Right then, just one thing rankling with me here - engine choice. And I'll explain why.

The press release goes on about being envionmentally friendly, but I see this as total marketing spin, and potentially actually harmful to this launch.

My concerns follow

1. Fuel consumption as a marketing headline?
Who cares what the tank costs to fill. the owner paid 80k for the car and does 5000 miles a year.

2. Low Co2 footprint.
Great story in terms of the works and the overall lifecycle of the car. Bad story in terms of CO2 levels to run. How many international flights do you think owners take a year?

3. Range
As a GT - range is a mildly interesting marketing tool. 40mpg and a 55 litre tank takes me 450 miles. Great. But few people drive for more than 2 hour stretches. The Bentley Continental GT has an effective range in practice of 200 miles, didn't harm sales..

4. Noise
V8 > V6 S6 F6 in every single application I've ever heard. It's a special car, it needs to sound special, not like a vaccum cleaner.

5. Power to weight will go gown vs SS?
New halo car with less power than outgoing halo car? + more weight.

So overall I think the focus seems to be on 1,2,3 - which make a good press release and will probably ahve a few environmentalists thinking that Morgan are nice people. But if they are that environmental to care, then buying a car will not be something they do, let alone a showy looking one for 80k+..

Whereas points 4,5 which in the end are pretty powerful persuaders (Even if they are basic and we might as enthusiasts feel a little embarassed about it) - and far more important to sales..

Look at the lotus Evora? Universal praise, ncie to look at, but a terrible soundtrack and a percieved lack of power have been the prime contributors to what can only be desribed as glacial sales.. I've still yet to see one anywhere..

Just hope Morgan don't fall for their own hype and forget what makes petrolheads buy cars. And more inmportant what makes Morgan folk buy Morgans. It's got to have the shape, it's got to have wings, have an interior that I just couldn't get on any other car and that definite 'hand made' quality that you just don't get anywhere else.

Sure if the specs are true then I'll be falling over myself to get one, but a bit concerned there is a lot of optimisim in the power / weight calculation right now...

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Maxxed out!