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"Aimed at the young family" - at 80k?
Are those fortunate few who can afford expensive vehicles not allowed to breed?

Of course they are. But to make it a "selling point" is stretching credibility beyond any intelligent limit!

I suspect the +2 part of it will actually be space for 2 suitcases in reality. Getting 2 baby seats in the back, or more to the point, getting the sprogs into them, would be an "interesting" exercise!

I'd love one. I don't have a young family any more, but it wouldn't have been my choice - irrespective of funds - when I did.

I share others' admiration of MMC for having the sheer business bravado to produce cars like this , the Max and SS. But I also agree with the point that the "moderns" and "trads" are now effectively different businesses, and one has to wonder where that strategy will lead.


Hi Nigel

Strategy apart, and that is a valid discussion I still think your comment/quote was a bit innaccurate.

As a sales point the car is aimed at young families. The price in conjunction with that comment is irrelevant.

A four seater Bugatti is to be produced and will also be aimed at young families (as well of course at anyone else who requires 4 seats) but more specifically at those far more wealthy than myself.

As far as I'm concerned we are talking about a production of (and I am guessing) no more than 200 cars a year and thus does not need to be at a low price point to achieve this.

As for your assumption of the size of the seats (and many other 'assumptions' made above) why such a negative assumption? It's the same old same old. Sure critocise or comment when the actual car is announced but until then? FYI I have it on good authority that it will be a 4 seater with more than just token seats.

BTW I also apply the same rationale to our own Simon regarding the taster CAD sketch released and told him at length during the day today, why assu
e it will not match the rendering shown? MMC have produced two dramatic and daring and in keeping with Morgan roots designs in the last few years. Why can't they do it again? Looks like it has 'flair in spades' to me. When I see the actual car I 'may' change my mind, I may not, but until then it looks mighty fine smile

Glass is half full guys cheers