Hi Guys,
Recent discussions amongst the group led to interest in a winter social gathering. I think this shows what a great mix of people there are now using their mogs and wanting to meet up regularly. It is appreciated that during winter it may be prudent to leave the Mog in the garage and attend in other transport and that is fine.

Having chatted with Chris99 about dates/venues we have come up with an initial idea of the weekend of Friday 1st February to Sunday 3rd February. A two night hotel stay.
Of course you may come just for the one night if time is restricted. Feedback required if the date suits or not ASAP

The proposed venue for this first winter get together is the interesting town of Cirencester in the Cotswolds. The plan is for one evening to be a visit to an Indian Restaurant for dinner with traditional on the other evening. Local area visits during the day.

Before I firm up where we stay I need to know who is interested in joining us for what we hope will be the start of an annual post Xmas get together. So please post on here initially if you are up for this and the date suits. As usual copy and paste the page.

1/ Ian and Maria Fri and Sat night plus Indian and Trad.Eve Meal