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Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Leather fat/oil from the layers beneath by BuyBritish @ 20/03/19 07:00 AM

Here is an explanation from the leather people Spew actually refers to the migration of fats/oils from within the leather that crystallize on the surface when they meet the air. The crystals form on the surface as a white powder or as a ‘bloom’
Morgan Three Wheeler
Jump to new posts Re: M3W not starting by rcmatt @ 20/03/19 02:01 AM

mine is not a MC battery at all, a small car battery, but not one that would fit my HD at all.... too darn cold to step through the breezeway to the garage to check this late at night (40f and falling an me in the PJ's).
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: an interesting video - Lotus by Heinz @ 19/03/19 09:07 PM

Thank you for the link Howard. That was the time I really started my interest in race cars. Such a Schuco Lotus 33 was my 9th year birthday gift.
For Sale & Wanted
Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Sidescreen Bag & Alloy Wheel by RBW @ 19/03/19 08:17 PM

PM Sent
For Sale & Wanted
Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Morgan Hood Cover -Twillfast by RBW @ 19/03/19 08:17 PM

PM Sent
Welcome Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Finally coming for you by HeadlessBlue @ 19/03/19 06:46 PM

Welcome BourbonMog (or is that WhiskyMog when in the UK?). I hope you have a great trip and create lots of new memories to treasure, like the Mog... HB
Morgan Three Wheeler
Jump to new posts Re: Essential Three Wheeler tool kit by Dab of oppo @ 19/03/19 06:37 PM

That is one nice looking car.
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Bus Gate by Burgundymog @ 19/03/19 05:57 PM

Originally Posted By jbkThere is a bus gate in Chelmsford causing mayhem and income, its situated close to a roundabout, is poorly signed and unless you are very local it will catch you out. All it really needs is a no entry sign with an except for
Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
Jump to new posts Re: Phoenix? by lowebird @ 19/03/19 04:33 PM

Ah, that would explain things. I must 'mail him. Thanks Alistair.
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: 3.7 Roadster crashes by stevemag @ 19/03/19 04:28 PM

Today we drove to Aberystwyth from machynlleth. Wet greasy road I was in a 220bhp boxster nothing to report on the return journey same road conditions vauxhall astray on its roof in a field police /Ambo in attendance kiddy driver in the Ambo sa
Morgan Three Wheeler
Jump to new posts Re: Pedal box adjustment by britmog @ 19/03/19 04:01 PM

My 6' frame fits into the M3W with the pedal box at its maximum forward position. My son at 6' 3" can also fit in and drive although it is a little tight for him. At first I did not have a spacer on the steering wheel, fitted a 1" spacer to
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Nylatron block instead of panhard rod by Button @ 19/03/19 03:35 PM

I had a problem with the U bolt plate tearing the plastic. I used Vesconite. Now installed a MULFAB Panhard rod instead.
Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan)
Jump to new posts Re: Potential new line of business for Morgan? by Peter J @ 19/03/19 02:43 PM

Originally Posted By AlistairOh goodie. Can I order my Plus 6 with a 120mm long barrel, great for those bad traffic days on the M25? Surely the back hoe would be better, fill potholes on the go!
Morgan Three Wheeler
Jump to new posts Re: Spares list for carrying on board by LightSpeed @ 19/03/19 12:50 PM

Whata great Thread for spares one might need on the road.! Thanks all for the info👍
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Rip Dick Dale by lowebird @ 19/03/19 11:36 AM

Originally Posted By tmg513Originally Posted By DaveKHis sound influence the Beach Boys, which led to Pet Sounds, which lead to the Beatles Sgt Pepper. RIP. That's a bit of a stretch: owing to his use of psychedelic drugs Brian Wilson had moved awa
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Utrecht shooting: 'Three dead' after attack on tra by The Austrian @ 19/03/19 10:04 AM

Howard and I are both not neglecting the tragic of any terrorist attac but there is more trouble elsewhere.
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Laying down a Morgan by Graham, G4FUJ @ 19/03/19 08:32 AM

Originally Posted By NorthernmorganCameras.....that’s my downfall 🙄 Yes, I think we're both in that camp.
Maintenance & Servicing
Jump to new posts Re: +8 Fan Belt part number wanted. by Calypso Red @ 19/03/19 07:46 AM

Originally Posted By sospanThere should be ID marks on the belt. They would show length, width plus any other relevant dimensions. Have a look on the flat area, hopefully still visible There are no markings on the belt, just wear & tear! Origi
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Seat belts and tyre pumps by Paul Grout @ 18/03/19 09:03 PM

HI Above are images of my seat belt brackets lifting the belt away from the shoulder and neck but also creating a favorable angle over the rear shelf to stop snagging. Dead easy to fit, just undo the retaining bolt holding the factory bracket in plac
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Unnecessary waste by Burgundymog @ 18/03/19 08:36 PM

Originally Posted By BobtheTrainOriginally Posted By Gambalungacomprise Usage: The use of of after comprise should be avoided: the library comprises (not comprises of) 500 000 books and manuscripts Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabrid
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: Another large crash by Burgundymog @ 18/03/19 08:28 PM

Originally Posted By Peter JIf no one is injured the Police tend to be uninterested. Whatever happened to the "one second rule"???? They changed it to the two second rule, not that you'd notice.
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: How to connect spotlights on a 2014 4/4 Sport? by Richard Wood @ 18/03/19 08:00 PM

Originally Posted By ed bradley2018 Roadster in the United States I want to use fog lights as daytime running lights. What needs to be changed so headlights do not to be turned on? Since wiring is in place I need to install a switch. Do I still need
The Malvern Arms
Jump to new posts Re: How can we help? by Ken A @ 18/03/19 06:36 PM

Originally Posted By PaulJYes it is a Hawke, formerly made by GCS cars. Here is a brief description off Wikipedia for those that are interested. As it is LHD it is unlikely to surface in GB I fancy. "GCS (Gary Colin Specialist) Cars traded in
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Which Roll over bar ... Librand or Techniques by Hamwich @ 18/03/19 05:41 PM

Originally Posted By NorthernmorganI’m hoping my Ulster never does this! Youtube Originally Posted By NorthernmorganDo you remember that footballer who comprehensively rolled a lightweight Roadster a few years ago in a celebrity Morgan race?
Classic Morgans
Jump to new posts Re: Fitting a luggage rack. Questions by DeeDee @ 18/03/19 05:34 PM

Hi, Thanks for your advice Paul. Have you any photos?
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