in a part of what you said you are right, but Morgan are not in that part. Morgan is antique cars hand made, what we see now is sport cars with skyrocket price in a market overcrowded, how and where they will find their place ?. How many people here clearly said they can't afford the new +6, what will be their sell key point an obsolete design, antique construction (hand made) with ultra modern engine ?. Who will buy such impractical cars at such price ? at 20, 30 40, 50K OK but near 100K excuse me but i don't see so many and with the tax in far east the price will be double.

From where the sell record of MMC, come from witch model exactly ?

The investor is a pension fund, not a charity office, they will push MMC as a Cash Cow, pocket in and move to an other prey.

The founder of my company pass away, the company fall down in investor hand, we are really rich now, but we have loose our soul and we see our futur in black, many of the key manager already fly away our core customer start to hate the products we do and we are attacked by every side.

But yes we are rich, maybe too much, but we are lost and we don't made any new interesting products, but we made money, for how long time, we are all worry about that.

Is it that you want for MMC ?, do you feel confident for their futur with such screenplay ?

Personally i don't

Everything is possible, and i wish to wrong but again i am ready to bet big in my point of view, because i have see such story several time.