Sorry if I've caused confusion, i guess my post was rather too simplied.

I completely understood what G was talking about regarding limited development budget.

I mis-interpreted Simon's post when he said " I believe it is similar to my own about the constant upward trend of the Aero-range pricing." I thought he meant the ever widening price gap between the Trad and the Aero models, so I complained about the lack of 50-70k price range where I belong oops

Now, what I am about to say now would make me petty unpopular, or I am being ignorant about it whichever way you see fit? hide

Yes I do believe MMC is operating on the basis of small production with HUGH profit principle, obvious example is the 50k price difference between Aero8 and SS(both basically the same car albeit one with a different rear end treatment) why? Because they can, they only need to find couple of hundred buyers. TBH I don't blame them and I would do the same as well.

As for the Weismann, I believe it was around 125k mark at the time the SS price was released, I am also working from my fading memory so prepared to be corrected.

All IMHO of course ... where is my flame suit smilie?

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