From time to time we've had discussion about the Trad wiper blades. They are quoted at 7 inches but in reality appear to be 6&7/8 which is 175mm as near as dammit.

I had a look at what I've got and unsurprisingly there is a difference between 2005 & 2012.

Here is "2005".
Note the re-inforcement under the pivot point. Despite which, the blade is still quite sloppy.

Here is "2012".
No re-inforcement and even sloppier, and a slightly flimsier blade. Note also in both examples, the pivot is not at the centre point, it's offset towards the arm end.

I decided to experiment with some blades from Holdens.

At nearly ten inches I knew that they would need work, but look at the pivot point. It has a nylon type spacer, and the metal blade is significantly more robust.

With a bit of careful measuring and a decent hacksaw blade - I cut the rubber with a Stanley knife. I went very slightly over size. The limits are where the drivers blade touches the A post, and where the pivot end of the blade touches the screen frame at the opposite end of the stroke from "park". You could cut the centre and passenger blades slightly longer to give a greater sweep to the top of the screen.

The ends needed a file to make good. I took the burrs off the edges with a small diamond file, then polished with 600 grit and Solvol.

This really makes a significant improvement for roughly 8 per blade.

I need to do the Roadster now.

2005 Corsa Red Roadster S1
2016 Saffron Yellow (Narrow) AR Plus 4