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For the life of me, I was never able to comprehend the affection to Ural motorcycles in the US (no offense intended). I grew up in a soviet-block country and those (along with Dnepr, IZH, Minsk, etc) were dirt-cheap and utterly unreliable. I am shocked they are selling these at $16K+, considering that you can probably buy a good example of the bike they stole it from for that money: BMW R71/R75.

Well I only grew up on the left coast, but have had sidecars for years and I cannot comprehend the Ural attraction either. We had a California car on our 78 wing, then a Motorvation coupe (sold both of those cars). And then an EML total conversion on our 86 GL1200 (drove like a dream). Now that the kids are long gone, we have a Motorvation spyder on the 1200. Would have put on a liberty, but he only makes mounts for Harleys.
I might add our kids saw nearly all of the country with those rigs, including an 8,000 mile trek back about 88 or 89 in the EML. My wife and I have ridden in all 50 states on bike(s).

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