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Do you use a battery conditioner?

Not at the moment (although I have a shed full of 'Optimates' for my bikes - I'll wire one up tonight and see how I get on)

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Is the alternator or dynamo generating enough volts?

Good call - I have my doubts about the accuracy of the ammeter, so will stick a meter on it this evening to check.

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Are the starter motor & coil earths OK?

Should be - I have no issues starting when warm, but I'll check them at the weekend.

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I have used Halfrauds batteries in 2 of my Mogs. They both lasted over 5 years at which point I sold the car.

Thank you - I think the lack of use may well have 'dulled' the battery - I've done more miles in the last two months than in the last 6 years of previous ownership - I'll wager she's not been started more that 10 times since the battery was fitted.

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