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What does any armchair expert know about the price of anything?

MMC, the actual experts,will have costed the whole process and priced the 6 as keen as they can, just like everyone else does with a successful business.

If the thing was half the asking price, they’d still not buy it, instead they moan they’ve been overcharged in the past and now their car has been devalued.

Well said ewn!

Product pricing for a specialist item like a Morgan is a serious science, strategic and tactical considerations need to be considered, not just "cost plus".

If we look at MMCs pricing over the last 2 or 3 years it seems to me that they were creating a gap for the Plus 6 to fill. They also generated the free cash to invest in the new platform.

Statements by the company about the new Plus 6 suggest it will cost significantly less than the Aero cars to build, mostly because it takes half the time to build.

So, at the price point chosen I believe will be more profitable, per car, than the Aeros and possibly the ladder chassis Trads. They will make more cars: this will result in more free cash for investment, plus external investment, so the new product development cycle will get shorter.All of this points to a well run company that understands what it is doing.

There are a few people here who have run a business and are qualified to comment.
But it helps no one if "arm chair experts" pointlessly pontificate.

OK, I'm out of these discussions. exting

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