British Leyland Special Tuning at Abingdon designed a front spoiler for the MGB in the mid/late 60's. It may have been a fag packet design but it does reduce lift and weights the steering over 70mph. This spoiler, known as the "ST" spoiler is still available from MG specialists in white fibreglass. nerd
I bought one of the last of the original spoilers from Kennings in Sheffield in around 1981, and fitted it to my 1980GT. (I sold that car in 2003)
Many years later........................................

When I bought my Roadster I idly considered if this spoiler could be made to fit the Mog. thinking
I knew it was the right shape, but a shade on the narrow side - which doesn't matter. I pondered this for quite a while, and wondered how I could put this idea to the test. In the end I shelled out the 40 which these things cost and awaited delivery.............. coffee

I wondered (for some time) how I could experiment with this without destroying the spoiler. Out of the blue, I hit upon a solution............. Pape Mache. laugh2
So over the next ten days I relaxed in the garage with PVA glue and a pile of newspapers.

I added a layer of stiffer paper so I could see where I'd been....

I wondered how thick to make it so that it would retain it's true shape. I needn't have worried.

It popped off a treat and was an exact copy.
More to follow tomorrow.....goodnight

2005 Corsa Red Roadster S1
2016 Saffron Yellow (Narrow) AR Plus 4