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Morgan Three Wheeler
Jump to new posts Re: Clutch feet by 06032 @ 16/01/19 12:17 AM

Thanks! That sounds like what I have in mind with a 1.5" lip by 4" tall pedal. Although your significantly longer base has merit. Ned to noodle.
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Plus 8 35th Anniversary model by jong @ 15/01/19 10:19 PM

Thanks to everyone on this forum forum for the advice and encouragement.
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Telepeage blipper thingy by Gambalunga @ 15/01/19 08:09 PM

Probably also worth getting a Crit'Air certificate. It costs very little if you order it from the official site. Information here. Official site to order your certificate here. Many French cities and some regions may require this certif
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Floor Mats by PhilRoyle @ 15/01/19 05:45 PM

It`s not rubber - but if you have the old ones theh aquire a few sq. m. of thin black industrial carpet - then cut out to stick on top of the old mats with carpet tape - when worn or dirty repeat as needed. I`ve done this for several years on mine a
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Spotted this web site by Jack The Lad @ 15/01/19 04:19 PM

Yes that's it . Could do with a few photos of the Mogs showing the wood frames and STEEL CHASSIS . But a waste of time the amount of MEN that tell me my MOG has a wooden chassis is unbelievable. One chap had serviced 100's of them, no idea what he i
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Lots of cigarettes in a Kidston movie by Jack The Lad @ 15/01/19 09:37 AM

For some unknown reason the girls in our village refused to come near us . Wonder if going in the forests with catapults , air rifles and large knives put them off. We only wanted to show them how to skin a rabbit . Although my best mate had problems
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Snow in Europe by Gambalunga @ 15/01/19 09:37 AM

Morgan Photo Gallery
Jump to new posts Re: SwanMog Christmas party by John V6 @ 15/01/19 08:17 AM

A car park on the Cliff Road near the golf club,1.379448,17.26z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47d9784a2d2c64bf:0x170b9f7e4a511665!8m2!3d51.9758744!4d1.381636?hl=en
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Gemmer Steering Boxes by Graham, G4FUJ @ 15/01/19 08:17 AM

I think Terry Foxon (sp?) of GEE in Nailsworth is doing refurbished steering boxes.
Morgan Three Wheeler
Jump to new posts Re: M3W - Harley by Dan_Lockwood @ 15/01/19 02:09 AM

Originally Posted By KnucklefreakEarlier motors and later motors will fit in the Shovel but the X-wedge won't without serious rework of the frame. You have to completely rework motor mounts and modify the frame tubes because of the wider v angle on t
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: 1.6 ltr to weedy ? by ewn @ 14/01/19 10:04 PM

Thank you very much for the kind invite Craig, I’d love to join you, but you’re right, I looked it up and it’s too far for me, believe it or not, even Norway is considerably closer!!!
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Roger's new suspension aids by B3MOG @ 14/01/19 08:38 PM

I copied Rogers design and I have done a lot of miles with them fitted (over 18 months) and they really do make a huge difference I think I posted some pictures on here a while ago showing the installation. well worth doing, and probably the best ch
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: The late Richard Burns video. by +8Rich @ 14/01/19 07:20 PM

Yes I don't recall him ever moaning on camera anyway, he always seemed very philosophical about the bad bits. A really nice guy.
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Brixham bound by aerotaff @ 14/01/19 04:49 PM

We now have the full monte going four four, plus four ,roadster 3litre plus 3.7, plus8, Aero,and three wheeler, E type support vehicle to carry the towels roll on Brixham.... Em
Morgan Three Wheeler
Jump to new posts Re: Red Triangle Warning Light by britmog @ 14/01/19 03:41 PM

Indeed ?????????
Morgan Three Wheeler
Jump to new posts Re: M3W, Weight Distribution? by Dan_Lockwood @ 14/01/19 02:27 PM

Swissghost/Andy just PM'd me with his police derived weights with him sitting the drivers seat. - 360kg / 794# front - 220kg / 485# back That works out to a single up driver distribution of: 61% front 39% rear Total weight one up is 580kg / 1279#
Morgan Three Wheeler
Jump to new posts Re: Liberty ACE prototype for sale @ hemmings by Krod @ 14/01/19 01:55 PM

The minor "flaw" in design with the smaller passenger compartment is certainly a good trade-off in my department versus the M3W design flaws.
Maintenance & Servicing
Jump to new posts Re: 2002 +8 electrical problem by CooperMan @ 14/01/19 09:51 AM

Les, I agree with others, lack of neutral (earth) in the indicator circuit so when you operate, it has to 'steal' some from another circuit, sometimes as simple as corrosion in the bulb sockets (a known fault on Mogs) The tell tale is your clock st
Maintenance & Servicing
Jump to new posts Re: Workshop Note. Roadster Brake Upgrade Part 1 by KEVFITZ @ 14/01/19 08:33 AM

Come on Dave do another !!!! I will let you sign it this time !!!
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Bumpers to overiders. by Andre44 @ 14/01/19 08:01 AM

Sometimes technology just goes backwards. Barry 78 4/4 4 seater
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: STRIPPER !!!!... by Arwyn Williams @ 13/01/19 09:02 PM

If it's modern Nitromors you are using you may as well pour water on it. It's rubbish. I use Starchem Synstrip. It contains dicloromethane which is what they took out of Nitromors Half the price too. 5 litres for 25 quid Arwyn
Maintenance & Servicing
Jump to new posts Re: Rear loom route? by Button @ 13/01/19 03:23 PM

On all 3 of My Morgans; Fuel Line on left side, Rear Wiring Loom right side.
Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
Jump to new posts Re: McLaren not far begind Ferrari now by lowebird @ 13/01/19 12:32 PM

As we all know, it's what the market wants. I wonder what the next "must have" will be?
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Driving test in a Morgan by meabh @ 13/01/19 12:07 PM

My mother in law was given a driving license as a present by her mil. My mil drove a V8Pilot in Connemara. There were only two other car owners then, the doctor and the priest. I remember her saying that she was never sure that it wouldn't break down
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Yellow Vulture Anyone. by Peter J @ 13/01/19 10:37 AM

They have been on the M3 since the "smart" motorway section opened. In may ways they are more obvious, mounted on a bracket to the left, than when on overhead gantries. I tend to set the cruise control to 77 (limit plus 10%) on these sect
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