What you say about the price trend I can underline, Alistair. I mean all brands, and Morgan is no exception, but still impressively positive that MMC can offer something so unique for a really moderate premium over a mass-produced sports car. Those who have the money and are conformists can easily spend more on an off-the-shelf mass sports car.

And what I'm saying now I've really thought about whether I'm writing it or just thinking for myself:

The Plus 6 is a strong signal of a new era. It is absolutely imaginative and desirable. If one is honest, it is coveted by many members.
There are groups that are very satisfied and happy with what they have, be it a Trad or something else. And these are also mostly the people who do not express negative thoughts in the changes at MMC.

And there are those who would like to have the Plus 6 but can't afford it. That was strangely never an issue with the Plus 8 Aero. The V8 has symbolically drawn a strict line. Because the Plus 6 is so good, there is a problem here because it is obviously more inviting than it is distancing itself.

The Plus 6 looks so cute and it is so great that many would like to have it. It sets financial limits but radiates other messages. It looks so inviting and has such a big factor to be desired that you want to dream of it. He doesn't show the delimitation of the V8 but stands for unattainable longings.

But the Plus 6 is expensive for factual reasons. It has an absolutely modern structure and a super chassis. It has one of the most modern and best engines in the world. It embodies a fantastic symbiosis of many factors that have been passionately discussed here for many years.

Now it's there...and it's not accessible to everyone. Then thoughts are projected onto the company....Is it okay with the investors? What about Morgan? etc.? In my opinion there is a projection behind it, namely "if I can't afford the great car, I distance myself from MMC by saying they become strangers to me.

This will never affect new customers, but some old customers will.

If MMC perceives this analysis, then they should consider the feelings of the existing customers who have a "Trad" but according to the new model are lecherous communicative.

In addition, there is the misunderstanding that the Plus 6 now replaces all Morgan, in other words, some people might get the impression that there is no longer an affordable Morgan for them. This increases the feeling of alienation.

If I were a market researcher who was allowed to tell something to Morgan, I would come to the following conclusion.

A deep core value of the brand is the family. Now the family idea must remain alive. This can be transferred to the model variants.

It is very understandable that MMC can be very proud of the Plus 6. But the next step could be to communicate the "family" of the different models. So that the family idea remains in the products.

Say something about the Trad models, say something about the 4/4's continued existence, etc. Show which line up you have in the whole. This will calm emotionally secure and involve all Morgan fans. Because the core idea of TM in particular is that we are a family.

We should no longer argue about what enriches our lives in such a fantastic way.

'14 4/4 graphite grey