Thank you Richard and everyone!

After a very unsettled night I gave up trying to sleep at about 5am. Utter waste of time- might as well have run a marathon. Watched some F1 free practice instead. Why is it, now that I am supping my first cuppa char of the day, that I am now ready for a snooze????
Florence is now insured and has a number plate that has made myself and Lady HB chuckle coz we sound like proper country bumpkins saying it out loud (more laters). We have researched personalised plates ending in MOG but it would have delayed things.
Train booked from Stamford to Bedford via Leicester (apparently I won’t get to see the Alps unlike my last journey which is a disappointment). Now gotta wait to go to station. It’s too much to bear. Think I might go and unpack and repack the rucksack of “stuff” (lots of hats, scarves, detailer, towels, microfibre cloths etc) for the 15th time...

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