Nicely captured Steve! Yes it certainly was an experience! Slightly apprehensive as I don’t do fairground rides well, my stomach turns even at the fruit machines. It wasn’t helped when it required a few thumps on the magneto to get the old girl to start. But helmet and goggles donned we took off and headed out over the Oxfordshire countryside on a beautiful evening. Plenty of opportunity to have a go and although I didn’t do anything too technical I had a good go at the stick and pedals. Keeping her on a steady path wasn’t too far distant from the approach I take with the Healey, soft hands but ready for when she decides to leap about a bit!
So heading back to the airfield after about half an hour, the pilot says through the headset “So how about some aerobatics?” With the words of Steve saying that some times you just have to “Slap that Bull” ringing in my ears I bravely replied with “Go for it!” Oh my word, Loops, Stall turns and barrel rolls followed, The sky and green fields of Oxfordshire merged and became a blur while my stomach made attempts to move to another part of my body!
Fantastic is all I can say and glad that I didn’t miss the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary.
Now what’s for my next big birthday?