The AMG C43 is in for its annual service and a bit of warranty work.
The dealer has loaned us a E350D 4matic Cabriolet.

The sun was shining so I put the roof and side screens (windows) down.
Glorious... heated seats, air-scarf and powerful heater.

Quite quick and the ride is nice.
Lots of electronic toys.... but most diversions from the blandness of the thing.
How important is "mood lighting" that changes colours as you drive?

Nice... that sums it up.
It is a bit big and floaty.
Would I want one?

I wouldn't mid trying the C63 version, but that would cost as much as the new Morgan that we will see at Geneva, and then depreciate like a brick.

I'll stick with the Plus 8. But I'm tempted to see if an upholsterer could re-build the seats with the Air-Scarf unit installed.... It would cost a lot less than the depreciation on a new C63.......

Anyone else driven one of these luxurious barges?

V8s are best....
Tarka the 'Otter Mog....2014 Plus 8
AMG C63 Estate.