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Here we go. Insufficient development budget; sell it in limited number to clients who then have to take it back to the factory in a monotonous procession because MMC just have not got the funds to sort the interface between the Bavarian stuff stuff and their own electrics.
MMC trade on huge client goodwill.
I know you'll all think I'm out of order on this - but that is what will happen and whatever you say about 'it's no worse than my Porsche, Merc, BM etc.', in my book, it just ain't good enough.

OK I'll add my 2p's worth.

Yup G, you're right I don't agree smile

I can't of course dispute the fact that, using your words, "... clients who then have to take it back to the factory in a monotonous procession ..." as we know that happens more often than certainly I would like.

However, and also in response to the mention of Porsche Ferrari etc. how else can any manufacturer producing such small numbers get things to work?

We must discount any production of over even a thousand units as it is a totally different ball game.

For production of less than say 500 pa units there is either a cost implication or similar frailties and ongoing 'customer aided development'.

We can quote Weismann on (maybe) superior quality but then we all say that the car is too expensive. The same can be said for Pagani McLaren and and Bugatti though I appreciate they are different beasts. For crying out loud the same can be said about the Gallardo and that has the might of VW behind it AND costs significantly more.

At the other end of the scale who is doing the job that MMC 'ought' to be doing? I can't think of one small niche manufacturer who has an excellent reputation for quality? Atom? No idea but they are much simpler cars. Noble and TVR? 'nuff said there. For Gods sake (and please forgive my blasphemy) but my Westfield was as though it was built from chewing gum and elastc bands and that was a 20k car nearly 10 years ago. I've heard Spykers QC is on a par with TVR's and Caparro is well documented. Ferrari (read Maserati 3200 & 4200?) have much higher production numbers. Lotus have their issues as well and their output is far higher than Morgans.

I really can't think of any one else but would welcome comparisons. I'm sure soembody is doing it 'right' but there can't be many.

So, my conclusion, and where I disagree with you Gerwyn, is the 'not good enough' statement. Compared with who?

I would even go so far as to say we have one choice. We buy our barely affordable (to me anyway) 50-100k hand built unique (as in pretty low numbers) vehicles with the expectation that some fettling is still to be carried out. And after all one thing the factory IS good at is getting the problems sorted in most cases.

Or we all go and buy the latest mass produced affordable cars though those more fortunate of us can still spend heaps and have the pleasure of their McLaren/Ferrari/Lamborghini etc...

None of the above of course means that MMC can/should rest on their laurels or not look to improve QC but just a bit of grounding?

Not a 'statement' by all means, just my opinion until someone can show me where and how it can be done differently? And I have faith in the TM 'massive' laugh2 if anyone can correct me, you lot can thumbs

PS my "60,000" Range Rover Sport is due in the garage on Monday for the 4th time since December for warranty work after lighting up like a Xmas tree on Thursday with the Gruppen Fuhrer next to me on the way to a TM Surrey possee' dinner.