I'm sure you'll be very happy with the A35 Peter. I've been extremely pleased with our A class (2016 model); It's fast, comfortable, easy to drive and economical, and it's ability in heavy snow is astonishingly good.

I think the new one looks even better. I'd happily chop ours in for one, but sadly the new model not available on the French market with a motor/transmission combination that meets my requirements. I want 4matic 4WD (as I have at the moment) and for tax reasons need the emissions to be below 140g/km (which my current car does). For understandable reasons I'm reluctant to buy a diesel, and the only petrol models available with 4matic here are now the 250 and above, which all emit too much CO2. You used to be able to have 4matic with an A200 petrol on the old one.

I think I'm going to have a shufti at what the VAG brands have on offer gloomy

Giles. Mogless in Paris.