Excellent post. Alistair. I think you might have forgotten to mention Ginetta, Quaife and MBE? 3 more small UK automotive companies that punch way above their weight. There are probably more.

MMC's strategy is provably right for them, and the new car sounds like a great development. I am a bit concerned that they are leaving the lower end of the market to people like Caterham, but they have obviously thought about it.

If InvestIndustrial's strategy with MMC is to do a Ducati and help develop them into an attractive proposition for a future owner, then all to the good. II will see a good return on their investment and MMC will be in an even better position. It makes no difference to us who owns the shares after all.

Tim H.
1986 4/4 VVTi Sport, 2002 LR Defender, 1957 R4 CV, 2005 Ferrari Vipar