I thought that it was a good idea to open a separate thread on this topic and I've made it a sticky one. grin2

"On a completely separate topic, I would like to do "The Lap of Scotland" invented I believe by 'Northo' of PH when he was involved with Rio Prestige.

The following sites are also relevant:

Google Map showing good drivers roads in Scotland

You Tube - driving in Scotland

Some great photos here too...

Maybe we should organise a TM tour of "The Lap of Scotland" - are you interested and are there any other takers?"

So far the usual suspects have expressed an interest in such a tour, or to be specific:

109er - Andy - Trad
Boshly - Andy - Aero 8
Aeroman _ Brian - AeroMax
AsboJohn - John - Aero 8
mr_tony - Rich - Aero 8
Graham (G4FUJ) - Graham - Trad
1560 - Steven - AeroMax
Hopwood - Geoff - Aero 8
GF - Simon - AeroMax (I'm sure we can twist his arm) slap

I think to make accommodation easy, we should probably restrict it to something like 12-cars or so, so get your names down guys if you are interested. cheers

mr_tony has said that "if there are enough takers I know a man who can put a fine trip together for us smile " and as we are all fairly busy, and it will take a degree of organisation, this might be a good idea. I think that if it is professionally done, then you need an MSA Permit so it may complicate things, but perhaps Rich can post in more detail. rtm

Has anybody else got views on this? I have some contacts for distillery visits, if we decide to go that route. wine eat woohoo


P.S. Just found this site site, as Asbo said I'd forgotten how good the roads were in Scotland.

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