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Not sure if I have asked this before but what is the factory recommended tightening torque for these wheels fitted around 2000 as an option on the plus 8 ?

If you mean the centre lock alloy wheels I know that it is important that these are tightened to the correct torque setting although I don't know what this is. The reason for my reply though is that in reading your post and the ones following yours I have a couple of observations from my own experience of these wheels which, incidentally, I think are the best looking wheels for the +8 but they have their drawbacks unlike the steel wire wheels.
It would seem that once the nuts are tightened to the correct torque they are almost impossible to get off even with a very extended lever. I think that this is the reference to the 8 foot long bar by the way. I certainly couldn't get one off with a similar length bar coupled to the special socket lever. A hydraulic gun as used at race meetings was the only solution to my predicament. The Plus 8 wheels didn't have the grub screw security found on the aeros, hence the importance of knowing the torque setting.
I have put my wire wheels back on as I know that the spinners behave differently to the alloy nuts and I wanted the reassurance that I could change a wheel if I was touring miles away from a garage with special apparatus and the right sized socket for the nut which, incidentally, is of a different external dimension to the steel nut used on the wires.
I know that this hasn't answered your question but if you are indeed referring to the centre lock alloys I think that the factory or your dealer may be best placed to answer this as I know that they are aware of the very specific issues regarding these wheels.
I would certainly be interested to know whether other owners with such wheels could offer their advice or recommendations based on their own experience.

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2001 Royal Ivory Plus 8