Hi Everyone,

I joined mainly to be able to read posts with all the pictures.

I have just turned 55 and for the last 35 years thought I would be buying a Morgan at this age, now the time has come I am trying to work out if that is still really what I want to do. I retired from work in October as I get a much better pension leaving at 55 than working any later as I would be transferred into a different scheme for people over 55.

I thought it would be easy to return to work to fund a Morgan however they just had to lay 300 people off, my boss is confident he can get me back mid next year once the budget sorts itself out. So potentially I could afford to order a new Morgan Plus 4 say mid 2020 next year as I would have both my pension and an income to help save up, I am just trying to decide should I.

I currently own a Nissan Silvia convertible that is very rare, about 500 made in 1988 and not a lot left in the world, it is a lot of fun to drive but not worth much money and while it luckily uses a lot of parts in common with other Nissans it is impossible to get parts for like the rubbers seals around the windows if I wanted to properly restore it.

The week I resigned I went to the Australian Morgan Muster to see the cars and try make up my mind if I now still want one, but I left more confused than before. I had a fair few people tell me they have had heaps of issues with their cars and they would think twice before buying another one, but then many other people telling me I should definitely get one as they are so much fun. A few people said they thought my car looked more interesting and is probably a lot rarer than a Morgan so as long as I enjoy driving it they would recommend sticking with what I have. The people who said my car is rarer would be right, there would have been more Morgan's in the carpark that day than Nissan Silvia convertibles left in the world. Over the weekend I did about 800km's on some great roads and I had so much fun in my car I think it would be hard for another car to be a lot better as far as fun is concerned. The main things I did learn was,

1, Overall I think the newer ones look nicer which I think is due to the body being slightly lower, slightly wider and longer.
2 The various options are stupidly expensive for what they are but if you buy the basic car you will probably be pretty disappointed later on as the options are what makes the car unique.
3 I had a ride as a passenger in a 1980 V8, a restored one from 1952 and sat in a GDI demonstrator and none were really comfortable but the GDI +4 was a lot better.
6, Quality control seems pretty terrible and Morgan don’t seem to help much for after sales issues, but if you are reasonably handy then they are pretty simple cars and you can fix most issues yourself.
7, They do dent pretty easy, one guy with a nearly new one said he only went to a shopping centre once and he got a small dent when he dropped a shopping bag on it from not much height at all. So really just a weekend toy to take out for a country drive.

I have a couple of Morgan books including "Making a Morgan" that seems to imply the cars are made with a lot of love, and "Buying and Maintaining a modern Morgan" by David Welling that has lots of improvements owners can do, which sort if implies the factory could do things a lot better, which seemed to be confirmed when I went to the Morgan Muster.

Before the Silvia convertible i owned a Honda S600 then a Mazda MX5 (Miata) and would say my greatest joy is a driving a convertible on a windy road doing a perfectly executed down change when I match the revs perfectly. Initially one main reason I wanted a Morgan as I thought it would be a manual convertible that is perfect rather than the Honda S600 that I spent more time fixing than driving.

I have a few options and trying to decide between them.

1, Keep my Silvia that is fun and owes me nothing. Then I can either enjoy early retirement and not return to work at all, or the extra money I earn returning to work can be used for other things like good holidays.
2, Buy a MGB as I have always like the look of them, they seem good value for a classic car with lots of specialist repair places and heaps of spare parts available.
3, Order a new Morgan Plus 4 as per my dream of 35 years.
4, Build a Suffolk SS100 - more expensive than a Morgan but not a lot more in Australia as the donor cars are so cheap. I liked the SS100 and one of those would be pretty interesting as well.

Part of my issue is my wife doesn't like my Silvia and doesn't really like being in a sports car at all, so unlike most of you I would not do a lot of travelling in it as a couple, just probably going for drives on my own.

None of my family are into cars and all think I am crazy for even thinking about spending lots of money on a new car now when they are all going to be electric in a few years. I don't think so but we are being told all the time the rest of the world is electric and so will Australia in a year or two.

My wife is planning to retire in 2020 and does want to travel so as long as I don't make her spend the whole holiday at the factory she would be OK with that. So around 2020 or 2021 could be a good time for me to make a purchase and visit the factory while the car is being made.

But there area few things I am confused about
1, The anniversary model is for 2019 and I would save about $10,000, what is Morgan going to do with the Plus 4 in 2020 - just put the price back up?
2, What is this Wide body model I have read about? It seems like a new chassis to replace either the Aero 8 but somewhere I read suggested it might be used on the classic models? If so does that mean a complete redesign of the classic models and a huge price increase or they just get a bit wider and that could be a really good thing as it would be easier for my potential passengers to fit in the car.

I have read on another forum that Morgan are more interested in the Aero style as it makes them a lot more money and are probably going to drop the classic model after 2019. However looking at the productions figures the 3 wheeler is selling the most with the 4/4 the next best selling car by a big margin. I think the 4/4 is being discontinued due to the engine not passing emissions tests in which case surely the +4 would probably sell more being the closest in both style and price. Any thoughts on the classics being dropped a year before I think I could get one?