Met up with my old mucker & fellow Wild Mogger Steve T on Saturday, down at Bicester.

Steve's wife had bought him one of those 'experience' presents last year, which was a flying lesson in a 1940 deHavilland Tiger Moth biplane, but fate played a hand as the original outfit went bust before he could use his voucher.

Step in to the breach Finest Hour Experiences, who fly a similar aircraft from Bicester, and who very kindly agreed to honour his present, and as Saturday was the first cracking blue sky day it all came together nicely.

We arrived before Steve, and chatted with the other people there to fly. One poor chap seemed very quiet when he landed, apparently not too impressed with flying in such a fine lady. He certainly had a short trip, anyway.

The pause between him and Steve arriving allowed us to chat with the pilot, who was a retired or part time pilot for Emirates. He's bought T7109 in the same way as we'd probably buy a vintage car, but being qualified to take passengers has allowed him to pay for it's upkeep. Really nice guy, although even chatting he speaks like a pilot..!!

Steve was a little apprehensive at first, but the pilot asked if he wanted to do some aerobatics.. I thought he was just winding us up, but no. He loves flying as much as we love Morgans, and despite Steve's hesitancy we all shouted 'Yes, he'd love to' in unison.. Stitched up nicely, we thought.

And guess what..? He was buzzing when he landed.. I'm sure he'll say more when he appears on here, especially about how he felt when the pilot had to hit the magneto's to get it going..but we managed to take a few shots of Steve's Healey next to the aircraft too.

Apparently the Moth takes around 45 minutes to fill up. That must be a close run thing with Steve's Healey I reckon..!!