Many of you who have done the Albert Ball runs will have met my son Ashley, when we had our M3W. He has developed his own clothing range, concentrating on technical clothing for motorcycling. I am now going to give a blatant plug for something that he has developed which might be useful for hardened M3W drivers.

“The Orkney Baffle is designed to seal the gap between jacket and helmet (on a motor cycle). Made in England, the baffle features split panels at the front and back to ensure no draft cuts through and the lower section stays tucked in when riding. For the best thermal properties, we choose a Merino Wool - the hollow fibre allowing the yarn to trap and regulate heat.

To achieve a seamless construction for maximum comfort when worn under a helmet, we tracked down a very rare 1962, Wildt Mellor Bromley RTR twelve-inch circular knitting machine. Of the three thousand produced, only a handful are still at work. It took the best part of a year and numerous prototypes to fine-tune the stitch density, retention and panel construction.”

Here are some links for the baffle

Apologies if this is not acceptable for the forum (mods please remove if you wish), but they would make good Christmas presents!

(Previous M3W owner: miss it greatly)