Well said Alistair

I got my fist car in 2005. I'm now on my 6th new car so I'd say I'm a good supporter of the brand.

I was in Geneva for the launch and spoke to several members of the Morgan family about the car and the business. They are passionate about the business and so is Steve Morris and the workforce.

I've looked on TM and social media what has amazed me is the comments from those who claim to be Morgan supporters who have never bought a new Morgan or even a used one in Howard's case, and think because they have a 20 year old car they are keeping Morgan alive.

The amount of shite on here from so called friends of Morgan is one of the reasons I don't post that often.

We don't know is the circumstances, background or reasoning. But when the Italians cash in you could all be shareholders it'll be interesting to see who then puts their money where their mouth is when this comes about.

Slowly going green