
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Morgan Three Wheeler
22/07/19 02:55 PM
Now you need to start thinking about an Iron Butt 1000. 1000 miles in under 24 hours!
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Morgan Three Wheeler
22/07/19 02:42 PM
Anyone here also keeping an M3W in or near Newport, RI this summer?
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Classic Morgans
22/07/19 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by Deejay
Librands advertise their manifold complete with ceramic cat for £1360 plus vat and delivery. I had a remap done at Williams about 5 years ago and it was £400 then, so looks as if it approaches £2k overall and even more if you don’t fit manifold yourself. That’s quite a lot of petrol!! Hope this is of some help.

I had mine done at Williams in May - the cost was very similar to what you have said - £1350 for manifold and cat, and £332 for the ECU remap. I also paid £485 for the sports exhaust. The labour was £545, and then the VAT was £482! Total inc VAT was £2892.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
22/07/19 12:10 PM
+1 sounds as if the belt is too tight.

Try loosening it off until you get closer to 90 degrees twist in the bottom run.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
22/07/19 12:03 PM
Originally Posted by skullmog
I have Ohlins find them to be awesome , I think the fronts give the biggest difference, so it makes sense to swap them out first! save up for the rears if you find them necessary.... lot's of money but i never regretted having them on my car. sherlock

Ditto. I swapped to Ohlins in two phases over a few hundred miles. The fronts glide over these types of road imperfections. Not sure I notice the rear and if anything, it is a bit stiffer (on the factory setting) and less helpful.
The Ohlins do drop the rife height and hence camber/toe adjustments.
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Morgan Three Wheeler
22/07/19 11:55 AM
Originally Posted by Rog G
Originally Posted by Chris99
Nice one Phil.

Meet at Denbies for breakfast at 09:00

Breakfast doesn't start until 9.30 according to the Denbies website

The Gallery restaurant is open from 9.

I'll book a table
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The Malvern Arms
22/07/19 11:32 AM

Anyone in the area on holiday that would like to have a look around the Royal Navy's Officer training College there is an opportunity this coming Saturday, it is an interesting visit and this year several activities for all ages. Open Day
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For Sale & Wanted
22/07/19 11:11 AM
Yep, Billy's yer man. Get him to rebuild it with a Quaife ATB diff and a 12 tooth pinion to give. 4.1:1 ratio. Gives a 4/4 a much sportier feel than the 3.7 (13 tooth pinion).
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Morgan Aero 8, SuperSports, Aero Coupe & Aeromax
22/07/19 09:48 AM
Hi - I have an AERO 8 MK I Year 2002 - I m wondering if someone has a solution for the extreme heat in the passenger room even if the A/C is working.- Thank you for your advise.
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Morgan Photo Gallery
22/07/19 09:26 AM
As always, glorious composition with Red Three posed perfectly!
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Morgan Three Wheeler
22/07/19 08:07 AM
Originally Posted by DocNik
Swede, we should meet up and compare noises. *s*

The clonking sound might be slack in the belt being taken up. Alternatively a loose bevel box. Check for moving petrol tanks, too.
If it is a rattling sound check if the roll over bars touch the aluminium body. In mine it isn´t the petrol shut off valve that rattles.

Etc, etc....

It is when your car is quiet you should worry, then something probably fell off.

DocNik, you have had a tough run with your M3W so I hope its all sorted now...
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Meets & Events
22/07/19 06:36 AM
Might see you there over the VSCC weekend Tom - I'll be in Hill Control, overlooking the Start Line alongside the timekeepers. Unlikely to be in the Morgan though.
(TM stickers are in the windscreens of all my cars).
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Maintenance & Servicing
22/07/19 06:00 AM
Cloth/Wet and Dry or Newspaper will all work.

My tool - as it is soft ALU - will have to be replaced soon, as the edges are now worn.

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General Photo Gallery
21/07/19 08:54 PM
Very true,
Every penny we raise goes to help our veterans with mental health problems via Combat Stress.
In 2018 you all helped us raise in excess of £16000.00 a fantastic achievement and one we hope to surpass in 2020.
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General Photo Gallery
21/07/19 08:51 PM
We look forward to welcoming you to this fantastic event👍👍
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Morgan Three Wheeler
21/07/19 07:45 PM
When I had last year my M3W 2013 at the factory for the chassis beef up they also found out that the steering rack had too much play in it.
They replaced the steering rack and renewed the rose joints which where also out of tolerances.
Total costs £1200,=
From which parts £ 600,= and labour around the same.
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