After reviewing GTG's comments, I may have misspoke. My comments on soft vs. hard are based on the assumption that you can change the damping on the shock via a small screw on the side of the shock, or by pushing the rod all the way in and turning it slightly to move an internal valve (ie Carrera). The really old Spax shocks that were on my car had the adjusting screw on the side. Regarding springs, if you want to change the spring rate, you need to change springs. This will give you a softer ride or harder ride. The perch adjustment on a coil over is used to set ride height, and weight distribution on a 4 wheel car. You will not change the weight distribution on a 3 wheel car. The spring rate is constant no matter where you set the perch. If you screw the perch up tighter it simply raises the car, it does not compress the spring further to give a harder ride.
The soft vs. hard damping and soft vs. hard spring rate are 2 different animals, but work together to give different handling characteristics and grip for a given road condition.

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