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She struggles to start after being left a couple of days, and this morning (6.30am and cold) took a real effort to get her going.

Once warm, or a day after use she starts on the button.

To me, this points to the battery - a new one was fitted in Nov 16, but she's been mainly say around since then and done minimal mileage.

Any other thoughts?

If in agreement, any recommendations for a battery, or will one from my local motor factors be sufficient? She gets used at least two or three times a week.

I don't think you have a real problem at all, just an excuse to brag about starting your Morgan at 6.30 am on a freezing cold morning when most of us were still tucked up in a nice warm bed.

I struggle to get started these days at 6.30 on a freezing cold morning.

Maybe I should plug myself into a battery conditioner overnight.


1999 4/4 2 litre Zetec