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I have never really accepted the idea that the rebound spring should just be kissed. I agree with Hamwich that the rebound spring should engage the bottom of the stub axle about 1/2". Every time I drove the +8 I would check the gap. Sometimes it touched the stub axle, sometimes there would be a 1/2" gap. But even when it touched I was always able to twist the rebound spring. I Emailed Mel Rutter who informed Peter Ballard. Peter stated that until I cured the "Stiction" (His term) I would not have a proper installation. I guess I have given up. Seems to ride OK and handle as good as any other +8. Sometime in the past I removed the cut rebounds and installed a new pair of un-cut springs. The ride was terrible. So there is something to Peter Ballards ideas IMO.

This article by Peter Ballard best explains Classic Morgan front spring characteristics. I have to agree that if you have excessive stiction of stub axle on king pin then the jury is out on determining static rebound spring pre-load or gap.


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