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Interesting that you consider the MMC factory inefficient?

Britmog, no criticism of MMC on this point intended. By mass production standards though....I mean, they're bespoke, made by hand, of wood (to float and melt apart like witches), right? I'm curious about the comparative labor hours and cost of goods. I bet production rates are similar too.

Just sayin. A typical M3W cost $55k and a Ural $16k. I can tell you where the value is. Both have issues. One however, set low expectations and exceeded. Heresy, but I honestly expected more from the M3W at this price point. I'm now adding Ohlins, Dynamat, carpeting, LED's, a proper steering wheel, Stage 1, a 'produced of gold' luggage rack, covers, perhaps an oil cooler, etc. to get it closer to that point. The Ural received upgrades too but at a fraction of the cost for an equivalent number of smiles per mile. I love them both but not one more than the other. Advantage, Ural. But I prefer the M3W to an AMG GTS that I sold to make space for it (and to keep away from son #1, see below). Go figure.

I'll take a photo of them together when Spring arrives. The more I think of it, replicating livery graphics is the thing to do. They make a fun, unique pair. My eldest son will start driving this summer. After he's competent and learns to fly a chair, I look forward to touring them together!

'17 M3W:
'08 Ural Gear-Up