Hello all fellow M3W lovers...

Have gone ahead and just spec'd out and ordered my M3W... thrilled to get her. Went ahead and requested a proper classic spec, black with green quilted leather, Brooklands wheel, vintage bonnet catches, chrome pack, vinyl tonneau, Union Jack badges, full windscreen, etc.

Should be built the 7th week of the new year in February. Have almost thought of looking into factory collection though don't need to spend any more on this unnecessary (but sure to be extremely fun!) toy...

Not my first sports car rodeo as I have owned many pieces of English iron over the years... several MG's and Triumphs, Healey 3000 (big), and still have my E-Type... the Morgan will be in stable with good company.

Any required reading/materials while I wait out the next few months for my beauty to be constructed???

From the colonies,
Royal Lichter
Chicago IL