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For the life of me, I was never able to comprehend the affection to Ural motorcycles in the US (no offense intended). I grew up in a soviet-block country and those (along with Dnepr, IZH, Minsk, etc) were dirt-cheap and utterly unreliable. I am shocked they are selling these at $16K+, considering that you can probably buy a good example of the bike they stole it from for that money: BMW R71/R75.

LOL. I've heard this before...especially in Russia from Russians. Not a Ural or Ural dealer or parts to be found in Moscow or St. Pete. Only HD's will do.

The only way I can explain this - and this comes from a Bimmer snob and person who loves niche vehicles - is to think of the Ural as your 'beater', especially in the winter or when you wouldn't take anything else on the road or through a wooded trail. If I spent the same money on a vintage BMW, I'd pamper it well into OCD extreme and mount it in my living room. No such guilt with the Ural. I bought mine in '08 (new) as the 'anti-BMW' and had zero expectations of it lasting three years. My intention was to use it in the winter and share the joy of motorcycling with my toddlers before I was too old and dangerous to ride 2-up. The Ural has 2-wheel drive and a reverse gear. It's comfortable. It will literally go anywhere through anything. It gets as much attention, smiles and conversations per mile as the M3W. Low and behold, it won the war of attrition in my garage. It became my and my wife's favorite bike. The high-speed K-bikes are long gone. Mine was never abused as planned but instead became a part of the family. Zero issues or rust whatsoever in 11 years of passive ownership. It has never failed to start. Plus, there is such a vibrant owner's community and opportunities to customize, that it'ssimple to maintain and personalize. With a vintage BMW, I would never dream of this level of customization.

Granted, sidecars for the highway (65 mph tops, 50 'just right') but for secondary and dirt roads, tailgating, weekend getaways, camping and fishing trips, visits to the market, rides with kids or picnic's with the wife, it's a blast. And it NEVER gets stuck.

And I have to say, after working on both, I am more impressed with the value of the Ural.

'17 M3W:
'08 Ural Gear-Up