At the end of the year I decided to give up on TM. I’d sold my Morgan and was looking elsewhere and had sadly upset Richard which I certainly didn’t want to do....and for which I apologise most sincerely.

Of course, even without a Morgan, after many years of being on the forum almost daily, I found it hard to pull away.....I know a lot of you and still have a fascination for what is coming out of the factory in the near future. So I have had a fresh start and come back.

I’ve been searching for a replacement to Nero over the past few months, from Healeys to TR3s and TR4s but nothing has rocked my boat so far. I’ve tried them and enjoyed the experience but been disappointed at the cars I’ve seen....perhaps I’m just a fussy bugga or more of a Yorkshire lad than Lancashire and want value for money!

You may remember I posted my idea of a four wheeled M3W some years ago. It’s a project I would have loved to have done if I had the facilities. I have actually considered an M3W if I found nothing else.

BUT......close. This turned up on my doorstep this morning...well the promenade. All the way in lousy weather from Kent. A 1936 Austin Seven Ulster rep.😳🤓

I’ve always rather lusted after them after watching them compete at Prescott and Shelsley and seeing a couple at Goodwood Revival started me thinking again.
I don’t want a classic to tour in any longer, Wen’s SLK is fun enough and more practical for that. But I want something to fettle, fiddle with and have fun in the lanes around here.
And this will be most certainly fun!

And Kev will’s only got aeroscreens and no weather protection 🤓. A tonneau cover is on the cards though.......and a day!

Toot toot 🤓

John (Jays)

1936 Austin Seven Ulster Replica