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What am I missing here ? I read that in my manual and thought it was a printing error

A modern mog has a modern electrical system. Im no auto leccy but really, three days ?

In car with modern electrics and a healthy battery there surely should be no way you need to 'top up' after three days sitting.

Ive left cars for weeks before and they have fired right up. Is there something inherent in Morgans that drains batteries ?

- in short, YES!!

to be fair, there appear to be as many opinions on the cause as there are commentators.

Certainly on the Aero8, the major suspect seems to be the BMW/Morgan ECU interface which ( I suspect) has a minor but constant drain.

Also, the Aero8 should (in my opinion) really have a larger battery - but there is not the room for one. swear

A CTEK charger or similar is the solution for me - but this can have issues with the Odyssey Gel battery (as I have posted on before).

A compact lithium jump starter pack is my back-up plan normally....


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