I have bought an Emovis Tag to help speed our way through the French Toll Booths for our trip to St Tropez next month.
I know some of you have used these before and wondered how you got on with them.
The tag is designed to stick on the shaded area of the windscreen behind the rear view mirror for cars with Metallic / Athermic windscreen and heated windscreens But my 4/4 doesn't have this shaded area?
I have looked closely at the screen and the heated filaments inside the screen covers this whole area! Am I going to have a problem with this?
It seems that the Transponder may not be able to "see through" the heated filament and make contact with the tag?
Has anyone had this problem?
Emovis advice is if it doesn't work then I have to remove it and hold it out of the window once I've arrived at the Toll Booth? That doesn't sound like it would be very quick crazy2
I have planned the route across to be 2/3 country lanes and 1/3 motorway to get across in a reasonable time.


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