Dear all,
of course for all of you lucky owner of an Aero, probably these pics will look and feel boring and obvious but in the two weeks between deciding to buy the car (without having seen it in real except sometimes in London while walking) and picking it up, I was not able to find these...
So I hope that they will help somebody sooner or later smile

The very tiny footwell (I guess that if you go for the manual transmission you'll have no space at all to put your left feet while not "playing" witht he clutch

On the right of the steering wheel, in a very comfy position there is the ODBII plug (useful if, like me, you use an Android phone with Torque) and the trimmer for the instrument lights

To me the luggage trunk look HUGE!

Here with the two bags with the removable roofs. I love the (uselss) leather spread around in the trunk as well.

The mechanism is very nice and seems well built.

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