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Morgan Three Wheeler
Jump to new posts Re: split cowl/bonnet by Bitsobrits @ 17/01/19 09:58 PM

Originally Posted By truckin-onNice craftsmanship! Do you plan to fit a hinge fixing to secure the front and back of the hinge, and tie-in the nose cone, or leave it loose? Just wondering if it's needed to keep the now split bonnet secure? I di
Morgan Three Wheeler
Jump to new posts Re: Shropshire Weekend 12,13,14th April by hugo @ 17/01/19 09:26 PM

David and Michelle booked for Saturday night + meal.
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: So, have you driven your Morgan today? by HeadlessBlue @ 17/01/19 08:46 PM

I have to say as someone v inexperienced in the Morgan world it is a really cracking read and v v informative. Wish I knew it existed before I ordered mine (build start mid February). I wouldn’t necessarily have changed anything but I would have ha
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Tyre advice/reminders please by Hamwich @ 17/01/19 08:14 PM

Originally Posted By Heinz Plus a light car gets worse on wide tyres in the rain also. Indeed!
Morgan Three Wheeler
Jump to new posts Re: First M3W Winter Social get together. by R1NGA @ 17/01/19 06:55 PM

My weekend plans have changed now and it looks as though I might be able to join you on Saturday during the day (not sure about the evening though). Would you be so kind as to PM me the details Ian, so that I can see if there's room at the hotel sho
Morgan Aero 8, SuperSports, Aero Coupe & Aeromax
Jump to new posts Re: So have you driven your Aero today? by Shooter @ 17/01/19 06:37 PM

GTN had a run out for it's MOT. Next up is a couple of days at Milbrook with it. Should be fun
Morgan Three Wheeler
Jump to new posts Re: Engine management lights comes on in idle by R1NGA @ 17/01/19 06:30 PM

... and they can also get fried when the OEM regulator throws a hissy fit with over-voltage. Car can be driven - if you can get it started - but it'll not feel right at all. Another reason to fit the Harley Reg if only to prevent other potential kn
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Crit'air by BobtheTrain @ 17/01/19 04:59 PM

Originally Posted By BurgundymogIf you have had the medical and returned the form I would phone them and ask what the problem is. I have had the medical and eyesight test (twice, as they would not accept my own optometrist, has to be Specsavers) and
Maintenance & Servicing
Jump to new posts Re: 12 volt wiring help please! by Bervie1 @ 17/01/19 04:18 PM

When I purchased my +4 I noticed a red flashing light at the side of SWMBO's seat, I found out it was the connector for a hard wired Ctek (and not the rare optional ejector seat for SWMBO as suggested by one sage), there are in fact three LED's, red,
Morgan Aero 8, SuperSports, Aero Coupe & Aeromax
Jump to new posts Re: And Now for Something Completely Different by KEVFITZ @ 17/01/19 04:06 PM

Excellent...well worth the money I'm sure
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Lending out your classic car by Oakvillian @ 17/01/19 03:49 PM

I'd never do an AirBnB style thing with mine (apart from anything else, I would be very reluctant to allow anybody unfamiliar with the challenges of driving a RHD car with manual transmission in this country to take the wheel). But I am absolutely no
Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
Jump to new posts Re: Ford VW Alliance confirmed by Alistair @ 17/01/19 01:36 PM

Originally Posted By TimG The company was called Daimler Chrysler. I think you are being a bit harsh saying Chrysler using Daimler models as a base was a mistake. The 300C sold well & I had one though the interior was a bit cheap compared to the
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Just in case.... by Jack The Lad @ 17/01/19 12:15 PM

At Amble there is a bloke we have known for a good few years with his huge fish van . He and his pal have things I have never heard of and my dad along with his brother both had wet fish shops. My older female cousin told me a few year ago uncle Jimm
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Wine with a difference by Gambalunga @ 17/01/19 10:33 AM

The "Asti Spumante", or Asti Moscato, that has become known all over the world is a sweet wine that was always offered to girls who did not like dry wine or beer. Rather crudely known in Australia as "L O". A good Moscato is actua
Maintenance & Servicing
Jump to new posts Re: 3.7 Roadster bottom hose damage by CooperMan @ 17/01/19 09:06 AM

Originally Posted By Richard WoodChecked my 2018 Roadster and bottom hose has been re-routed compared with earlier versions. It does appear to rest on the offside steering rack clamp with MMC aware as they fitted a neoprene pad to top of this clamp.
General Photo Gallery
Jump to new posts Re: Show your Garage (Here's mine) by John V6 @ 17/01/19 08:20 AM

Originally Posted By Stewart SOriginally Posted By John V6Yes it is much better than the one in Bucks. How many similar toolboxes John? How do you know which tool is in which box? They are all slightly different but as I don't have OCD you o
Welcome Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Comfortable driving distances in a Morgan by Rob Thornton @ 16/01/19 09:11 PM

Originally Posted By GambalungaWhat no rain! Couldn't possibly be Scotland! No, that only happens on bank and school holidays!
Welcome Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Hello from West Yorkshire by Fat Wolfie @ 16/01/19 04:43 PM

That’s so kind of you Stewart, thank you very much
Maintenance & Servicing
Jump to new posts Re: Oil Pressure Gauge by mfg @ 16/01/19 04:18 PM

Thanks Ray, will change oil and clean line to block. One-shot has been removed from my car.Thanks again
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: nc 500 advice by Hopwood @ 16/01/19 04:04 PM

Have made this trip a few times, in Aero and others. My view is it is a trip of two halves, on the East coast the scenery is more gentle but should be visited in order not to miss out on places such as Aberdeen and Arbroath for "smokies"
Maintenance & Servicing
Jump to new posts Re: Possible stuck clutch? by Bumpy @ 16/01/19 01:14 PM

As above - had plenty of clutch's stuck on land rovers - start them in gear, get moving - press clutch/brake and accelerator at same time - eventually it will free up... sometimes with a good 'bang'
The Soap Box
Jump to new posts Re: Donald Trump by Graham, G4FUJ @ 16/01/19 01:08 PM

Minor problem: "pay peanuts, get monkeys" but perhaps we have monkeys anyway, despite the pay level! Yes Tim (Hamwich), I am feeling anarchic today
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Jubilee Sailing Trust by lowebird @ 16/01/19 12:03 PM

I had the great pleasure of going aboard the STS Nelson some years ago when she was moored in the Thames off the Sail Training School. It's a great ship all set up to allow those who are less fortunate than others to experience life under sail.
Morgan Photo Gallery
Jump to new posts Re: Management of cooling air flow by Ray @ 16/01/19 11:52 AM

Originally Posted By GutenWent to the Motor museum at Gaydon today. Fan still coming on from time to time so it looks like I’ll have to look in to covering the rest of the engine bay. I gues your car has an oil cooler, I’m wondering if I need to
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Wolf Bonnet Stays by Heinz @ 16/01/19 08:27 AM

Nice garage BTW, John. I imagined one could open both hoods at the same time. My post was an attempt to contribute some humor when I assumed that it could only be up half of the hood at a time, when both sections are entangled. https://www.sciencema
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