Agreed. The Ural can't compare to other sidecars in terms of distance travel. But for around town or off road, it's near impossible to beat. My GS1150 (needed 20 more hp), K1200GT, K1200S were all a blast. But they felt 'solo' and a tad selfish. The sidecar is simply more enjoyable with and for passengers or running errands.

Kinda cool is that my Ural and M3W are essentially the same green/black/chrome color scheme. The Ural is customized with 'Shea Bros. Livery' graphics and striping which I may replicate on the Morgan. They already look like proper stable mates.

But seriously, these two toys have a lot in common. To start, they are both hand built in inefficient factories. IMHO, build quality isn't far off. That makes the Ural a surprising relative bargain.

'17 M3W:
'08 Ural Gear-Up