"Morgan is antique cars hand made, what we see now is sport cars with skyrocket price in a market overcrowded, how and where they will find their place ?. How many people here clearly said they can't afford the new +6, what will be their sell key point an obsolete design, antique construction (hand made) with ultra modern engine ? Who will buy such impractical cars at such price ? at 20, 30 40, 50K OK but near 100K excuse me but i don't see so many and with the tax in far east the price will be double. "

Again, I ask you, is this a reasoned discussion pertinent to a Morgan Forum or just a rant ? This is the last I am going to say on this thread as I cannot be bothered to waste internet oxygen on a complete waste of time.

You seem to have made a cosmic link from the Plus 6 launch to the fact that future Morgans are all going to cost £80k. I don't think that anyone said that the Plus 6 is intended to replace the Trad. No commentary in the press or from Morgan has made that statement? Did I miss where the company formally announced that the Plus 6 will kill and replace the Trad? No I saw a new model which was best compared to the Plus 8 based on the Aero Chassis. What was the price of that model (ignoring the very highly priced run out models @ £108k) ah yes £78k, so it's about the same as the old Aero based Plus 8?

There has not been a Trad Morgan for sale new at £20-30 or almost £40k for quite some time so I don't see your point. Options mean you will be looking at a starting point of £45k for a trad and realistically £50k for a +4, the Roadster is £65k today. Despite this Morgan had their best year for ages and have seen sales grow with these prices. Yes it has moved them out of the range of some unfortunately. So Morgan are selling a low volume UK made/assembled custom product, paying UK workforce salaries. How would you realistically expect this to compete with Dacia? If you don't see the value of the cars then they are just not for you, trot on and join a Dacia forum.

We are now almost at the year 2020 and prices have moved on everywhere. I just spec'd up a BMW 3 Series, now the most popular mid sized executive car for business in the UK, 2.0d M Sport, 2WD, a few of the usual options. It came to £44k at list for a mass market high volume car. A Z4 with the 3.0L engine costs £55-65k. It is made alongside a Toyota Supra. What's the unique draw of this car? When you consider the Morgan factory makes a largely hand built/assembled car in small numbers with UK costs and gets close to the cost of other cars I think it's quite impressive. A £10-15k difference for a clearly differentiated product is not unreasonable in this age. You can even choose a real colour and not just silver, white grey or black.

Define the difference for the taxation applied to the Plus 6 and the BMW Z4 3.0L in China?
Will someone with that much disposable income to buy a Z4 in China find that the Plus 6 was impossible to buy when the duty is that high?

As for Impractical. Yup. A Morgan is not for everyone. My hardtop Coupe leaked so badly I had to throw away one of my best suits. In the first two years of ownership the factory had the car almost as much as we did. Would we sell it, hell no. Did the front door staff at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco move a brand new Ferrari F12TdF to put a fly splattered Morgan Aero Coupe in front of the steps every day for a week. It was meant to be the holiday of a lifetime and that made it. We were treated better than millionaires because of the car.

If you want to rant on now then help yourself. Do me a favour and put in something fact based and informative to support it.

Just time to burn a little more petrol before dinner.