I'm afraid my post sounds more negative than it was meant to.

1) The new car is an admirably realized correct and also necessary step into a very positive future of MMC.
When I said elsewhere that the Plus Six can't replace "my" 4/4 then it was just describing my personal relationship to my 4/4. It doesn't mean the Plus Six isn't an absolutely successful and extremely attractive car, technically with the magnificent straight six-cylinder and visually with its felicitous proportions which I will certainly test drive regardless my own future plans.

I am very proud of what MMC has achieved here. And yes, it will also make sure that MMC will exist in Europe and all over the world, which of course also benefits the German dealers as well.

2) It's perfectly clear to me that a very successful but smaller family business nowadays has to spend so much money on the development and approval of a new car that it can no longer be done without outside financial support. That has been discussed here at length and that is simply a fact of life.

3) It is very welcome that MMC has found such an eloquent financier who obviously supported the development of the truly amazing Plus Six. That in itself is the highest award MMC can be proud of.

So to come to my point I had no real criticism and above all I didn't want to send out a negative perspective or mood!
I just wanted to describe - with all the positive and very lively development of MMC - a single concern, namely that it is to be hoped that MMC can also rely on its investor in the long term which we all will hope.

'14 4/4 graphite grey