Sorry to don't agree at all, the investor have already do one time, they buy Ducati and sold it later to who want to buy, they will do the same again and again.

Currently we only listen sweet word, simply because the deal isn't yet complete. Sooner than later we will listen some other song.

The story of share in the workforce or management this is marketing (BS?), the one decide it's who have the majority and the others have to follow or leave, is simple as that.

We have see that, several time in cars field (look at TVR for example)

Now for return on the actual key point, it's how long they will last and how long we can find part for our existing cars and do the price will stay up or he will crash down. Do it's safe to keep our cars or is time to sell it before is too late. That's the actual questions.

The over optimistic smog all around, don't hide the reality.