wtf: I have to kick Ferrari-owners out of my Aeromax,
it makes Porsche look like ordinary Golf's and HELL it goes
like stink

can't see why not ordering this car if you prefer coupés like I do,

yesterday I park Maxie in Bxl in the "expensive shopping-area"
a woman walks up "you have RDV with me????"
another bloke, a bit paler than when I first spotted him at the parking-pay-automate, errr if you're Christine, then we have RDV,
he&her looked a bid dissapointed, hope he at least got la¨d

(can imagine on internet: I come with a sportscar, and then i park Maxie laugh2 )

you'll never have those experiences with decent build (and even often breaking down) Porsches or stuff
just don't buy a CP

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