Hi. Hoping to tap into the Google app known as The Morgan Massive please. Not sure if this is the right forum but as a newbie I thought other potential newbies may also be curious. If wrong, apologies.
Please can anyone suggest what is a comfortable time/distance to drive in a Morgan in a single session/day (ignoring ablution stops/char breaks)? Myself and Lady H are looking at planning trips for post 15th March (when my Plus 4 is born, full grown) and considering places such as Cornwall (approx 5 hours and 300 miles from home) or west coast of Scotland (9 hours non stop and just over 500 miles-yes I am now singing the Proclaimers).
I should state that I am the one who enjoys driving the long distances but I want to be fair to Lady H so that she (and to be fair I have a dodgy back) and I don’t need a hoist to get out of the car at the end of the journey!!! For info we are getting the 110 “sports performance seats” if that makes a difference. The last time I took a test drive was about 8-10 years ago from the factory and I seem to recall pottering around for a day seemed fairly trouble free from a comfort point of view but it was a leisurely pace with multiple stops for photos!
Many thanks