LET'S discuss the car

Simon: better start a new topic,

I love the noiz of this engine, but wtf: give us the 350bhp version of this engine!!!

wipers hidden etc. : finaly!!!!! hope they make it a car up to compete with Astons/Porsches on the "details" that make day to day driving a bit mor comfier, once more had troubles with my wipers on the Max a few weeks back

hope it doesn't get too much longer, I love my Morgans for their agility AND the way the Aero-series stays controlable in a drift (trad is less like that...)

what we can see: I like, Girlfriend doesn't (someone coming out of a Fiat box can't be taken serious crazy2)

WHAT I HOPE MOST: interior/dashboard to stay as simple as possible, but with ventilation-openings towards my feet so I don't freeze like in my Max snow)

come on guys, let's talk about the car!!!!!
(I'll order on when my dealer is back from holiday)
(will make a party out of speccing it)

now: NoMog
sold: A'max/M3W/V6/444seater