Once you’ve ordered your first Morgan how do you cope with the wait????? Having waited (I may have said this before) for about 28 years, my build start date is Week 6.
Factory visit booked for 28th February with possible collection 15th March all being well. The edginess is affecting my working days. The edginess means I spend more time than is healthy looking at anything Morgan related (eg Dave W book, all Forum threads (so far up to page 31/721 “so have you taken...” and up page 4 of the Videos threads)). I’ve now got a ‘at to keep my ears warm when she arrives (thanks to Lady H’s mater and pater). I’ve even made a start clearing sufficient space in the garage to store her. Please advise what is recommended to pass the hours. Or should I be having regular meetings with a psychiatrist? Lady H I believe is fed up with looking across at me when we’ve got back from work and seeing me ignoring the telly, asking me a question and getting nothing more than a teenage style grunt in return coz I’ve got something important in hand such catching up with “Monday humour”. How do I get my life back? Who bleedin’ invented Dry January by the way? Ruddy stupid idea when you have the stress of waiting to cope with.

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