cerealsurfer, that was one of the most exiting threads here on TM. I read every post and watched all the pics. And it was so exciting to experience all of your successes and setbacks.

HeadlessBlue, I can confirm, as suggested here, that it's a good thing to bring your wife on board (Morgan appropriate clothes, restaurant visits, perhaps a factory tour together with her? etc.)
Then she will also develop more anticipation and your impatience will be better understood or even shared by her.

I think it could be a good idea, if you have time to build your new Morgan in parallel to the factory who build yours... As Peter J. is (was) currently doing.

Have a look here.

And if you can't take it anymore, distract yourself, cook for your family who will be happy, go to the cinema or drink a good bottle of wine...which is better than morphine or other medicine.
I am also a psychologist but not a clinically therapeutic one. The colleagues psychiatrists have been very impressed by the rare but extremely strong development of Morganitius when I brought it up at one of our frequent meetings.

And together we have discussed this clinical syndrome extremely intensively. I raised it to the top of our agenda. And all psychiatrists immediately agreed that in this serious case all other topics had to be put back. Unfortunately, they have never been able to show a successful treatment. They told me that confidentially.

But that is perhaps the deep secret, nobody can really help you. This is a sign of the authenticity of a Morgan and also a sign that your life will change significantly.

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