Since november 2018 I'm a happy owner of a new +4

To be prepared I read a lot of stuff... The most I read, I think, bad idea - I' ve got a garage without any electrical possibilities.

The stuff was:
here in TM non starting new +4
Misscellany January 2019 Deve W. page 18
Owner's Handbook version III page 94

Summary: "get your battery loaded" or the handbook: "if the vehicle is left standing for more than 3 days...." THREE DAYS!!!

Ups, the good thing: nice - go a little out in the MOG twice a week... The bad: no time, much rain, a little deep temperatures.

Now the good news: not out in her for more than a week (eight days). The display in the speedo shows 12.4 Volts... Key in, turn and: vrooom...

A good (and not only nice) girl