I would like to add that, despite multiple factory tours, until you actually follow a single car, I had no idea that so many people work on a single car at the same time in different areas. Whilst we were wandering around we saw not only the main chassis/body with at least 4 people at various stages sorting both trim and engine but as we continued on we found bits of bonnet, number plate panel, door panel bags, cowl and lastly some marvellous chap screwing the clear indicators into the front of the wings whilst standing in front of the SP1 with a door off (I think that was it was called-an amazing piece of work). It was genuinely a real buzz finding different bits as we walked. Although it may seem to some a little “old fashioned” in terms of lack a conveyor belt type system, I was completely reminded of how this approach was a significant part of why I am loving the whole Morgan experience. I cannot recommend a visit during the build highly enough and, all things considered, I could not have wished for a better day to visit. I was lucky and, literally, I suspect, a day either side would not have given me as much enjoyment! Thank you so much to everyone at the factory who helped to make our day so special (not forgetting Liz in the cafe who provided delicious sausage baps so early in the day!). This is a once in a lifetime experience for me which is why I am so effusive.

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